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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1

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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Empty FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1

Post by 345rv5 on Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:20 am

Time to have some more fun with the Brolytards.You thought the Moron who claimed Snakeway was 1/4 the  Universe was retarded, just wait until you get a look at this. If anything, i have to make a spin off seires deciated to how stupid the DBZ community is because man is this guy stupid. He's arguably the dumbest fanboy i've ever had the displeasure to argue with and yet is so hailrous that i couldn't resist making this series. Yeah i got a spin off called Why do people laugh at DBZtards ?

This guy is called Broli, a world class Brolytard and a S Class retard. He's one of the dumbest people on the planet today, it would be an insult to even compare this moron to Patrick Star, hell it would be an insult to compare his IQ to a Potato, he's that retarded. Hell i consider this guy the Nephlim Free of all DBZtards. If SSJ Ryu is the  equivalent of VenmonFang X, Broli is the Nephimfree.

You know the guy who thinks Craters on the Moon proves Noah's ark and they were caused by water hitting it in Supersonic speeds. Yeah this Brolytard is just as stupid, arrogant and moronic and just as egotistical and pretty much insane.   This is actually long overdue given this guy wrote his bullshit statements nearly a year ago on my

This troll made it on my Sailor Moon vs Goku battle fourms, which would need revisions later in the future given recent events within the manga.…

LegendaryBroli Edited Aug 15, 2014
Well after reading the 2 parts, you have many wrongs to your logic

1: DBZ anime is Galaxy to Universal

SSj3 Goku shakes the Afterlife going SSj3, Which is the size of a universe itself
Janemba in fat form warps the after life, a reality warper. And his has super form
Gogeta lights up the other world and also the mortal world when he is born and verse janemba, He light up 2 universes
Gohan-Buu threatens to destroy the Multiverse by having universes collide with each other, as he was destroying the dimensional walls and having alternate dimensions which are known as parrell universes collide with each other.
Hatchiyack when born moves a galaxy,
Broly destroyed a Galaxy in his weakened SSj form and was aid twice if not stopped the universe will be destroyed
Bojack was said in the guidebooks to destroy the 4 galaxies in the past.
Kid buu destroys the galaxy, but its holding back his power, even vegeta thought saiyans can do the same

So no, on DBZ for anime you are off, Wayyyyyyyy Off of there powers.

2: Sailor Moon is combat useless, You care too much for there hax yet there hax does jack shit, Sailor Moon got shit stomped by a planet level attack when the sailor moon girls where mind controlled by Galaxia or what ever, there hax is not strong, Considering 7 girls together only put forward a planet level attack.

Hax to DBZ is pointless, The dragon himself is a high tier reality warper yet cannot effect anyone stronger then him.

Telepathy is nothing, Goku can intercept conversation from other world as he did when king kai was talking to Kami, Telekinetic is nothing, Piccolo at the start of DBZ can lift a pyramid and practically beyond city level with it. Illusions is nothing, Krillin and Gohan where using them in some mind training on the way to namek, Reading minds is something roshi can do, Bibidi was able to change the rooms, mind rape, soul rape and such to someone, Janemba warped a universe, DBZ has done all that rubbish and its nothing overall to what DBZ show

3: Purifying or Creations does not equal destruction, Sailor cosmos can properly destroy a galaxy, but its combat useless since its by star seed tampering, and its every planet and star exploding on there own, not 1 big blast covering all sections. And creating does not equal destruction, The kais created the stars and planet, yet they are massively weaker then base Goku. And Sailor moon along with her friend needed to go all out just to destroy a planet, yet some how according too you, she can do it with no effort -.-

What the series shows is different from what you believe

4:  DBZ gravity and weight lifting is too inconsistent to even be bothered to talk about, Frieza himself survived he force of a planet explosion, which itself >>>>>>>>>>> 500x gravity due to the force. And that black hole doesn't even look strong itself, as the statues and rocks are still standing there fine. That level of black hole is not the same as a normal black hole. Weight is inconsistent in DBZ, and you are basing too much of the logic on it.

And no, they do not have Star level or large level destruction in anime, especially if the anime shows something completely different after when there strongest attack was only Country level.

5: King Vegeta scene is not only planet level, Its Multi-Planet level. Those are not moons, its the same design as the other planets, where moons are just white rocks. That is a large planet with 2 normal planets on the side, and to make it much better it was done casually with a wave of King Vegeta hand, And holding back i might add since Nappa himself survived the blast.

