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Debunk: Hulk beating Beyonder

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Debunk: Hulk beating Beyonder Empty Debunk: Hulk beating Beyonder

Post by Beyonder on Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:46 am

To end the false informed or hulktard wanked claimed about Hulk beating Beyonder I will take DIRECT scans from the New Avengers: Illuminati Vol 2 Issue 3 Series.

Roots of the Wank

The "Hulk beat Beyonder" scan had started from the infamous Comicvine community which spread to other low tier communities in a attempt to make the hulk look impressive/powerful since on Google it's the 1st image people will see and automatically think "Omg he beat Beyonder!" which isnt the case.


Here people will see and assume the Hulk who is part of the Illuminati as well attack and face slam Beyonder thinking he beaten him which is far from the truth........
Debunk: Hulk beating Beyonder 31686010
The main thing people do is not read the comics themselves as Beyonder way before this was re-creating New york city as a "Playground"
Debunk: Hulk beating Beyonder Beyonders_playground_by_beyondergod-d78j07v
and to help show people it was all a planned "Show" here is beyonder being 100% fine and no Hulk.
Debunk: Hulk beating Beyonder Beyond10
Xavier: "Don't worry it's not-Real."
Beyonder: "I'm so,so sorry, your highness. I forgot I had scheduled that event."

This entire issue was basically Beyonder fooling everyone into believing he was a Inhuman Mutant.

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