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Site Name means its official Empty Site Name means its official

Post by Beyonder on Wed May 25, 2016 5:48 am

Note: People who aren't that well educated don't know what official means and will use this term ignorantly to try to make a point.

What is Official?

Official by webster is
1. (Adjective) relating to an authority or public body and its duties, actions, and responsibilities.
"the governor's official engagements"
1. (noun) a person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department.
"a union official"

Official by Macmillandictionary is
"used about information that someone in authority provides. This word is sometimes used for suggesting that the information is not completely reliable."

So now we got 3 different definitions down and so which one is official??.....should be obvious that its Macmillandictionary.

So by standing in a educated circle people should know Official is only official if its about something like a Author stating something official about the book.

Who dictates what site is official?

No one in the entire universe can dictate what site is official unless its by a company or a person who created it themselves! meaning If its by STRAIGHT opinion its not a fact without legit sources as in popularity,views, and years its been around and similar to other such things! like how people claim that New York Times is official?  but if you google "Official News Websites" you get this.......
Site Name means its official Offici10
So google doesn't even register NYtimes as one of the official news websites in the top 5!
Now lets google.......
Site Name means its official Offici11
So again you dont see the official New York Times as everyone so proclaims is official with news now do you? so site back and watch when i google "Official Debating Sites"
Site Name means its official Offici12
As you see my website or any of the other rivals do not have such numbers here at all even being around longer than the others! so before you guys say I'm a hypocrite about this subject i am not! if everyone wants to know whats official then just Google it! BUT WAIT i can hear it now!

"But google is just a search engine!"
Well this search engine literally helps you in daily searches does it not??? it doesn't give you the answers 100% but it will try to find it for you!

Naming a Website for a genre makes it Official

A website name DOES not dictate whats official about it! if there is a single OFFICIAL website then sites like Youtube,Pornhub, and Google wouldn't even be having rivals likes Vine,HamsterX, and or Bing all these examples should show you the most well known aren't 100% official UNLESS its about a person or a fictional story or character because materials such as Author statements are Primary sources and Reviewers words are secondary because only a AUTHOR/FOUNDER can state whats official because they made it not the fanbases! just like deviantart fanfic if something is made by a person aka a story based on a series then by all means its not official its official to the person but not to the series.

Fictional=Everything Not Real
Battle=Debating and Death Battles
Omniverse=Everything known in existence

So people need to stop judging based on URLS but the content because i am pretty sure people who do that are the type of people to state the wrong information. study

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