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Al Milgrom Talks About Pre-Retcon Beyonder

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Al Milgrom Talks About Pre-Retcon Beyonder Empty Al Milgrom Talks About Pre-Retcon Beyonder

Post by Beyonder on Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:54 pm

Al Milgrom Talks About Pre-Retcon Beyonder Al_mil10
Al Milgrom is the man who had worked alongside the editor in chief of Marvel Jim Shooter himself during Secret Wars 1-2 is stating here in a Omnibus that the Beyonder was basically a God in a direct confirmation in Jim Shooters interview about him being "God" as well.

Secret Wars was basically a "Storyline" a "Theme" of what is to be human and the many trials along with them....all the good and bad things about humanity is what the beyonder went through this is why we see him as a "child-like" being because even with the concept of omniscience in his power arsenal it isn't understanding its just knowledge of everything be it a person,location, and or a event be it past,present, and or future as stated in the 1st issue of secret wars 2 itself! Beyonder suffered from CIS and PIS to try to create a "God looking in man for humanity." as "Humanity looking for God." concept.

Owen Reece (Molecule Man) wrote:Knowledge isn't understanding you know!

Introspection is a word which basically means someone doing self-observation of their own existence.

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