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    Major Rules

    1.FBO Wikia Sources For All Battle Profiles And Debating Tips Are Found Here.
    2. Bashing on fellow members usernames of this forum fictional/non-fictional are prohibited.
    3. Do Not! attack people based on religion,sex,age,sexual orientations and ethnicity! this will not be tolerated.
    4. Any outside links to other sources (forum/wikis like VsBattles) are prohibited those are their work and their forum not ours!
    5.No "Junior Modding" and "Backseat Modding"  

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    A Founder is also called Webmaster/Owner who has the full authority over a website.

    They're basically Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent

    Omnipotence: Founders have any and all powers and beyond.

    Omniscience: Founders can know things within the website from edits to users.

    Omnipresence: Founders exist simultaneously within all the categories.

    A Founder should be someone who is professional meaning someone who isn't biased, immature, childish, and overall a...

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     C. Announcement:
    Members may express themselves anyway they like but the rules don't change when its goes against the official global rules of the website so please no topics that goes over the boundaries of the following.
    Racist- EX: "These n****ers need to be in chains."
    Murderess- EX: "Yeah I feel like killing my friends."
    Stalking Behavior- EX: "I notice she was in the shower....."
    Above are examples of what not to put in the blogs...

    If you have...

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  • 20150415
    Just because your blog is yours doesn't mean you can have free rein to write anything you want without repercussions. Remember, the content on your blog is available for the world to see. Just as a reporter's words or a person's verbal words can be considered libel or slander, so can the words you use on your blog. Avoid legal entanglement by writing with a global audience in mind. You never know who might stumble upon your blog. Locked

    Source: Top 3 Blogging Rules

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  • 20160716
    A lot of people forgot the Dylan Noble case where a unarmed 19 year old year old Dylan was shot to death on camera by officers i have never seen such sad moment like this when its shown that the officers were 100% yet again at fault this should open the eyes to show all lives matter not just a single race. The fact people forgot (other then his family and friends) about this moment should really reflect on us as human beings we live a life of nothing but pain,hate,greed,power, and death we...

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  • 20160616


    The 1st theory here is about the suggestion of where he put the gun and how.....firstly where was this big gun and numerous probabilities have been given him from planning weeks or months before and now here is what others or I have stated.....

    He kept the assault rifle within the club in a secret location near the entrance where he had access to the weapon where he liked cops have stated "Sprayed" into the Club, but the issue is 2000 clips, 1000 clips, and or 500 clips had filled the room, which is very obvious blink to us...

    by Beyonder - Comments: 0 - Views: 672
  • 20160525
    Note: People who aren't that well educated don't know what official means and will use this term ignorantly to try to make a point.

    What is Official?

    Official by webster is
    1. (Adjective) relating to an authority or public body and its duties, actions, and responsibilities.
    "the governor's official engagements"
    1. (noun) a person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department.

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  • 20160401
    Rotten Tomato has finally catch a major rant about the recent release of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and with this the critics gave it a mere 29% percent! a Average rating of 5/10?? a majority of users voted they loved the movie but the critics gave BvS a very low rating! but for what? because of small hints to the movie i can get it about that but the overall acting,action, and plot was over the top good for such a hero movie but not to Rotten Tomatos because it seems they aren't into the...

    by Beyonder - Comments: 0 - Views: 402
  • 20160325
    As for the 3 days that has passed already I am just upset to the point I want this man to be eaten by a pack of wolves or dogs because what this man did was utterly sick, twisted, and purposely inhumane now you haters will comment "omg stfu its part of nature." which I will comment that it isn't because it's not part of ANY nature. A snake eating a puppy??? are you serious?! that's overly just wrong on its own! a snake can eat rats, mice, frogs, chicken, and or even birds because those are...

    by Beyonder - Comments: 0 - Views: 311
  • 20160316
    If you guys aren't familiar with the "Dad teaches his son a lesson for being a bully by making him fight a pro boxer" and as of seeing the comments and reading them it seems people don't he a good father??? or a bad father???

    The Video

    My Opinion

    My opinion on this is he is a good father because he is teaching his son not be a menace to society because a bully should never...

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  • 20160229
    As a Mix Martial Artist its known that once you are Required To Register As a Lethal Weapon you can't really do much in the self-defense department because we can by society "Seriously injure or Kill someone." so the problem with this is we fighters don't want to look like punks and we surely don't want to be hit on like a punching bag.