Making Vegeta who destroyed Nappa above Multi-Planet level in potency

6: According to your logic here

Metal > Goku

"In episode 74, Sailor Moon stands under the supergravity of Rubeus's spaceship which was so intense that it dented the metal surface of the floor all around her. This is by far the most radical strength feat from Sailor Moon i've observed. Think about this carefully. Sailor Moon is withstanding the same amount of gravity that would make reinforced steel dent and crack under it's immense power,  so much for Senshi not having physical power to back up their magical power. In short going by the fact you need roughly 50 tons of weight  to smash reinforced steel and Usgai weighs 110 lbs,  that means Usgai is resisting over 900 times Earth's Gravity. That's right, you're not reading this wrong,900 times gravity she withstood and stood up to fight against, IN HER FIRST TIME !  Mind you, it took Goku weeks just to get use to 10 times Gravity when he trained with King Kai and a full week to get use to 100 times Earth's Gravity. This feat alone makes Sailor Moon Orders of Magnitude stronger than Fireza Saga Goku at this point considering if she can quickly adapt to 900 G's, 100 G's would be nothing to her"

7: You seem to forget Frieza in first form destroy planet vegeta, which had 10x Gravity, If you calculate that, that is already above star level due to the density, but DBZ fans do not use it because the series says in the jap manga that 50% Frieza can destroy stars and planets, and is a threat to the whole universe.

Your logic is full of assumptions, and it what you want sailor moon to be, not what they are showing.

Also Sailor moon didn't fly to the centre of the galaxy, they done a sailor teleport over there with others

Actually DBZ at best is only Galaxy level , Muilt Galaxy level  possibly via powerscaling given Bererus>Omega Shernon who is strong enough to destroy an entire galaxy. At no point is DBZ even close to Universe level ! I already explained this within my coverage of the last Anti Brolytard how DBZ is massively overwanked so here's my new argument here.Using their own Dragon Ball Wiki sources against them,while i don't particularly rely on Dazinhesu or  Dragon Ball Wiki, they do and this alone refutes their wank.
Beerus usually uses his power to destroy planets,[6] but he is strong enough to destroy entire solar systems with ease (as said by King Kai, who described Beerus' energy as like a 'freight train') and can even destroy entire galaxies, although this is enough to severely tire him out.

Beerus> Every other villain within the entire DB seires and not even Beerus is said to be a Universe buster, hell he gets tired out from busting Galaxies.There is  over 200 Billion Galaxies within the Universe, ifBeberu gets tired out from blowing up just a few Galaxies, he's not even 1/100,000,000,000th as strong enough to Universe bust.

As for  SSj3 Goku shakeing  the Afterlife going SSj3, Which is the size of a universe itself, that's utter wank.SSJ3 Goku only shook the Earth, there was no evidence of your claims regarding the Afterlife being shaken, try again.Hell King Kai is your only credible source and i saw the scene and his planet wasn't shaking one bit. You tend to forget King kai can sense ki right ?  Fucking retard.

He only wraped part of the afterlife and at most one Galaxy.  Hell barely even that given that Namek, a planet only 194.4 lightyears from Earth wasn't affected at all by  Janemba's reiality wrapping at all let alone all the other 4 Kai planets or the Superme Kai Planet itself so nope that wasn't a Universe level feat, try again bitch.

LOl once again keep trying! You seriously think that Gogeta is Universal  ?  Even Bills is only Muilt Galaxy at best! Also he only lit up Hell and only a small part turned by Janemba's reality warping, once again you fail.  Also Heaven counts as the overall Universe, stop attempting to cheat here.

Buuhan's claim is proven as Hyperbole. First of all the only area shown affected is Earth so that alone disproves your argument. Second of all you're argument is further disproven by the fact the reality collapsing doesn't even affect the Other World like even base Jamabea's feat so that alone completely discredits your argument. At least Fusion reborn shown us parts of Hell and Heaven token over , this feat doesn't shown anywhere but earth affected. Third Kid Buu struggled to blow up galaxies, in fact in took Kid Buu at full power over  3 years to blow up just one Galaxy.   If you did the math correctly, at bare miminum, Buu would be 1,576,800 times below the level needed to Galaxy bust. At best Kid Buu is a Casual Mutil Solar System buster to Nebula buster, he is nowhere near Universe busting. Buuhan at most is only 400 times the power level of Kid Buu which fails flat . 400 times Nebula buster level doesn't even bring you 1/1,000th the power to level  a Galaxy let alone  Universe bust so it's not supported by powerscaling either so the feat is enitrely a dud and nothing more but Hyperbole from a desperate DBZtard.

Not to mention Berus>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Buuhan so even assuming this Filler feat hold any weight, it's negated by canon characters who are much stronger not even doing half of that power.

Hatchiyack when born moves a galaxy ? Since when ? Since when ?  Oh right, you're the same dumb shit  who thinks Broly is  a Galaxy Buster. Please prove to me how Hatichiyack, a fighter weaker than Super Prefect Cell who is only a Solar System buster is anywhere near Galaxy level.

I don't even feel the need to talk about how much BS the Broly feat is, it's been disproven and debunked and even rejected by some DBZtards.

Guidebook of what ?  Guidebooks=/=Feats ! By that argument, Haku in Naruto would be lightspeed and Naruto characters would be all Massively FTL by this logic and on par with DBZ characters if we went by the guidebooks and not what it's shown within the seires.Hell by your logic, i can argue Naruto is God tier can solo DBZ because he beat a god because that's exactly the same level of retarded fantard logic you're using here to push your bullshit.  Bojack is weaker than Super Prefect Cell, he was one shotted by SSJ 2 Gohan whereas Super Prefect Cell is around as powerful and can destroy solar systems so 4 Galaxies being destroyed, yeah keep dreaming buddy.

