Dragon Ball Debunk Thread

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Dragon Ball Debunk Thread

Post by Beyonder on Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:16 pm


The rules are simple and easy!
2. If you want to counter someone make sure it's backed up with evidence and not your personal opinion!

Reason of Thread

The Dragon Ball franchise (Dragon Ball Z,Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super) are known for having exaggerated feats and overall overhyped and ranked given arguments so here people can debunk such things without hostile lash here people will post scans and give explanations of how it's a debunk and not just being biased.

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Re: Dragon Ball Debunk Thread

Post by Beyonder on Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:15 pm

Debunking Dragon Ball Powerscaling

Hello! I will be Debunking the "Powerscaling" wank that is being pull over majority of Versus (VS) Debating communities by using Evidence and logic from the series itself and to hopefully educate people on showing feats rather then using solely scaling.


This is no way at all a downplay, lowball, or a troll as evidence from CANON EVIDENCE is being used 100% to help further my research throughout the series to help fans see the truth within feats and not from the denial of not using feats.

What is Powerscaling?

Powerscaling is the concept of ABC Logic where in a debate the concept of "Linear" is being given and within this the character must BEAT said person not be EQUAL (ON-PAR) with said being as it invalids ABC logic and they must also do it as a One on One not a team or assist this is the fundamental logic of Powerscaling and need an example?

A (Goku) beat B (Frieza) who is a planet destroyer so, therefore, A (Goku) can destroy a planet as well.

Evidence 1: Goku never Beaten Vegeta

Here is a long time fact rarely any real Dragon Ball fan will know....Goku has never in a 1 on 1 beaten Vegeta! Yes this is true! Goku only overpowered Vegeta because Vegeta wasn't using all his power because if this is true Vegeta would only have enough power to destroy the planet core......

Proof 1:
Here in these Manga scans from Dragon Ball Z it was Goku Kamehameha Vs Vegeta Galick Gun.....Vegeta states this.
The moment Goku would have dodged his attack the Planet along with both him and Vegeta would be destroyed why? Because he was aiming his ultimate attack at the planets core to overwhelm it and cause the earths destruction but wait....I know what the Dbztards are going to say.....
"B-but he overpowered his attack, therefore, Goku can destroy the planet core as well!"
Firstly...Goku had to use Kaio-Ken to even overpower Vegeta attack as the "Technique" itself uses physical power and doubles it which will strain the user itself as shown in the fight! Goku had a trump card over Vegeta but Vegeta was still able to fight back even by going Great Ape aka Oozaru form now you stating how this debunks Powerscaling? Look at Proof 2!

Proof 2: Watch the video from the Start of 0:00 to 45:06!
If you watched the video you will clearly see Goku needing help against Vegeta something that invalids the concept of Powerscaling because he needed outside aid to "defeat" his opponent as if it wasn't for Yajirobe cutting Vegeta tail he would have crushed Goku and if it wasn't for Great Ape Gohan (Ozzaru Gohan) then goku would have been dead.

It was a team effort instead of a "1 on 1" unlike the beginning.

Evidence 2: Goku never Beaten Frieza

Here is something fans wish not to accept from the series itself....Goku wasn't the one who beat Frieza....it was frieza who defeated himself and just like Vegeta it was also that Frieza had to detonate the core to destroy the planet itself.
Evidence 1:

Evidence 2:

Evidence 3:

Through the countless given evidence that Frieza needs to destroy the core to destroy a planet is now 100% confirmed here multiple official sources given here can't outright erase this known fact! and now on to how Goku never really beaten Frieza!

Firstly before their big ole 5-minute fight Frieza was already fighting and wasting energy before and evidence is within the series itself....

Yup Frieza was already fighting, before this! also, piccolo also stepped up in Goku fight while Goku was forming a Spirit bomb!

We got the basis Goku needed help and Frieza wasn't doing a legit 1 on 1 with anyone.
Now on to this part....

Goku gave up against Frieza....and Frieza cut himself in half and Goku gave him a bit and only a bit of energy where Goku was running away from the planet attack and Frieza was able to survive it and still was conscious.

So did Goku actually beat Frieza in a 1 on 1? No....there was so many distractions and outside help that this was not a true "He beat him on his own." type of concept in a fight getting jumped isn't really a win for them its a show they can't handle a person on their own.

Evidence 3: Goku never Beaten Cell

Here is a Video of their FULL fight and even cell states with Goku aiming down at the earth would be capable of destroying the earth itself! aka CORE DESTRUCTION! this goes with the fact Frieza had to aim for the core as well to destroy a planet! proving that scaling is invalid since its already confirmed 3 beings need to aim at the core going into the 4th being capable of core busting as well.

Now back to cell where Goku stated he couldn't beat cell himself and that it was Gohan.

Now powerscaling logic by Dragon ball fans is they are all the same stats where if Frieza can survive a planet explosion then Goku can? but here in this video Cell "Earth" destroying attack kills an on-guard Goku.

Now even then Gohan was the one to beat cell but even then Gohan still wasn't on his father level and fans hate to admit this.

Evidence 4: Goku never Beaten Kid Buu

Now on to the Buu Saga! where even here Goku never truly beaten Kid Buu! the first peace of that Goku wasn't stronger than kid Buu is when he begged Kid Buu not to destroy the planet.
Evidence 1:

Yes.....Goku is afraid of a Planet level attack that could destroy the same Planet 10x over....and admit him and Vegeta CAN'T stop it!

Evidence 2:

Goku needed MULTIPLE people and the dragon Balls and the people of earth to beat Kid Buu! He never once beat Kid Buu on his own! now, how does this one count?
1. Dende wished Goku to have full energy and stamina and asked for the humans to be revived for the Spirit Bomb
2. Goku needed Majin Buu and Vegeta help to fight and distract Buu.
3. Mr.Satan aka Hercules motivated people to lend their energy.
This is multiple evidence that dictates Goku can't beat anyone on his own he relies on his friends.

Evidence 5: Goku never Beaten and Won't beat Beerus Anytime Soon

Dragon Ball Super Battle of Gods Saga Evidence:

Even then Goku never has beaten Beerus in a fight! it was Goku who lost! Beerus waLEGITIMATELYoing 100% where Goku was giving it his all! Goku was not LEGITIMATELY paring off with Beerus at all in this fight.
Evidence 2:

Even when Faking to be Monaka it was Goku still trying to beat him and Beerus utterly destroys him! This stops the whole "SSG Goku is now Goku base power." logic by infinite.
Evidence 3.1: Manga Evidence

Goku utterly admits in the ACTUAL Canon Manga that he and vegeta would be dead if they were capable of even guarding against it!
Evidence 3.2: Anime Evidence:
Even a "almost" off-guarded Goku still isn't capable of surviving a Planet explosion??


With all the sources and facts given Goku by scaling is not on the level everyone makes him out to be on....Goku needed numerous amount of help and interference from people making these "He was stronger than this guy." invalid since Goku never beaten anyone on his own at all! by feats alone Goku is only a Planet buster via core busting and only Multi-Planet level through via core busting chain reactions.

I did not use ANY movies or filler here in this debunk because I used straight from both the manga and Anime canon sources as evidence since to dragon ball fanboys it would be a troll or downplay or lowball to go against "canon".

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