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Post by Beyonder on Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:44 am

Pralaya Respect Thread Pralaya__dc_comics__by_fictionalomniverse-dbig966

About the Character

Pralaya is a embodiment of the Void. She is predates the existence of the multiverse or Multiverses and the Goddess of the void is destined to consume all of reality one day or when it comes to an end and to wait til she claims it back to her womb and thus another Multiverse is created by her.
Pralaya Profile


Powers and Abilities

Void Embodiment,Nothingness Manipulation,Near-Omniscient,Near-Omnipresent,Infinite Stamina,Shapeshifting,Infinite Strength,Immortality,Ageless,Regeneration (Extreme High Tier), and Disease Immunity.


Pralaya when she got into the Multiverse time stream was collapsing it while also displaying her shapeshifting and size manipulation and even then she was going to destroy all the Multiverse if it continued.
Pralaya Respect Thread P17_2210
Pralaya Respect Thread P17_6210
Pralaya Respect Thread P17_1010
Pralaya creates an infinite number of Time Gremlins through the process of her infinite mind alone.
Pralaya Respect Thread P17_9210
Pralaya consumes all of the time within the Multiverse itself.
Pralaya Respect Thread P17_1210
Pralaya is a Non-Corporeal entity it has no true form but embodies a female form.
Pralaya Respect Thread P17_1510
Pralaya implied and stated she birth the Multiverse itself from her womb and she is the embodiment of the infinite Void which is Yahweh aka The Presence unconsciousness form.
Pralaya Respect Thread P17_1610
Pralaya tells that within the cosmic events that in the end the Multiverse will return to her once it ends becoming the empty void once more.
Pralaya Respect Thread P17_2211
Pralaya Respect Thread P4_42b10
Pralaya Respect Thread P4_62b10

Sources for the Scans

Justice League Dark issues 39
Justice League Dark issues 40

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