Rabuma Alal Being Doom Revealed Explanation

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Rabuma Alal Being Doom Revealed Explanation

Post by Beyonder on Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:23 am

By Tom it is a time traveling doom the one seen eating at the table wasn't the actual current doom who is "Rabum Alal" but instead it is a alternate older form which he established his own religion it was stated in this conversation that it wasn't him who caused the actual Incursion meaning it could have been the Beyonders aka Ivory Kings or something else it was also stated in this conversation with Beeverhoort that many things untold will be told and that the events going into secret wars will be explained in Issue 1# which is free on comic day.

To help people explain there are 2 DOOMS of earth 616 one was sitting at the table the other was Doom when he journeyed with Molecule Man who is at our best estimates is making cosmic cubes.

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