:iconmariofaceplamplz: You're not seriously arguing that every Sayain is a Galaxy Buster right  ?  You're only referring to  Vegeta and Goku in the Buu saga right ? If you think Raditz is a Galaxy buster than congratulations, you're a special kind of stupid ass DBZtard and you win the biggest dumbass of the year and you would get you're very own Fantards Say The Dumbest Things Blog in which i ridicule you with my friends and embarrass the living shit out of you.

For fucksake, you don't even have SSJ4 Goku as an argument anymore given SSJ4 Goku is inferior to Bills who is a Galaxy/Muilt Galaxy level at best. This puts SSJ4 Goku only at Small Galaxy level given he struggled with Syn Shenoron who is a Galaxy Buster and inferior to Omega Shneron who is a Galaxy level + character and  both are inferior to Beerus in power. To claim any Sayain can destroy a Galaxy when you need at least Super Sayain God or SSJ4 Gogeta to do that  let alone the weakest Sayains like Radtiz shows how much of a retarded fanboy you are.

Actually you're right for once. I made Goku way too strong, looking back at new infromation,Goku is actually much weaker than i hyped him to be.

2:   So you really going to throw around fallaices again  ? Yeah i can tell you're that moronic Brolytard from Youtube that i humiliated not long ago. Sailor Moon being combat useless  ?

In what way buddy ? Keep in mind Sailor Moon while not a master marital artist can still punch and kick so you're argument or definition of "Combat Useless" is a useless logical fallacy. Als before you bring up Goku's superior martial arts skills, Kid Buu has no marital arts skills and yet kept up with Goku's skills just fine. Given she has Massively FTL speed and a decent amount of stopping power with her blows, i think she would just fine without having to use energy beams or magic.
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Queen_beryl_by_345rv5-d71zkcxFSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Quen_beryl_s_power_by_345rv5-d71zs8p
Yeah because Queen Metaila was just Planet level ? I know  i already beat you in the head with the facts back on Youtube and trying to educate morons like you is harder than teaching a dog not to shit on the carpet but if you think a Star Buster like Queen Metaila is weaker than Sayain Saga Vegeta, you're a complete and utter moron..

So right off the bat you're dead wrong about Sailor Moon being hurt by just planet level attacks.

Hell even Season 1 of the anime disproves your bullshit.

So you're referring to  the fact Sailor Moon was hurt by  " Sailor Planet attack ? "  You're aware that's the name of the attack, not it's actual power right ?  Oh what am i kidding, you probably think Vegeta can create a Big Bang because he has " Big Bang Attack " and names of attacks count as feats right ? I mean by your DBZtard logic, if Raditz is a Galaxy buster, Super Sayain Vegeta is easily a Universe buster because"Big Bang attack " right ?
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 R013
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Tau_nebula_by_345rv5-d74u6zz

Keep in mind that two arcs ago those Same Senshi were capable of defeating a Galaxy size monster, you already lost a ton of credibility with your argument here and it just shows your blatant hypocrisy and fantarded confirmation bias.

So again FAIL!

Seriously, you honestly think Shenron is proof hax is pointless in DBZ ?  That's pretty much the dumbest thing you've said and trust me, that's a leap considering how much dumbass shit you've said.

Dragon Balls:

Shenron's powers are limited by the wielder of his powers like Kami for insistence. Kami who  at most is only Moon level can't expand beyond the realms of his powers. Kami can't restore an entire planet( Hence why the Namekians where instead relocated to a new Namek like planet) He can't kill a Planet Buster and a Small Planet buster( Hence why he couldn't kill people like Nappa or Vegeta)  so yeah they're limited to only  Moon level power. The Namekian Dragon Balls are much stronger and can bring back a planet at most but that's about it.

Silver Crystal:

The Silver Crystal on the other hand can effortlessly revive entire planets of people, easily restore planets, repair star systems and  even destroy or restore an entire galaxy. The Silver Cyrstal doesn't take a year to be used again, it has little drawbacks aside from the user's skill and experience and energy level to use it  but the powers of the Silver Crystal can be whatever the user wield it to be. You seriously think you're petty pet dragon even remotely compares to Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal?  The Silver Crystal would effortlessly wipe out Fireza's army and the Fireza Family with a single thought,  it has the power at it's weakest to easily destroy planets and stars. The Sayains wouldn't even be around if they used the Silver Crystal instead of the Dragon Balls. It's laughable that you would even compare the Dragon Balls to the Silver Crystal

3: :  Yep. you're the same retard from Youtube alright ?  Still with this Star Seed argument?  You never learn do you ? How many times must it be told to you that your arguments are invalid and moronic . Also Creation and Purification is as valid as Destruction and vaporization so nice try retard. I bet you if a DBZ character created the heavens, you would trying to wank the hell out of that feat and eqaul it to his DC, why because you're that much of a blatant hypocrite.