    Situations like this.......

    If someone like me would have seen something like this i would have...

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  • 20160208
    Well alot of people have been asking me non-stop about me and the small company i have be honest i wont be selling it at all to be honest i will probably wait til its actually pretty high because 14 Million isnt alot to me at all (lol yeah i said it.) but if its in the billions?? i will SELL this site in a near heart beat but it isnt so i wont be selling it anytime soon lol. Snoop  Dog

    by Beyonder - Comments: 2 - Views: 167
  • 20151206
    The last time was the worst got jumped by about 8 or 9 kids.tried like hell but still got my ass beat good.10 years ago I was a pretty big bodybuilder,thought that was enough but an mma fighter will always beat a health has gone down hill scinse then,so I now carry grizzly bear can take out a group of people,I`m getting to old for this(lol).

    by galactus1967 - Comments: 1 - Views: 184
  • 20151130
    As you can see in the Gif I am a straight berserk type fighter I do not take physical contact as I take verbal communication since it's verbal it means little to me unless someone wants to physically threaten me. And that's when I'm going to defend myself.
    How about everyone else?
    What's your fighting type?
    And what makes you get into a fight?

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  • 20151127
    After watching videos after videos I believe the law should be given in the hand of the family because as a young adult I have seen people get arrest for doing the right things be it a father beating their daughters abusive boyfriend or husband. And the father sentence 30 years for protecting his kin its just sad to see the judges and or police officers trying to think they are helping those who are mourning but in reality these family want to physically get justice as for me I want to show the guy who killed my cousin my anger and my hate but I can't because it would be against the law in court.

    by Beyonder - Comments: 2 - Views: 221
  • 20151112
    Hello! If you want to know the difference between a Administrator/Moderator this is the place to be!


    The Founder is basically the God being of the website they are Omnipotent,Omniscient, and Omnipresent


    -Absolute control of the site.


    To place a Administrator on a scale they're the Nigh-Omnipotent entities who maintains everything and or everyone! They are Nigh-Omnipotent,Nigh-Omnipresent...

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  • 20150819
    This picture can basically sum up what I think when reading hateful messages by people.....

    Some people need to be.....
    booted Because its the internet not real life....

    by Beyonder - Comments: 4 - Views: 267
  • 20150817

    We all know Abraham Lincoln "Freed the Slaves" and his assassination was clouded by nothing more than Inconsistencies......


    We know for a fact America aka the racist south hated him for what he did but yet also the government disliked his belief many people can claim Abraham Lincoln to be black or Biracial coming from a Black mother and a white father given the fact he is on the "Penny" which is copper and brown in texture...

    by Beyonder - Comments: 2 - Views: 277
  • 20150316
    There is Hell on this Earth; growing up was never easy for the last seventeen years of life. Nights I slept outside on the cold streets with only the clothes I wore to school-long black shirt sleeve and tight fading skinny jeans. My shaggy black hair falls over my face hiding the tears that escape their prison and blue eyes that are a sea of sorrow. I smile and laugh; ignoring the bullets that people shoot at me. They call me "Faggot" "Emo" "Death Kid" "Gay." I am not gay; I like woman but woman don't like me. I am not Emo but I listen to rock and punk. If anyone was brave enough to lift up my...

    by MidnightSpring - Comments: 6 - Views: 305
  • 20150731

    Rude Staff

    Now no one is perfect in general personality but for a fact Users tend to hate Rude users who talk to them in a way that makes them feel like a Child or feel that they are slow because they asked a simple question.

    Ignorant Users

    Yup all users hate members who are just full of themself no one likes a person who is over cocky or quick with the typing remarks.


    Trolls on a forum board is worst than a ignorant...

    by Beyonder - Comments: 2 - Views: 318
  • 20150723
    Just to inform those who hate us for our factual views and our actual accuracy with characters we have have a few words!

    To the haters:

    To the butthurt:

    To the cry babies:

    To Those Who Cant Accept The Truth:

    by Beyonder - Comments: 6 - Views: 524
  • 20150409
    People would say just because I'm a born Christian they think I'm going to Ban or overact over a post which its a lie......if you are trying to suggest BASHING of a religion it wont be tolerated you can be a Muslim I wont care you can be a Buddhist I wouldn't mind or care you can have your freedom of speech but if Atheism is going to get out of control then the Administrators and me will handle the User not the other members but yes warnings will still be given out the post of the bashing deleted and therefore if you ignore then that's on your own chose of being banned.

    by Beyonder - Comments: 39 - Views: 601
  • 20150428
    If anyone notice DBZ characters have to hit the core of the planet to cause its destruction! My example is frieza.

