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Debunk: The Fulcrum

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Debunk: The Fulcrum Empty Debunk: The Fulcrum

Post by Beyonder on Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:47 am

Debunk: The Fulcrum 4uoobk10
The Fulcrum isn't above The Living Tribunal or equal to The-One-Above-All.

Fulcrum himself stated he has an own equal which is the dreaming celestial Taimut who is below the living tribunal himself.

Above Panel:

@The Fulcrum wrote:"I have been searching for a companion since the Big Crunch. Time has passed. I have seeded planets for an Immeasurable amount of time. I have watched other celestials change and evolve into beings of Greater Power. Some have come close. But you,Dreaming Celestial...You are the only being to Question become an Individual."

Below Panel:

@The Fulcrum wrote:You are no longer my Device. In shattering that Bond, You have proven a power equal to my Own. The Second question is: Will you come with me?

He basically stated after the big crunch had past and that he seeded plants for a infinite amount of time and watched over his creation the celestial race and as they evolved and change it was one celestial that caught his eye which was the dreaming celestial Taimut was the only one to have a individuality and the only one who questioned him which makes him equal in power to him.

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