Also the planets don't have star seeds for the millionth time, Senshi have star seeds and for the millionth time star seeds are no different than Ki, it's a fuel source and their lifeforce, what you're saying is the equivalent of  " DBZ characters can't planet bust, they tamper with the planets with the Ki"  that's a retarded,desperate argument that sounds as stupid as Ray Comfort constantly dodging the facts by referring to Species as Kinds. All you doing  with the argument that "Senshi need to tamper with Star Seeds" is admitting you have no argument and you're still admitting Senshi are planet busters at the very level and yet you're too stupid to realize how stupid you are.

Whoa,  i know you're trolling, then again i know you're not at the same time. Did you just seriously say the Kais like King Kai created the Stars  ?  That's insanely stupid if you believe that . King Kai is shit to Small Planet level Sayains yet you think he has the power to Star bust? That's a major lapse in logic and rationale that it's the equivalent of saying craters on the moon were caused by Noah's Flood.……
You mean the part where she blew up a planet sized Blackhole ?  Yeah you didn't bother to actually research the feat did you ? Hell she was weakened from her previous fight within the chapter  so this wasn't even her full power let alone the full extent of what she can even do within  the series, so nice try asshole.

So yeah, in the  Black Moon Arc arc alone in the manga, Sailor Moon is already Small Galaxy level via sheer destructive force or at the very least Muilt Solar System level. This easily puts her leagues above any non fusion character in DBZ and up their with SSJ4, IN BASE FORM! Anime Sailor Moon doesn't even compare to the manga verison at all when it comes to power! To put it in context buddy, you're fucked against the Manga verison of  Sailor Moon and we're only 2/5's within the story.

4:  :  So you're now choosing to ingore the facts now that it's against your own confirmation bias  ?  Nice way to admit you're a hypocritical jackass who has no argument and just desperate to wank DBZ and downplay Sailor Moon and now that the shoe is on the other foot, you're now running away because you lost a major talking point now haven't you?  Bet you anything you were going to argue the Graivty argument but now you can't  can you bitch ?

FAIL! Sorry but i think you miss the very point regarding Gravity and once again shows how you're desperate to dodge the  point. Gravity has nothing to do with Lifting Strength whatsoever nor does it even have to do with power level. . Gravity has little to do with Lifting Strength regarding Goku's training and more to do with fighting the Gravitational Binding Energy of the planet itself. The GBE of Earth is 53.7 Zettaons of TNT, which means Goku would be doing the equivalent of fighting 10 times that force with 40 ton weighs, which are meant to restrict his movements and power, not judge his actual lifting strength. Going by the weights training on King Kai's Planet combined with Gravity, Goku at bare Minimum would be doing the equivalent of lifting 10 times Earth's Mass which is 66.6 Qulintion Tons in base and given the total weight yield would be 568 G's,Goku would be actually be doing the equivalent of moving 3.75 Sextillion Tons in base, OOPS. Amazing that you made the same mistake as Death Battle yet you call yourself a DBZtard.

That's a cop out argument that not only has no merit but proven false by countless feats.

Goku as a Kid was shown easily lifting cars like nothing and that was just with a power level of 10.

During Master Roshi's training Goku can push a rock formation weighing 200 tons and this is still while having only the power level of 10 and before the completion of his training.

And then there's the Budokai 23rd Tournament in which Goku lifted a Giant Piccolo comparable to Ozzaru in size which is way past 40 tons in weight.

Keep in mind Fireza at just 5% his full power in Fourth form is 10 time stronger than Base Fireza and Base Fireza is capable of this nonchaltantly.

Planet Vegeta which appears to be Earth sized is 10 times denser and heavier than Earth due to it's immense Gravity. Essentially Fireza's firepower exceeds over 66.6 Sextillion tons even in base form.

And here's Goku holding back a ki blast from Fireza's Fourth Form within his base form

The Ki blast has more then enough energy and mass to destroy an entire planet and just Goku holding it back destroyed a small Plateau nearby. Goku having to hold back a blast on that level would prove he can hold back attacks with the mass and energy of entire planets at the very least and that's not even counting the powerscaling, Zenkai or training he does after this point that makes Goku much stronger. While Goku doesn't have as many quantifiable lifting feats as the Man of Steel, he does make up for it in holding energy. The mass of energy Goku is holding back is 10 times what leveled Planet Vegeta which is 10 times greater than Planet Vegeta's mass.

If anything the ability to hold back blasts capable of busting entire planets barehanded would require a considerable amount of power.For Frieza to destroy Earth with this death ball, it needed to have at least the same mass-energy magnitude as Earth. This means with ki, Trunks could lift the equivalent of Earth one hand! That’s 66.6 quintillion tons at bare minimum. And Goku, who had the same level of power as Trunks at this time, could do the same. Goku’s power increased way more after this, so this is just the low-end calculation, but it completely changes the story on Goku’s max lifting strength. This is just going by math and physics, you don’t even need to account for power levels anymore. Hell taking to account Fireza was at a power level of 120,000,000 at this point which is 226 times the force needed to level Vegeta's planet and that alone had 10 Earth's masses in weight and gravity, Trunks might as well be holding the Planet Jupiter within one hand. While DBZ characters never shown to lift planets, going by their immense physical feats, nothing suggests that they can't do it.

