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Conspiracy Theories: Orlando Flordia Gay Nightclub Shooting

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Conspiracy Theories: Orlando Flordia Gay Nightclub Shooting Empty Conspiracy Theories: Orlando Flordia Gay Nightclub Shooting

Post by Beyonder on Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:39 pm


The 1st theory here is about the suggestion of where he put the gun and how.....firstly where was this big gun and numerous probabilities have been given him from planning weeks or months before and now here is what others or I have stated.....

He kept the assault rifle within the club in a secret location near the entrance where he had access to the weapon where he liked cops have stated "Sprayed" into the Club, but the issue is 2000 clips, 1000 clips, and or 500 clips had filled the room, which is very obvious blink to us gun experts......the gun he held had a capacity which would make him reload more than once and hell the hit/miss ratio here is obvious....49 dead, but 53 injured with the club of 200+ people? He should have killed a higher amount with an injured percent higher than kills and this is just by the 2nd or 3rd reloading and matter of fact the whole "fire fight" with police was estimated to be 2 or 3 hours long which also means it couldn't have been a single person with him.

This 2nd shooter was either in or coming from the back to even get that many shots fired so the 2nd person comes in with his weapon and opens fire while his friend gets the first people in the line of fire. The issue also remains of how he or they got the guns in which is all for debate since this is a man mentally insane by most so what is the true story behind this unprovoked attack??

Some news sites/sources stated this.....
News Source wrote:June 14, 2016: A man who was trapped inside of the gay nightclub in Orlando where Omar Mateen massacred 49 people Sunday morning says that the ISIS-inspired terrorist selected victims based on their race.

The witness, who played dead for three hours during the attack, told ABC News that Mateen spared black club patrons.

“Are you, guys black?” the man said Mateen, an American-born Muslim of Afghan descent, asked as he made his way through Pulse, Orlando's largest gay club.“I don't have an issue with the blacks." the 29-year-old killer said, according to the witness.

It seems he was trying to seemly target the white, Latino/Latina, and Asian skinned gays, lesbians, and or bisexuals if this attack was,based on race then why?...It's simple to say blacks because majority within Africa are either a christian or black Muslim. But here is another issue with this theory because......
Conspiracy Theories: Orlando Flordia Gay Nightclub Shooting Articl10
He has shown to have killed  more than 9 or 10 African american skinned individuals on his rampage so if he was picking the race then why spray into the club?? It seems someone is lying here either the witness is making a story or is very much fabricating events due to the trauma.

So We, have made it clear already on multiple points......
1. There are 2 or more shooters.
2. The attack wasn't planned.
3. To much ammunition for one man to carry.4. Someone has been lying to the media.
5. The man wasn't mentally ill like we all claimed. This man has been either set up or has been a true ISIS soldier, but was left  to die by his comrades in A, shoot out with police.


In the video you will see that they aren't being transported to the Hospital and the issue is they aren't near the Pulse Nightclub.

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