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Issues With the Concept of Powerscaling

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Issues With the Concept of Powerscaling Empty Issues With the Concept of Powerscaling

Post by Beyonder on Sat May 19, 2018 10:26 am


Hello, fellow debaters of the online communities! I am the "Infamous" BeyonderGod that so many other online communities dislike for wanting pure feats and official confirmation so I will be explaining my issues with "Powerscaling" as a debating "Norm" because it seems so many people have mistaken Bias/Downplay/Lowball when talking about someone not using Scaling when in actuality a debater can use whatever methods they want when it comes to Feats Vs Scaling so let's get into it!

Issues About Powerscaling

Firstly this shouldn't be a surprise and it shouldn't be something shocking or new.....Not all fictional series uses the concept of "Powerscaling" such as Comics (Marvel/DC as Examples) and Video Games (DarkSouls/Asura's Wrath as Examples) which aren't about ABC Logic like what most fanbases give for "Anime" such as Dragon Dragon ball has always been the most known debated verses to so-called use "Powerscaling" powerscaling isn't just taking feats from one character and giving it to the next character that hasn't shown it but appearently now "statements" are scaleable and now this is getting alittle annoying.....

Statements aren't 100% fact and people should know this in the debating community it's only acceptable once it's displayed which makes it a fact right? You can't say "I feel like I can destroy the universe!" but then lose to alike a city buster that's not just inconstant but just "Hyperbole" and "Exaggeration".

Powerscaling is the use of "This A Character beat this B character who did this feat so that means the A Character use and do the same thing!" which is illogical and not always true 100%.....If a character is inconstant it automatically debunks scaling and how does it debunk it since a character would have to be STRONGER and has to BEAT the said person they shouldn't be their "Equal" or "Almost" equal since it's not proper on scaling and now I will list a few things that heavily debunk Scaling logic due to how it's not a display of who's stronger at all.

1. Team Work/Helping/Outside Helo: Helping the said character in a fight debunks scaling because it's a display of "Strength in Numbers" and not a 1v1 to show who is actually stronger a fun little fact is with Goku he hasn't had a legitimate 1 on 1 fight in his career on TV or Manga he never beaten Frieza,Cell and or Majin Buu without giving help or getting helped so this debunks any nonsense of his strength or being stronger when he needs help and constant training to surpass them years to come.

2. Stalemating: Being equal is not ABC Logic so this automatically debunks scaling and more or less means they both are on the same level and that one isn't more superior.


Powerscaling should be a rule within the community where it's allowed or disallowed because not all series follows ABC Logic and it's unfair to the other-side since you would have to use the High-level feats only and leave out the others so in terms I don't believe Powerscaling, in general, is a fact it's just us fans making educated guesses that only the creators know.

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