And mujpilty that by all the training, power increases, zenkai and his strongest forms. Goku's maximum lifting  Strength would be 1.3 Underdecilion tons ( 904,000,000 Solar Masses)

Do tell me again how DBZ  gravity and weight lifting is too inconsistent to even be bothered to talk about? Sounds like a cop out because you can't use the Graivty argument on Sailor Moon.

Whoa how stupid are you  ?  explosions don't produce the weight or force of gravity you moron so don't attempt to equate explosions with gravity. All it does is shown how you failed science class because you were too busy wanking off to DBZ.

You're now grasping straws in a desperate attempt to downplay aren't you. You're  basically saying that the whole premise of your series which is gravity training is inconsistent in DBZ. Seriously i take back what i said about creationists, you're making them look like rocket scientists.

Strongest attack only country level  ?  This coming from a guy who thinks Gravity doesn't matter, King Kai is a star buster and thinks that Star Seeds are in planets  and a guy who constantly ignores facts when they contradict his bitchass but thinks he can lecture others  ?

FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Quen_beryl_s_power_by_345rv5-d71zs8p
Yeah because this is only a country level feat

FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Tau_nebula_by_345rv5-d74u6zz
And  this

Or even this

Nice try asshole.

Planet King Vegeta was on:105px (12,750km diameter)
Closet planet to King Vegeta:29px(3,521km diameter)
Fruthest planet from Vegeta: 44px (5,342 km diameter)
Distance to small planet  1: 70 px    (8,500 km )
Distance to  small planet 2: 151 px (18,335km )

Yeah the size and distance alone debunks it even being more than 2 Earths in distance from one planet to another.

Now for actual yeild of the exploisons per planet using these calcutors…

Planet 1(King Vegeta's planet): 53.7 Zettatons of TNT( GBE of Earth)
Planet 2( Cloest to exploison)1.144 zettatons ( GBE of Mars)
Planet 3( Furhest from exploison)1.648E+31 joules or 3.94 Zetatons

King Vegeta's total yeild:58.78 Zettatons of TNT

That's just barely over the 53.7 Zettaton minium needed to planet bust.

All the feat proves is that  Nappa and anyone between the power levels of 2,000 to 10,000 can destory planets as small as Mercury in one blast and potentially planetbust Earth via denotation of it's core but proves that Sayain's can breathe in space( Otherwise they wouldn't of blown up the planet they're on with them ) and survive up to 53.7 Zettatons of TNT, the minimum force needed to planetbust.

6. You're missing the point enitely dickshit. Don't be mad that it too Vegeta months to get use to 450'G's,Don't be mad that it took Goku Three weeks to withstand just 10'gs , be mad that they were both outdone easily by a middle school girl who has more experience with make up than marital arts  and be even more mad that her weaker anime counterpart was able to withstand twice the G's Vegeta would cringe at . Also  Vrabum and Adamitum>Goku.

7: Once again blowing up planets=/=Graivty resitance, that's a fundamental problem with your arguments here.

As for the whole density of Vegeta, you have no proof of it even being Star level and again it's something you're pulling straight out of your own ass. Final Form Fireza barely leveled Namek given he held back too much power and Namek is proven to be much larger than Planet Vegeta which is just a Earth sized planet with 10 G's. A Earth Size Planet with 10G's would require about 2.240E+34 Joules of TNT which is only about 100 times  the minimum power of 2×1032 J or 53.7 Zeattons of TNT so still not close to Star level,not even remotely close to Star level.  Hell even destroying the planet the Size of Jupiter would still only produce1/1,000th the power needed to bust even a Small Star level alone the Sun. So once again you're a moron.

In what manga dare i ask  ?  Keep in mind Fireza barely leveled Namek, he can't possibly Star bust, hell Broly who is leagues above Fireza was killed by the Sun, you seriously think Fireza is a Universe level threat  ?  And you claim i'm the one  with logic full of assumptions yet none of your arguments have any evidence and facts and purely fanwank. Keep on replying, you're supplying me well with the lulz.

Your logic is full of assumptions, and it what you want sailor moon to be, not what they are showing.

Now time for more stupid fanboyish arguments.

There are also plenty of instances in which Senshi can casually fly across Planets in seconds
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Smiley_3_03_003_22
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Smiley_3_03_003_25

Each senshi flew into their own individual planet in a matter of seconds, which  debunks they used Sailor Teleport because in order to use Sailor Teleport, they need to be together, not separate. You were saying Brolytard?

LegendaryBroli Aug 15, 2014
Oh man now this explains everything, Oh yes another cocky little turd ready to be destroyed

Seriously you have no clue on what you are saying now do you, you know this is no joke but the amount of wrongs in this post alone is enough for me not to bother with.

