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Vic Mignogna (Support Rant)  Empty Vic Mignogna (Support Rant)

Post by Beyonder on Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:52 pm

Vic Mignogna (Support Rant)  Downlo10


Hello! I am Beyonder aka BeyonderGod I'm a fan of many different franchises from comics to video games and to even Anime such as Berserk, Dragon Ball, Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA), Naruto, First of the Northstar, and others this post is strictly aimed at those who support Vic on this very very trouble times.....I am simply here to help educate and help others see the false and truths from these false allegations on a man who just shows love....Now I am a Broly/Nagato fan and I will NOT be blinded by my favoritism of characters but by lawful and logical common sense.

I will 100% state until actual EVIDENCE is revealed against Vic my motives and belief will NOT be changed until he is proven guilty in a trial!

Allegations and Kick Vic Movement

The allegations behind the sexual harassment and other claims such as Vic Mignogna being a Pedophile or some creep all happened because of a single website article who made a false article on the now seen as an uncreditable source of information....anime news network namely by a female named Marzgurl aka Kaylyn Saucedo making false allegations that he inappropriately touched young girls and other misinformed content as this went viral she created the hashtag "#KickVic" which cost this veteran Voice Actor his Career getting him removed from RoosterTeeth and Funimation within a few days to a week of it being posted online.

But her article only was only the pillar and with a certain close friend or now former friend of Vic was the was Monia Rial (the English Dub Voice actress of Bulma) who helped promote this concept because she and another voice actress and with Monica claiming she was a victim and was one of Vic's so-called victims....note this is what is implied by her own tweets not my own words.

Lies and False Claims

The main lies and false claims come from out-of-context images and videos which people like MarzGurl falsely manipulating the "Evidence" to fit her own before you even ask no he has not been charged nor has he been arrested for any questioning and other such events....MarzGurls uses the Twitter platform as a mean to support her own fault (aka sin) she is being exposed for being homophobic and for protecting a Pedophile in her own workspace and YES that is correct! She knew about a coworker being a pedophile and DID NOTHING! That's sickening as hell!

Now Monica....I don't know where to even start with her...from her unprofessional behavior to her unproven claims......this is not just an issue within the dragon ball community this is an issue for the anime community as well because right now so many so-called voice actors are throwing Vic under the bus for Monica....none of these stories claimed by these individuals are logical....example? One voice actor claimed he saw Vic in PUBLIC making out with a UNDERAGE girl...let that sink public...a grown man is kissing a UNDERAGE that's outright just nonsense! This manhunt for Vic is childish and pathetic! All these lies needs to stop!

Funimation and RoosterTeeth

These "Businesses" unprofessional handled this situation unfairly....neither one of these companies did an internal investigation and if they claim they did why isn't Vic arrested+charged+imprisioned? Because it makes no sense whatsoever from the beginning....I am debating on even supporting RoosterTeeth after this situation because Monica is basically insulting and bashing the fanbase when supporting vic...hell its almost harassment and what is either of these companies doing? Absolutely nothing...she isn't suspended or fired like Vic is...he lost con after con because of her and she is doing well when he isn't....that's not just harming his income but his many many potential projects.


I am not shaming any VICTIMS of RAPE or SEXUAL ASSAULT! I am simply stating that if you have no evidence to support your testimony you shouldn't claim to be a legitimate victim as if there are no reports and arrests so it's likely what people call "False Rape" cases which have been a current issue in society! I do not support random users attacking, dossing, and or threatening others! On my website, if you come to troll and create hate and hostility you will not last and will be banned! So be intelligent and contributing! Don't be ignorant!

Supporting Vic

I will support Vic on this legal issue because he doesn't deserve being thrown under the bus by people he once called friends or co-workers in the industry he helps create.

I am hoping that Vic Mignogna takes this to the highest court of law so be it Supreme or not because as many others stated...this is borderline slander and harassment and many other unlawful acts toward himself and his character and those accusing him will be sued and brought to pure justice!

#ISupportVic #IStandWithVic #SupportVic

Other Supporters!


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