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5 Reasons Goku isnt the best Character

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5 Reasons Goku isnt the best Character Empty 5 Reasons Goku isnt the best Character

Post by Beyonder on Wed May 18, 2016 3:07 am

5 Reasons Goku isnt the best Character Downlo11

1.Character Development Issues

Most generations grew with Goku as a kid to now, but the overall issue with his character development is that its very simple and not a lot of work has been put into his character at all from day one we knew Goku was not human that part of our heroes life was utterly mysterious until Dragon Ball Z came around explaining an origin. Similar to that of the western world known as superman both were once part of a powerful race until an event caused their own demise one with Superman planet already dying and where Goku planet was blown up the main issue here is both were THOUGHT last of their kind, but in. Actuality others have survived like Super Girl and Raditz and Zod and Vegeta all similar in direct origins even when fans deny this because of one being half monkey it's undeniable to claim they are truly different since both had fathers who guessed the end of their kind and grew up with hidden powers or potential. That shown later in life so without even trying we all have to say Goku is a Superman Rip-Off with origins and some can say Sun Wukong is Goku that is wrong since Sun Wukong in Japanese means Son Goku and that's it since Goku hasn't shown much of the intelligence throughout the series. So yes you heard me Goku also has no FORM of education, but is apparently gifted at martial arts? That's kind of dumb writing from Akira because I would rather have a smart and strong character than just a simple brute with nothing more than just the concept of fighting 24/7

2.Power Up Abuse

We all get it that getting stronger is a main point within the series, but doing it multiple times within a series can get annoying starting with Dragon Ball Z very own Namek Saga and no not Saiyan Saga and you are wondering why I'm mentioning this right? Well remember when Goku first went Super Sayian we were all at this time hyped.  Why? because this was new and this power up was an entirely new subject for us growing up because it's a new transformation ever since the great ape scenes growing up when we watched Kid Goku go on a small rampage, but after this entire new concept it was seriously abused! His fights got more and more harder than before right? Well no because if he is near death he gets a power up and he is ALWAYS near-death so why is it that a man who trains apparently non-stop needs so much power ups? Because like reason one he lacks the character development and intelligence to even have real limits to break.

3.Fathering Issues

Goku as we all know is not the best father figure in anime at all because this man has given his Son to an alien he BARELY even knows, but automatically this alien is a better father??? Hmmm yeah that's not even remotely LOGICAL! Goku also has ANOTHER child as we all known him as. Goten where was he for Goten? In heaven worrying about training and not how his children are raised what makes this even worse is that ChiChi his own WIFE even trained Goten at a young age and he achieved a form which it took Gohan Months if not Years to gain, which is Super Saiyan! Now you are probably reading and going "Well he didn't have a father Bardock was dead." Well let's see.....he had Grandpa Gohan WHO didn't just raise him but also trained him in being wise and being a person and again which Goku threw away! So Goku is NOT the best father.

4.Strength and Weaknesses

Goku main strength involves around his many transformations which he apparently absorbs sometime in the future, which is still bullsh*t by far because he hasn't truly BROKEN his physical, mental, and spiritual strengths aka limits so it's only through some plot he is always able to be on top other than the Cell saga where he couldn't beat Cell truly. However the main issue here is his many weaknesses SHOULD be his handicap and what this means is that his flawed stats shouldn't really bring him up in a fight similar to how he always needs his friends to back him up and always need something to push him in a WEAKNESS and now before you hardcore Dragon Ball fans start whining and complaining here is a simple if not EASY comparison of a fight......If Mike Tyson faces off against Floyd Mayweather who would win in overall stats?.......
Strength: Mike Tyson
Striking Strength: Mike Tyson
Length: Floyd Mayweather
Durability: Mike Tyson
Speed: Floyd Mayweather
Striking Speed: Both
Stamina: Mike Tyson
5 for Mike
3 for Floyd
As we all notice that Goku is very naive and tends to lower his guard, which is what?.....70% of the time he does this, but does he always come out on top? Yes because he is the main character and always will need help or plot to help him.

5. Character Flaws

The overall Character flaws about Goku is utterly high that fans really consider him a hero when they don't consider the major factors.....
1. Goku isn't even smart and he lacks personality and quality!
2. Goku depends on his power ups and not overall skills.
3. Goku depends on his transformations and again not skills.
4. Goku depends on his friends for help and causes their deaths!
5. Goku needs time for his attacks and gets his friends killed.

Bonus! He is a HORRIBLE father figure and a HORRIBLE father PERIOD!

These major factors really put's me a FAN of the series to say is that Goku is NOT the strongest nor is he the best character in fiction his flaws are to great to ignore and the fact fans only like him because of Power wise is disgusting! people will say "Oh Goku is still better than Superman." which he still isn't not even in that category!


All this is taken directly from within the series this isn't really much of a opinion this is mostly a fact about him.

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