1: I was talking about Goku going SSj3 against Janemba not Fat Buu, where he shaked the after life doing so
2: LMFAO oh this is simply too funny, Wake up genius Namek and Earth are in the mortal world not the after life where dead people -.- oh man you cannot be this stupid
3: Comparing canon to non-canon -.- seriously even AT said movies are a completely different dimension from his own series


Really man, There is a reason why its called non-canon. BOG is said by AT to be canon. Get the difference genius

4: Oh man, this is getting better and better. First if you actually read what dende said in that scene, you would see he says the dimensional walls are getting destroyed, Dimensional walls separate the Universes from each other, and just incase you forget, There are many universes for example the one Trunks came from, and the one Cell came from.

4 points already proven wrong, this is becoming a waste of my time but what the hell, to you see you grovel on my feet is time well spend

5: Oh nice using Pakl Broly video to debunk me, Oh i hope you are not serious. Sorry sir, i watched the video by every retard who is unable to defend themselves, and that video is pathetic. You can go ahead and use the logic in it, i will destroy it like i did with the other turds who had there head up there ass Smile (Smile)

6: I truly do not care what naruto shows, because last time i check when series make guidebooks they do not base them in relation to other series, and going by your logic Ichigo is Star level durability -.- And no the problem is the series does not say otherwise on it, Since you have RSSj Broly and Hatchiyack preforming the same feats.

7: No genius, i am saying kid buu held back on the galaxy scene. That Vegeta himself thought Saiyans can do the same. Raditz is not a galaxy buster, nor is the saiyans in that saga.

Amazing, How seriously clueless you are on DBZ. How pathetic

Lets start on sailor moon now

8: -.- the feats you are showing me is combat useless but somehow you cannot even understand combat useless can you, anyone can throw a punch or a kick. Like really common sense, i am talking about her attacks, and how its only based on he planets and stars around her.

She can tamper with the star seed and fix things, that is her power, the power to tamper with the star seed and do whatever she sees fit, Its combat useless because if she wanted to destroy the star seed to kill who ever, the guy would have to be on that star otherwise its pointless.

Overall its shit, Get it through your thick head really

If she can destroy stars and planets like that then go ahead and show me them being used in combat against someone, i will sit here and wait for it.…

Funny, she had to go all out to destroy a planet, yet you are sitting here acting like they can do it casually and hell even destroy stars that way. ^^^^ This feat is combat useful, since its a blast. Not Purification, Creation or healing.

Know the difference

9: Creation and purification does not equal destruction, King kai cannot destroy stars because he can create them.

10: Ki is not the same as star seeds, get it through that head champ, DBZ do not mess with the planet or star to destroy it, they release a blast and finish with it. Big difference from sailor moon, so stop comparing them together.

11: Funny, you are using Calculation to prove the scenes wrong lol i hope you are not serious.

12: Are you saying the force of a planet explosion is weaker then 500x gravity bhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha oh that is pretty funny alright.

Go understand inconsistencies otherwise i will be happy to pull out Sailor moon shitting herself against a city level attack, and saying he needs all her friend help to beat galaxia who caused it.

Honestly, you are pathetic, Anything else genius or do you want to go further


Who are you to talk to me like this, you seriously think an DBZtard insect like you have any right to talk to me as if you're my eqaul let alone better than me ?

You're the one lacking any clue on what you're saying and hearing a moron like you talk as if you know everything seriously makes me consider labeling you the dumbest DBZtard in existence.

1:   He only shook part of the Afterlife, not the entire thing, nice try asswipe.

2: Namek is a far away distance from earth, f you want to prove it's Universal, it has to affect everyone you dumbass.

3: Author Statements=/= feats, Kishimoto said at one point Guns can solo Naruto, you still think they can with the massive leaps in power they gained ?Also everyone knows the Daizenshuu is unreliable after the Fireza saga for it puts people like Broly above Kid Buu, oh right i'm talking with a Brolytard who doesn't care about facts !

I never said BOG wasn't non canon, we're are you getting the idea i said that  ?  You're that desperate to defend your bullshit, you're putting up strawman arguments? Hell given  BoG's only confrims god tiers at only Galaxy to Muilt Galaxy level, it actually is prefect for debunking you're bullshit

4:  Yeah the dimensional walls argument isn't a vaild argument for Universe busting. Again by that argument, every power that involves dimensional wall breaking is a "Universe level feat". I guess by your logic, Ichigo in Bleach is a Universal buster because his power is  "At a higher dimension".  That's how stupid you are by making the same argument for DBZ using a unsupported filler feat that contradicts powerscaling and doesn't even affect anywhere aside Earth.

Just because there is Mutiliple Universes, doesn't mean there is a Muitlverse buster, no one in DBZ remotely even comes close to Universe level let alone Muiltverse tiers. Next you're going to claim that Broly is stronger than Galtacus which given you're dumbass wanking of Broly, you probably assume he's that strong.

The My Lilttle Pony has confirmed Muiltverses both in the  comics and TV series, does that make them suddenly Muiltversal ? Well they're at least stronger than most of DBZ up until BoG or GT going by my last post relating to DBZ and MLP at the very least.

I love how full of yourself you are to think you're the one doing the pwning when it's the other way around .

