Debunking Myths and Lies About Me

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Debunking Myths and Lies About Me

Post by Beyonder on Tue May 09, 2017 5:59 am

Antvasima wrote:BeyonderGod is usually the one doing these kind of things to me. For example, he uploaded homophobic slurs about me to Definithing and Urban Dictionary (I'm heterosexual though), and publicy outed my Twitter address while mocking me for my autism.
Let me debunk this lie right now....
Reason: Antvasima is known to being a hypocrite he is claiming "publicly" outing his twitter address but yet used my facebook which has my real name but wanna cry about this? I did create a page which was about him having a crush on a fictional character which he takes as "Homophobic slurs" which isnt true and making all dramatic so people can have "pity' on him.

Antvasima wrote:We were extensively arguing with each other over the Beyonder and Tenchi Muyo 3 years ago, with him visiting multiple wikis to vandalise any pages connected to them. When he posted vulgar insults towards me in his wiki, it was deleted, and he was globally banned for 6 months.
I never vandalized any wikia this right here is his "Biased" view and pretty much lying because if I wanted to vandalize a page wouldn't i just put the things his users had put into the pages on my wikia? (They call me fag and other such things but he wont take responsibility for his members actions?)

Antvasima wrote:In addition, he tried to claim that he was the founder of the OBD, and started a wiki called the Outskirts Battledome when the original site was down. I informed God Movement about it, and he contacted Wikia to get the copycat site shut down.

Debunk: I wont lie Yes I did make a Wikia claiming I was the founder of OBD is known for having a horrible reputation from copyright infringements and having a hostile and ignorant community so I made a plan to try to get rid of it from wikia usage.

Antvasima wrote:However, he never seems to take responsibility for the consequences of his own actions, and keeps blaming me rather than himself for what happened.
So him trying to belittle me? my own fault? and I should take responsibility just because He is wrong in a argument? this is why I dislike this kid as a person.

Antvasima wrote:Also, later he began to vandalise the Beyonder and Tenchi Muyo pages in Wikipedia, which started another long series of arguing between us, that ended up with him permanently banned from the site. He obviously blames me for this as well.
I never vandalized the Beyonder or Tenchi Muyo wikipedia pages this is him trying to get me banned if anyone could see the edit history you can see he has like a coward went to the staff stating I was vandalizing and the staff being one sided agreed with it without getting any facts for themselves.

Even in the VERY talk page this guy wants people to feel pity for him just because I can actually PROVE myself right?

Beyonder Wikipedia Talk page

Antvasima wrote:He is also extremely offended about that our wiki does not list the Beyonder at tier 0.
let me just debunk this right here again that I dont care for his wikia information because its just and always is erroneous.

Antvasima being a basic nuisance.

Truth About Antvasima

This guy is the defined term for someone who is.....
1. egotistical
2. ignorant
3. unsophisticated
4. Pathological liar
Evidence is proven just by the way he claims I am a "Troll" and etc the Wikipedia links should be enough evidence to support my actual claims here.

Truth is I harass him because he FOLLOWS me.

Powerlisting wikia he got butthurt because i removed Kami tenchi has a omnipotent being which is proven that HE ISNT.

I went to the Kami tenchi wikia to change the misinformation and this right here is when HE as a obsessed person FOLLOWED ME to other sites just to call me a troll and to report me because he doesn't lie FACTS.

He went to a russian wikia to copy everything they do to install on the Vsbattles Wikia site.

He is using "Dimensional Levels" to cope out feats because Kami tenchi (his obsessed character) has no legit showings to anything he claims.

You ask him to prove what he says and he makes a bunch of irrelevant non-sense.

He literally dislikes me JUST because I can debate and that i can prove what I say without making some false information up.

If you search up about this guy he will either ignore or outright believe he is right he has banned users who question his favorite character and he will REPORT you just because his feelings and ego is hurt that HE isnt right in a argument/debate.

Truth About Me

Firstly, I dislike people who try to belittle me and try to insult my intelligence as Antvasima HAS done many times and his annoying concept of just denying evidence and official sources is the reason to why I made a Urbandictionary term for him.

Getting banned vs getting someone banned IS 2 different concepts and 2 different problems.

I got banned because he couldn't stand being wrong and he couldn't stand losing a argument.

Did i insult him? Yes Im not afraid to take responsibility AT all but he cant accept he was wrong for anything he has stated.

Even a WRITER calls Antvasima a TROLL for harassing him over a COMIC BOOK and MANY MANY MORE!

1. Antvasima on TVTropes
2. Nick Spencer Tumblr
3. Antvasima thinks his opinion is a fact

So before you people call me out on things that is probably a lie actually COME to me as a PERSON and not a hater and actually get to know me because Antvasima is a UNRELIABLE source for anything concerning me and or anything else.

Antvasima is a child FULL of nothing but lies and deceit who will try to make people on his side by making OVER dramatic situations that isnt in the topic so they can feel "pity".

He WILL NEVER admit he is a problem and he WILL never admit he is the cause this man HAS no dignity to what he falsely claims.

Truth About Vsbattles Wikia

Here is the ACTUAL and PROPER truth about Vsbattles.....
1. They do NOT care about feats and official sources.
2. They are BIASED if its not Anime related they will downplay it,
3. They copy from numerous sources like Outskirts battle Dome and Anime Fight Club.
4. Nothing they post is ORIGINAL me and my friends can post COUNTLESS links to their threads and show that Vsbattles just OUTRIGHT copied and reworded their research.
5. They are known for causing CROSS community harassment,vandalism, and trolling as my wikia is a testament to this.

This place is a INVALID and FALSE made community build upon by lies and misinformation.

If you proved the staff wrong in a argument or debate they will lock threads and or ban you for not "Sheeping" with their ideals.

Example: I debunked some false demonbane "myths" WITH author statements and what do they do? "Oh the author forgot so invalid." they WONT EVER accept FACTS using them as a source is using Wikipedia as one as well which is both unreliable sources of information.

Truth About Me

I will ADMIT to trolling when Im actually doing it.
I will ADMIT to being wrong when im actually PROVEN to be wrong.
I do NOT insult unless I am provoked by someone.
I DO NOT have a God Complex this is a lie created by my haters.

Reason behind the Fuel

This 1 comment caused me to have beef with him......

He displays his biased and ignorant nature even in this wikipedia thread another person had the SAME issue with him.

He basically reflected himself stating i ignore and dont accept facts even when its basically him.

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