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Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Empty Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread

Post by Beyonder on Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:20 am

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Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Battle Profile
Pre-Retcon Beyonder Bio Profile

Beyonder (Original) Bio:

The Beyonder was from a separate omniverse which was beyond all known reality, space, dimensions and time which was called the "Beyond Realm" in which he existed as everything and everything were him it was said this Multiverse was bigger than the Marvel Multiverse (Actually an Omniverse) stating it was a drop in the sea in comparison. And upon observing and gaining what he wanted he created an event only known as Secret Wars.

In the very word of his creator, Jim Shooter (Chief Editor of Marvel/Creator of Marvel Handbooks) was that Beyonder was basically God before God even existed.

Beyonder (Original) Powers and Abilities:

Pre-Recton Beyonder was Omnipotent (Infinite in Power)
Pre-Recton Beyonder was Omniscient (Unlimited Knowledge)
Pre-Recton Beyonder was Omnipresent (Exist anywhere)

Jim Shooter states Beyonder as God before Genesis

Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Beyond10

Narration states Beyonder is Omnipotent

Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 49821010
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Beyond12

Official Marvel Wiki States Beyonder is Omnipotent Twice

Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Beyond10
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Beyond11

Marvel Handbook states Omnipotent Beyonder

Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 46888610

Beyonder can Retcon anything he wants

Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 11010

Beyonder Omniscience

Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Beyond11
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Beyond12
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 10472611

Beyonder Omnipresence

Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Beyond13
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 33446010
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Beyond12

Strength Feats

Beyonder has unlimited strength even in a Physical manifestation avatar form he can still lift Beyond 100+ tons
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 26406610

Striking Speed Feats

Even in both his physical/non-physcical form Pre-Retcon Beyonder fights with the celestials which to some it seems like a simple fight to lesser beings but in reality they are fighting with billions of feints,thrusts, and parries per second!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 4126892-3344621-20

Speed Feats

Pre-Retcon Beyonder entered the Multiverse traveling at a speed which even the concept of space and time has no meaning to him!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 0110
(Note: He is not being Omnipresent by his own whim as the scan itself shows him traveling!)

Reaction Speed Feats

Pre-Recton Beyonder even in his Physical Manfestiation is capable of reacting to a laser canon that fires at a Faster than light speed itself!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Reacti10

Durability Feats

Pre-Retcon Beyonder casually without even his guard up effortessly tanks a blast from Pre-Retcon Beyonder capable of destroying Billions of universes! and it does absolutely nothing not even destroying a single fraction of his clothing!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 23181410

Destructive Capacity Feats:

Pre-Retcon Beyonder with just a wave of his hand destroys 3 planets in the microverse.
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 23361910
Pre-Retcon Beyonder wipes an entire Galaxy casually!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 31395110
Pre-Retcon Beyonder then creates an entire planet from the destroyed Galaxy!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 33445610
Pre-Recton Beyonder for the second time casually destroys a Galaxy yet again!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 57959010
Pre-Retcon Beyonder just by standing in Space destroys not just worlds or suns but even alternate universes casually without moving!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 30496910
Pre-Retcon Beyonder casually causes Multiverse-Wide Destruction just by being upset!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 7extfq10
Pre-Retcon Beyonder can destroy a shield capable of survivng Existence level destruction! (Pre-Retcon) Molecule Man Used his own power+all the energy in existence!)
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 44680610
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 10472910

Noteable Feats By Pre-Retcon Beyonder

Pre-Retcon Beyonder swats the Near-Omnipotent Galactus like a fly!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 33445611
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 33445612
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 33445710
Pre-Retcon Beyonder controls the world including humans,animals,matter, and even inanimate concepts!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 33445910
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 33445911
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 33445912
Pre-Retcon Beyonder displays a bypass to magical based beings like Magik and capable of sensing and seeing through false manifestations.
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 2210
Pre-Retcon Beyonder has no physical form,no spiritual form and or astral form but can take on these forms when he chooses and Beyonder was once Infinite Dimensional and even still his physical form isn't like others.
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 0210
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 0310
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 0410
Beyonder kills and resurrects Mistress Death! Molecule Man told him nothing in the entire existence can/could kill something and bring back death this includes his power+all the power of the cosmic beings including the living tribunal, and all the energy/power itself! Proving just how truly omnipotent he is since the only being capable of killing an absolute immortal are those who wield unlimited power itself!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 40375510
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread 39889010
Pre-Retcon Beyonder even when not wanting to fight Molecule Man had their power shift the Multiverse itself! even when showing Molecule Man who is the true being capable of wielding unlimited power and unleashing an attack capable of destroying space itself reaching infinity itself!
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread Beyond13
Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) Respect Thread _a58y_10

Character Statements about Beyonder!

Debunking Misconceptions:

1. Beyonder ISN'T from the marvel omniverse he is from HIS own one which is beyond the concept of Space,Time, and all of reality but his entire "Multiverse" dwarfed the Marvelverse.

2. Jim shooter commented about beyonder.....
Jim Shooter wrote:"In a sense, he is like God before there was Genesis."
Basically, this means Beyonder existed BEFORE the marvelverse meaning he is the OLDEST being and he is vastly OLDER than The living tribunal himself.