5 Ad Homeinem attacks  ?  What's wrong bitch ?  Mad that people don't buy into your bullshit arguments. You have no argument  and nothing to offer other than the same debunked bullshit ideas that has been the target of so much ridicule within the internet as a whole. Even most DBZtards think people like you are too retarded to be DBZ fans. Also aren't you the one incapable of defending yourself here   ? Stop projecting your own insecurities on me and man up. Here's you're chance to try defending your point.

1.  Prove to me that Broly wasn't slowly ruining the Galaxy and lifting it and blew it up with one hit.Oh right don't need to because Broly never destoryed anything more than planets because he's only Star level at best and  if we go by timescale within DBZ and Broly's speed, it would take him Billions of years  before he even levels one Galaxy, in short unless Broly is immortal , he's nowhere close busting any Galaxy

2. Try to disprove the proven claims that the South Galaxy still exist and was the battleground for the First Broly Movie.Oh right you can't given it not only still exists within the following movies afterwards but it's still intact with all the stars and planets in decent shape. Granted the planets were lifewiped but if the best you can prove to me is Muilt Planetary lifewiping, you're just grasping straws.

"You can go ahead and use the logic in it, i will destroy it like i did with the other turds who had there head up there ass "

So you basically admit to not using logic   ?  At least you're honest about you're stupidity.

6:  You're missing  the point retard, the point i was making is the fact that you can't take the word of guidebooks as facts backed by the manga or anime unless it is confirmed by the feat. Haku being lightspeed is debunked by the fact that no Naruto character can survive lightspeed travel and even the Raikages can barely withstand being teleported at lgihtspeed and the fact Haku's movements were proven to be only Supersonic at best. Also  Ichigo isn't a Star buster because he struggles with City to Island level attacks. You're claim of Fireza being a Star buster is contradicted by the fact Fireza's best feat is only Large Planet level at best and his star busting is not supported by any form of powerscaling. Unless you think Ichigo is a Star Buster and think Naruto characters are FTL, drop the dumbass argument about Fireza being a Star Buster because " Toryiamna siad so once". Hell if anything  i'm tempeted to make spite threads against you pitting these characters against Broly just to show you how stupid abuse of guidebooks and hyperbole is.

7: Honestly  could've fooled me considering how stupid you are, i'm half surprised you not that stupid.

8:  Once again this Combat Useless Fallacy bullshit  is not going to downplay the fact she can do those feats and the fact she's defeated people who are far more experienced than any villain in DBZ and are great fighters on their own further proves how little of an argument you have and all you're doing is playing with definitions.

Once again showing willful ignorance and using the Aguenetum Ad Nasuem Fallacy in a failed attempt to try driving home a point not at all supported by the manga that Usgai needs to tamper with the star seeds and once again ignorance on how star seeds work .

*Faceplam* Since when does the guy have to be on the star  ?  :icongogeta1089: Already pwned you ass regarding the whole Star Seed bullshit  and the argument that Sailor Moon's powers are combat useless. You're sounding more  pathetic by the minute attempting to rehash the same arguments of igornace fallaices.By the logic your using, none of DBZ characters can destroy planets. They only destroy the core and that causes a chain re-action that blows up the planet.

Funny you're the one who's ingoring facts here, not me. If anything i've been presenting nothing but facts to you.

I 've already shown you how she can do so and already shown you her combat usefulness but as you've shown with your blatantly dishonest attempt to distance yourself from the graivtiy feat, you would just find a new excuse to ignore established facts.
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Planet_nemesis_by_345rv5-d746x7j
Funny that you didn't read the chapters before hand

FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 C021
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 C021
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 C030
That was exactly the very same thing Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon busted. So once again you got caught  intentionally lying and quote mining evidence for your own agenda of massive DBZ wank.  With that example, you just proved how disingenuous you are  and you prove to be worse than a moron, you prove to be a complete and utter hypocrite and you don't even attempt to hide your weapons grade hypocrisy at all .

9:  Where does it it say that King Kai can create a Star ?  I don't remember that EVER being stated and it it is ,it's literal hyperbole considering nothing puts him nearly at the level of having Star level Reality warping or creation. King Kai is bested by Nappa who isn't even Planet level.
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Quen_beryl_s_power_by_345rv5-d71zs8p
Sailor Moon on the other hand in the frist arc of the series is Star level going by the combination of statements and feats so yeah, you're full of shit.

10:  Vegeta on Aira Says hi ! Looked like he tampered with the planet's core to blow up Aria!

Also that's not a vaild argument. Star seeds are not in planets, stop using that terrible argument. You make yourself look like a dumbass everytime you say it, oh right you're already a dumbass.

11: What's wrong ?  It's not a calc you like ?  Tough shit ! I don't do calcs to appease fantard morons like you.

12: No i'm not, i'm saying that explosions have nothing to do with gravity and once again you miss the point of what gravity is . Graivty once again has nothing to do with power levels o r druability, it has to do with the acceleration of the planet often  and the binding force of the planet. Fireza surrving a exploison of Namek, a planet with only 1 G  isn't impressive considering he's established to be Large Planet level . What would be really impressive is if he withstood the expolison of the star, oh wait he can't , HA! His brother who was at least 3 times his strength was killed by the sun and so was your favorite character Broly.