    Planet Vegeta:

    Notice the attack is HUGE and how it enters to the core causing it's destruction.

    Planet Namek:

    by Beyonder - Comments: 0 - Views: 239
  • 20150427
    I Am a Bisexual Male and Have Autism.

    by newsuperdannyzx - Comments: 5 - Views: 234
  • 20150224
    People want to know why I picked the username "Beyonder" and here is the truth

    Fun Facts:
    1. Beyonder in the genre of comics is my absolute favorite unlike others I dont do the mainstream super heroes or villains when i was growing up and reading this character i was hook to the pages of Secret Wars.

    2. Beyonder's concept his mere existence is a hierarchy of supremacy he dominated marvel like I did with forums like I did in fights and when he was showing feats that makes others looks like Childs play I knew I had to take that name.

    3. Beyonder...

    by Beyonder - Comments: 2 - Views: 296
  • 20150325
    Now we know people believe Goku is a planet buster by open opinion and we know goku is always power scaled to ridiculous levels from Planet-Solar system?

    Let me tell everyone why I believe this is inconsistent......

    1. Vegeta has never blown up a planet! He has only in the anime which is again Non-Canon the point people say Goku stated the Galick Gun was planet level is seriously inconsistent as in the anime filler Vegeta blasted the planet with a regular energy blast only proving it was just a statement.

    2. Nameks destruction people claimed GOKU with the spirit...

    by Beyonder - Comments: 2 - Views: 864
  • 20150316
    The tears keep falling one by one from the painted aqua sky where no clouds seem to exist and the sun is far away to show any ray of light down to the Earth. I feel the cold rain drops falling one by one but soon enough I am drenched by the tears and my body shakes by the cold air. I don't mind it anymore. I open up the palm my hands and close my eyes picturing myself as a cloud; light and absorbing the tears until it is my time to let those tears out. In the blue garden with flowers born blue and violet drink and dance under the tears of the aqua sky, I stand sill and live in the moment. The rain...

    by MidnightSpring - Comments: 1 - Views: 281
  • 20150316
    There is an angel laying on her stomach and face down covering her angelic beautiful face. With eyes like the crystal blue sea and full lips the color of the soft pink seashell. As dark hair covers her breast. The young angel had been strip of her clothing revealing her bear back and dove white wings. Shaken by fear of what led her to such a brutal fate awaits her. Her fragile body is pinned down to the brutal concrete floor feeling the pressure of Evil's body pressing her deeper within the floor hoping she would eventually dig her own grave. Her palms are clenched into a fist awaiting the barbaric...

    by MidnightSpring - Comments: 2 - Views: 298
  • 20150311
    Now I understand why people dont like

    Examples are
    •Unprofessional Banning
    •Biased towards members
    •Power Abuse

    I understand this from other forums
    And other sources

    If you can see what happens to me vs the decisions a staff makes its very biased by nature to be honest but here I am not Biased,unprofessional and nor do I abuse my powers as a founder.

    On KMC...

    by Beyonder - Comments: 0 - Views: 220
  • 20150212
    Ok so I was wondering about this......
    How can a omnipotent being beat a omnipotent being? As people know the great evil beast itself is gods evil half the 1st evil and many say the great evil beast isn't omnipotent but if we considered the fact the presence absorbed it! Yes absorbed a omnipotent being! Both hands literally reaching! This right here is a feat that is beyond comprehensive levels of information!

    I would say the great evil beast was nigh-omnipotent after merging because well the presence is Literal God in Dc like to our God in real life.

    Now before anyone...

    by Beyonder - Comments: 10 - Views: 822
  • 20150204
    I personally believe forums that allow members to freely select emotion or funny icons is important sites like Comicvine,Animevice,GiantBomb and MVC lack the fun in smilies for members so this blog is about helping others express themselves if they like a smilie then they can post it but where. Sites have to ban or make them invisible aren't fun but here we dont do that if you like a certain smilie you have the right to post them in your threads and the comments but don't spam them on a single comment and thread.

    by Beyonder - Comments: 2 - Views: 279

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