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Tori-Bot isnt Omnipotent

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Tori-Bot isnt Omnipotent Empty Tori-Bot isnt Omnipotent

Post by Beyonder on Sun Aug 07, 2016 2:32 pm

Tori-Bot isnt Omnipotent Tori_b10

Akira Toriyama Admits He isnt Omnipotent

Tori-Bot isnt Omnipotent Akira-10
Tori-Bot has been battling against the Editors for over 10 years when rejecting his ideas meaning the Editors are above him in what he can and cant add to his own series! meaning he has someone above and beyond him!

Tori-Bot has to ask his Editors!

Tori-Bot isnt Omnipotent Rdrago10
And again here with krillin! it shows that the Editors are above Akira toriyama aka Tori-Bot if he was so Omnipotent,Omniscient, and Omnipresent within his series why couldn't he stop Kid Goku? Because he isnt Truly all-powerful! all-knowing! and or all existing!

Tori-Bot even in Filler is Dead

Tori-Bot isnt Omnipotent 35dci910
Tori-Bot isnt Omnipotent Freeza10
Thats right everyone he showed himself  as a deceased being meaning he has no immortality! (And yes that is a small non-canon cameo for Broly.)
Tori-Bot isnt Omnipotent Akira_10
Another proof is that his 100,000 bounty was collected! meaning he is Deceased!

Anime or Not this proves he isn't Omnipotent! Omniscient! and or Omnipresent! even within the context of Dragon Ball Super contradicting his so called title as Ruler with Omni-King or known by Zeno.

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