Heart of The Universe is confirmed Universe Level

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Heart of The Universe is confirmed Universe Level

Post by Beyonder on Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:48 pm

Marvel fans and or death battle debaters will claim such things that the HOTU or Heart of the Universe is a Multi-Universe,Multiverse,Multiverse+,Megaverse, and or Omniversal level power source but this handbook suggests otherwise.
Source: The Living Tribunal 2006 Handbook

Note: It was confirmed HOTU was never canon by editor Tom Brevoort but Jim Starlin still included it within numerous events even when it had nothing to do with the Earth-616 reality also in the handbook and it should be noted there is no mention of any destruction of Universes or a Multiverse.

it clearly stated Reality and recreated Universe nothing implying it is multi-universe or above multiverse level.

Thanos mentions a Single Reality

Source: Marvel: The End Series
Thanos only mentioned he is "supreme" in his reality of Earth-4321.

Re-Call of the events

Confirms again he destroyed and recreated a single universe.

Heart of the Universe/Marvel: The End Confirmed Non-Canon

Click -> Heart of the Universe is Non-Canon

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