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Post by Beyonder on Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:38 pm

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TOAA is also known as "Above-All-Others" or "The One who is Above All" or "God" or "Jehovah" or other such aliases by people or himself.

Powers and Abilities

The-One-Above-All is a True Omnipotent deity he has omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence, he is an all-powerful, all-knowing, and every existing creator who can do anything he wishes without limit.

Being Omnipotent TOAA wields unlimited powers and abilities, he is immune to all things be it a disease, age, powers, divine, magic, and other such things which nothing can kill him.

Being Omniscient TOAA is capable of knowing anything and all things at a whim he is able to understand what knowledge he has at anytime capable of knowing past, present and future events without even moving he is also the editor, writers, and artist he knows all events that will happen to be it storyline or plot logic! He knows your every thoughts,feelings, and knows your every action and knows your purpose since he is truly the all-knowing being in the Marvelverse.

Being Omnipresent TOAA is functionally able to exist anywhere and anyplace at any time! No REALM is restricted to his knowledge and power he can appear as anyone to anyone or anything instantly at all times.

TOAA Omniverse is in a sense a playground to him, all of reality is a mere PAPER he can make it finite or infinte or beyond the concept of infinite if he chose to.

Meta-Fictional Feats

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The-One-Above-All Respect Thread Rco01710
The-One-Above-All Respect Thread Rco01810
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The-One-Above-All is basically the Editor, Writer, and Artist of the Marvel Omniverse itself! He is basically the supreme power of all things itself! He drew an entire story and universe right before the Fantastic Fours Eyes! Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic (Mr.Fantastic) and The Thing had found a doorway to his domain where it lies Omnilock from all of Creation itself they even went to a "heaven" like domain and fought against angels and when using his pencil he healed Mister Fantastic face, reversed the thing back to Ben and then reverted Ben back into the Thing in the instant! He basically views the Omniverse as a "paper" to draw on!

Power Display Feats

In these scans The-One-Above-All is taken the form of a homeless man infront of Peter Parker also known as Spider-Man who cant cope about aunt may and here the-one-above-all displays his power! capable of teleporting them to a different location instantly to eat to a beach and much more from healing Peter's hand instantly to knowing about all the people Peter has saved from pastt o future he makes Peter see that his purpose is to stay as Spider-Man to protect others and once this is over The-One-Above-All sends Peter back to the alley they first met and makes Peter pick his own path displaying his omniscient power casually.

Controversial Topics

  • Controversial: Many debates across forums have argued who was the first "true omnipotent" being of Marvel was between Pre-Retcon Beyonder and The-One-Above-All, Jim Shooter (Creator of Beyonder,Secret Wars, and Marvel Handbooks) had stated in an interview that Beyonder was in a sense god before there was genesis this is implication that the Original Beyonder before his retcon existed before the creation of the Marvelverse but since people would "downplay" Pre-Retcon Beyonder merely being a "Nigh-Omnipotent" being despite Marvel own words stating otherwise its up to readers interpretation of who they view is the first since The-One-Above-All made his official debut years after the retcon of Pre-Retcon Beyonder into a Cosmic Cube (A Baby to the Omnipotential race of Beyonders.)

    Note: Publication aside it should be noted at the time The-One-Above-All was just a TITLE and a NAME not a living entity within the Marvel Omniverse other than the Celestial "One-Above-All" of the similar name existed so if you think about it Beyonder was a character before TOAA was a concept.

  • Misintereptation: this debate isn't a long argued one since majority believe these two beings are one and the same entity when in fact The Fulcrum and The-One-Above-All aren't the same entity! Yes in the Fantastic Four comic The-One-Above-All took the form of Jack Kirby the creator of the fantastic four himself this was a nod to the late artist such as Fulcrum was as well since Jack Kirby created the entire race of celestials themselves, and there is one major difference between these two and that's the fact The Fulcrum has an equal in power which is Taimut and where The-One-Above-All doesn't have any equals.


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