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Post by Beyonder on Wed May 29, 2019 8:54 am

Death Battl Unrestricted Expose Post Dbu10
The official expose thread for the most cancerous and most toxic facebook group known to man! Death Battle Unrestricted or better known as their nickname the Pedophile community a group full of middle wastern and asianic members who talk about having sex with underage girls and stalking and harassing those who dont agrre with their opinions over anime characters.

History of DBU

A community created by a former friend of mine named Lucas I been in his community for years and until a loser named Stephen Go came along and blocked me (again remember these are cowards pure cowards.) And started to make posts about me and note out-of-context posts where he only show me being hostile but not his goonies......

Now he and others whined to the admins to ban me even when they broke countless rules and got a kid named Bullet M. Masangkay a known anime weeaboo who rides on Stephen Go like any animetard does....what makes Bullet so unique? He openly loves talking about futa hentai series like any lonely loser.

You got many others who sheep with these no bodies for pure attention, and not this beef wasnt started because of me whatsoever and that evidence is by stephen go post about targetting me.

They harassed and stalked me and my family for about two to almost three years now and this post is just to show people that others are truly pathetic.

Reason for this Thread?

Well since DBU is so scared of me and others they turned their little group into a secret community. (No figure when you get exposed for talking about wanting to have sex with minors.) And so they still stalk me and harass me none stop these are called Basement dwellers or just no lifers for short....these grown men who are sickos are just one of many issues.

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