3. Dr.Doom PIS and Beyonder CIS??? A lot of people downplay beyonder with the whole "Dr.Doom stole his omnipotence GG he ain't omni." here is the issue......Beyonder himself stated he SOUGHT to AID Doom whats CIS about this?.....Beyonder disabled his omniscience so he can experience through his own understanding and with this Beyonder dissected Dr.Doom and here's the PIS.....Doom used *Will* to take the powers of the beyonder BUT here is where Marvel screwed themselves up because after secret wars we see Captain America having the desire to fix his shield.....but if you think about it Beyonder basically GAVE doom his power what Beyonder did was not only fool Dr.Doom he also showed that without his omniscience enabled he was still smarter than Victor! So either way SW was PIS+CIS to the core with a lot of plot holes because Doom WITH Beyonder power was labeled by Thor as "Nigh-Omnipotence" but even after Beyonder was still labeled Omnipotent so marvel never cleared any of this up.

Even during Fantastic Four with beyonder he even states "I sought to aid you but stole my power." Beyonder said stole because Doom LIED and used said power for evil.

Let's not forget Dr.Doom used outlier unknown devices from Galactus ship even the "Chestplate" as mentioned above was also shown once and only once during this time.

4. Beyonder killing death is also a very downplayed gimmick is something you people need to know....because even on the cover by narration it stated that he was So omnipotent he is he could build his home instantly but he limits himself to human levels to experience his own life.

1) Beyonder lie: He lied about having the power to revive Mistress Death and the reason for lying was so that the cosmic beings wont bother him about bringing back death.

2) Beyonder Plan: If you have read this issue you would see that beyonder was checking the *fundamentals* of the Multiverse basically he made sure his plan is 100% but was ruined when Molecule Man showed up and we all see him literally try to kill a small rose but HE couldn't then we see that not even LT power or LT with all the power of the multiverse couldn't revive death if she died! Beyonder knew he was the only one capable of such a feat!

(Fundamental means a central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.)

3) Beyonder Knowledge: Now if you also read the same issue you will see beyonder said he needed a avatar a *sacrifice* in order to bring mistress death back but the downplayers will constantly say
*"He needed a Sacrifice therefore not omni."*
here is where they are wrong.....because beyonder could have thought Mistress death back BUT here is the issue Mistress Death is a CONCEPT a IDEA PERSONIFIED to beyonder its a experience he couldn't comprehended because he cant die so thinking her into existence WILL not make everything mortal again instead she would just be a character but since Death is an IDEA and needs to be existing through Killing something would be the only way as shown when beyonder explained to bring back death someone MUST die so here is where we put 1+1.......If beyonder can kill an absolute immortal being but not Molecule Man which MM wielded Near-Omnipotent power but even if he couldn't that means Beyonder was indeed Infinite in power because even a portion of his power can be infinite so beyonder used his knowledge to bring death back without causing further harm to the Marvelverse.

4) Beyonder Did Have the Power: After reviving death and killing his friend dave we see beyonder literally gesturing his hand and literally destroying his complex so how can you claim he was drained when he bitched slap demons back to hell,killed death and revived her by killing dave, and destroyed his complex?......Clearly people arent understanding the story.

Now to the whole phoenix problem.....even before rachel summers stated.....
"It was no accident then your allowing me to retain that power.You knew my thoughts and fears. The shadow in my soul. The darkside of my nature--you knew what my mom did--and set me up to follow in her footsteps."

Then it goes to the fight where she hits him with his own power+phoenix force
"He sought his power......But this is far,far more...than even he can bare. All that phoenix experienced--The totality of life. In all its form, All its infinite now his."

Translation she hit him with Every feeling of what it feels to be human.

Now even after/before Beyonder was able to beat her but the PLOT of this issue was very clear to start Secret Wars Issue 9 because this helped shaped his opinion about morals,mortals,feelings and thoughts.

His own plan was to destroy the crystal and to be back to his former self as the entity of the Omniverse of the beyond proven by rachel.

Rachel Summers wrote:"I was your catspaw. I was to do our dirty work for you--Break the crystal, destroy the universe. It wouldn't kill you--merely recreate your state of primal unbeing,that precious unity you're so fond of."

She didn't beat him even when he stated himself he wont defend himself if she attacks him with his own power.
He didn't lose he tried to make her stop but to his own desire he didn't force will and accepted the incoming attack a blast that was his own words capable of destroying him even with a increase with the phoenix force but even still HE existed he was granted with the lesson of Humanity

For the final with the fight with Molecule Man......Now even this is used for downplay which is sad because......both of them was having a brief talk where beyonder was trying to reason with Owen but owen was listening and beyonder was feeling annoyed especially since the heroes was is the issue Beyonder literally pushed Owen like a child the but in a instance before with The multiverse level collision the past,future, and present and even existence felt their mere second long collision but as captain american and  molecule man talk this is what was said.....
Molecule Man: "By the way,I also removed every living thing from his death blast path...They're all in stasis, in sub-space! I'll bring'em back later, if there is a later!"

Captain America: "How are such things possible--? Its--Its Beyond belief!"

Molecule Man: "I transact on power levels unimaginable to you captain america, and the beyonder it seems, on levels unimaginable to Me!"

Molecule Man from just a brief fight knew even beyonder transcends behind even his near-infinite power!

As for Beyonder baby form and his "Death" this isn't truly the case......since we see Beyonder energy was going to erase everything BUT Molecule Man had stopped it and sent back his "Omniverse Big Bang" back into his beyond realm creating another Omniverse.

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