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Methods of Collecting Primary Data

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Methods of Collecting Primary Data Empty Methods of Collecting Primary Data

Post by Beyonder on Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:33 pm

1. Survey Method: A research technique in which information is gathered from people through the use of surveys or questionnaires. Surveyors usually use a sample of the entire target population to get results.

A. Personal Interview: Involves questioning people face-to-face. Often conducted in central locations.

  • Advantage: People are likely to respond.
  • Disadvantage: Costly.

B. Focus Group Interview: Involves eight to twelves people who are brought together to evaluate a product,designs, or strategy under the direction of a skilled moderator.
C. Telephone Interview: Quick,efficient, and relatively inexpensive.

  • Disadvantage: Some people are unwilling to participate.

D. Mail Survey: Relatively inexperience way to reach a large audience. Respondents are generally honest and find this type of survey less intrusive.

  • Disadvantage: Return rate for mail surveys is only 10%

E. Internet Survey: Includes wide-open polls, anybody-can answer polls, invitation, only surveys,password protected research sites,and Internet based panels.

2. Observation Method: A Researcher who poses as a customer.

A. Mystery Shopper: A researcher who poses as a customer.

B. Point of Sale: research a research technique that combines natural observation with personal interviews to get people to explain buying behavior.

3. Experimental Method: A research technique in which a researcher observes the results of changing one or more marketing variable while keeping certain other variables constant under controlled conditions. Often use to test new package designs,media usage, and new promotions.

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