Roleplay Rules and Guidelines and Information

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Roleplay Rules and Guidelines and Information

Post by Beyonder on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:45 pm

0. Roleplay Types

Almost anything is fine other than 18+ roleplays because of you LIKE 18+ then please request such things in Private Messages!

1. Roleplay Styles

Any style of roleplaying is allowed be one liners or paragraphs!

2. Respect

Showing utter respect for others is a high all time priority here and it's not tolerated to insult,bash, and or troll others.

3. No God-Modding

God-Modding is a major problem here if a Roleplay Moderator sees this they have the right to remove your posts and or delete the thread completely.

4. Grammar

Grammar is fine but if you want someone to talk to you in perfect grammar then please make sure you make a rule stating so.

4. Content is More Important Than Volume

Having a nice storyline within a role play is needed the more the content the better the roleplaying.

5. Be Reasonable

If someone is being complicated Private Message them do not make a public act of arguing.

6. Detailed Character Profiles

Creating character profiles is one of the most important things to do since you will need them to role play with others.

To create a Profile go here: Character Template

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