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Beyonder is Omnipotent Empty Beyonder is Omnipotent

Post by Beyonder on Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:42 pm

Jim Shooter states Beyonder as God before Genesis

Beyonder is Omnipotent Beyond10

Narration states Beyonder is Omnipotent

Beyonder is Omnipotent 49821010
Beyonder is Omnipotent Beyond12

Official Marvel Wiki States Beyonder is Omnipotent Twice

Beyonder is Omnipotent Beyond10
Beyonder is Omnipotent Beyond11

Marvel Handbook states Omnipotent Beyonder

Beyonder is Omnipotent 46888610

Tom B. Vs Jim S. about Beyonder Omnipotence

Beyonder is Omnipotent 46808210
Note: Tom basically confirmed if Beyonder was never retcon by marvel he would still be Omnipotent.
Beyonder is Omnipotent 46888310

Beyonder can Retcon anything he wants

Beyonder is Omnipotent 11010

Beyonder Omniscience

Beyonder is Omnipotent Beyond11Beyonder is Omnipotent Beyond12
Beyonder is Omnipotent 10472611
Beyonder is Omnipotent 16_410

Beyonder Omnipresence

Beyonder is Omnipotent Beyond13
Beyonder is Omnipotent 33446010

Marvel Acknowledges Pre-retcon Beyonder as Omnipotent

Beyonder is Omnipotent Jim10
Handbook wrote:"Born on 27th September 1951, Jim Shooter began his remarkable comic book career at the tender age of 14, writing Legion of Super heroes and Superman stories for DC Comics. After a brief time in advertising, he joined Marvel as an assistant editor an quickly rose through the ranks to become Editor-in-Chief in 1978. He created the bestselling Secret Wars crossover event as a platform to help Mattel Toys launch a new wave of Marvel action figures. The secret wars comic was a huge success with some issues well over a half a million copies. The Beyonder proved to be one Shooter's most popular characters, and the omnipotent being's quest for knowledge allowing the writer to explore themes of identity, power, and isolation."


This is coming from a Handbook that is for Cosmic Cube Beyonder but this Handbook is a reference to his ORIGINAL character for Beyonder in Secret Wars 1-2.

Truth behind Beyonder!

Created to be "God" from another Omniverse (Beyond Realm) that exists beyond all known Reality, Space, and Time his power has been quote on quote "Inconstant"

People use the argument of "Doom beat him!" but yet....Secret Wars 2 help confirms that Beyonder KNEW of the events that were going to happen on Battleworld which by all logical means proves he was playing a "Part" to fulfill a timeline crisis.

Beyonder's "Omnipotence" has never been debunked.....he himself even stated he has been trying to limit himself to experience the life of a human people can say "Molecule Man (Owen Reece) had matched him and this and that." but will ignore the fact Molecule Man stated time and time again that he would never MATCH Beyonder in power even Classic Dr.Strange had stated this on weak on his physical knees clinching to a bar....
Stephan Strange wrote:"There is--No name for what I saw in there--power to make and unmake--power, and things beyond power!"
He is describing the beyonder a being of "Infinite Power" to be capable of doing ANYTHING he wants.

Beyonder's entire character was both "Omniscient" and "Omnipresent" the ENTIRE time during Secret Wars 1 and 2.....but wait people will state if he was omniscient why wouldn't he know of future events?....this was probably the no-brainer for was plot that kept Beyonder from 100% displaying his "God" Status. People should know by now that Beyonder was created as a theme of God seeking humanity! his stories was to explore like its stated above to understand the concepts of power, isolation, and identity all of his secret wars 2 tie-ins all have to do with him gaining the understanding of mortality be it from love, despair, pain, hate, and or from understanding the meaning of life if you didn't notice these then re-read his era! and if you think about it if Beyonder would have destroyed the main Marvelverse there would be NO  CONTINUITY! with such a character this is the real reason why Marvel Editor Tom Deflaco demanded that Beyonder be erased from Marvel/Comic Book history because of his status and because of the fact he was basically "Beyonder was The-One-Above-All before the-one-above-all even existed".

If you notice the feats shown by Beyonder.....erasing entire galaxies like nothing and just his presence destroying entire universes and causing a on-panel Multiverse-wide destruction........erasing beings from existence like it was nothing.....taking over the world without any hesitation....Killing and Resurrecting Death......IF you don't see that EACH time there is a plot that keeps him from doing something aka destroying all of Marvel or a certain amount of characters when its directly stated multiple times by many characters that he had the VERY power to do so with a thought! YES, a thought! people need to see Beyonder was on quote on quote an "Inconsistent" character to avoid ruining the company themselves because if he wiped out all of the Omniverse there would be no marvel comics.

The Beyonder has been called by Writers in both handbooks and interviews to be many things such "Beyonder is an All-Powerful deity" or "Beyonder is a Man with Infinite power." or "Beyonder is the embodiment of supreme power" these titles are given to him by the employees themselves!

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