It's funny that you're telling me  to go understand inconsistencies  when you blindly defend Broly being a Galaxy buster and willfully ignore the fact he was killed by someone weaker than a Solar System buster and killed by the  sun ( Which makes him even smashing one sun laughable let alone a Galaxy) but  suddenly wary of inconsistences when they're not in favor of his positions. You're mad that a little middle school girl has a better gravity feat than Goku who is a  marital artists for his life ?  Oh what.s that, is that you crying because you can't prove me wrong?   Yeah bitch deal with it .

Fine you raise me a Sailor Moon shitting herself from a City level attack and i'll raise you SSJ4 Goku shitting his pants against a City level attack and struggling to hold a building.

Looks like you also didn't get the memo on AoE=/=Overall attack potency or power.  Are you saying Nappa's two Fingers > Andirod 17 and 18 ? Going by this clip here

There  "Full power " Ki blast only leveled part of the city.

i guess that means they're weaker than Nappa right ?

Or what about Omega Shenron?  i guess him only casually citybusting makes him only as strong as Nappa.Does that make Nappa stronger than SSJ4 ?  Of course not retard.

So why do you get to assume if that was Galaxia's or Sailor Moon's full power? Also you further prove your lack of evidence or your willfully lack of knowledge with the assertion that  city level attacks are what made Sailor Moon shit her pants. What made her shit her pants was the fact Galaxia was stronger than any previous villain she fought dumbass.

And mind you the very frist Villain Queen Metaila in the manga was confirmed to be a Star level being with potential Solar System level power.
Sailor Moon 26 Page 21
The second villain was  a gaint black hole that was casually stronger than Solar System level and would easily swallow up the entire Solar System and has up to Small Galaxy levels of power and durability.
Sailor Moon 37 Page 13
The third villain was literally an entire Galaxy  trying to destroy the Milky Way Galaxy.

And the Fourth Villain before Galaxy was stronger than that and required a new power up just to beat her

So Galaxia's blast are easily in the Muilt Galaxy range within the manga, enough to casually one shot  Omega Shernon.Hell Goku was amazed that fucking  Syn Shenron can blow up an entire city even though citybusting was child's play even in Dragon Ball. If Goku i so impressed by Shernons power, just imagine Galaxia.
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Smile_3_04_043_sailor_moon
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Smile_3_04_044_045_sailor_moon
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Smile_3_04_046_sailor_moon
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Smiley_3_05_002_08

note Sailor Moon tanked that blast, IN CIVLLAIN FORM ! A blast easily stronger than anything in GT by sheer attack potency and powerscaling alone
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Smiley_3_05_002_13
FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Smiley_3_05_002_13

Also note she negated the blast  within her Civilian form thanks to the power of her future self and Silver Crystal, which just shows that even a civilian form Usgai would be enough to beat most of DBZ easily . She can negate that level of power without even transforming. Let that+sink in for a minute .  The previous two villains where confirmed Galaxy level threats yet not even that amount of power combined was enough against EoS Sailor Moon.  What does that say about  the power of Sailor Moon's manga version compared to the entirely of DBZ ?

Once again you're just butthurt that you got pwned by me and :icongogeta1089:. Beerus usually uses his power to destroy planets,[6] but he is strong enough to destroy entire solar systems with ease (as said by King Kai, who described Beerus' energy as like a 'freight train') and can even destroy entire galaxies, although this is enough to severely tire him out.

Usgai in base form without transforming just eqauled the potential maxium output of Beerus, the strongest known DBZ character to date. Considering her Senshi form is lightyears stronger than base and then theirs Super and Eternal forms and Sailor Comsos,  the power gap is vast between Sailor Moon and DBZ.

You're mad at the fact you  have no arguments other than rehashed,debunked crap you pull out of your ass.
DBZtards  like you are  afraid of an actual debate and resorting to strawman, association fallacies and wank. The fac you're  doing this  is because  you know that if we went by the mangas of SM and DBZ, DBZ would get it's ass kicked and all you have is a bunch of unproven Hyperbole from the movies and GT which is nothing special, hell if i went with the Hyperbole in Sailor Moon, you would be even further embarrassed regarding power gaps. And i'm not done with you yet, stick tune to part 2 of the Brolytard pwnage.
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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Empty Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1

Post by Beyonder on Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:12 am

Sailor Moon >>>>> Anything DBZ including GT.

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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Empty Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1

Post by 345rv5 on Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:53 am

@Beyonder wrote:Sailor Moon >>>>> Anything DBZ including GT.

Even Anime Sailor Moon has better feats than manga DBZ
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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Empty Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1

Post by Beyonder on Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:04 am


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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Empty Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1

Post by 345rv5 on Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:33 am

@Beyonder wrote:Fillers??

The 90's anime of Sailor Moon was all filler from the manga
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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Empty Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1

Post by Beyonder on Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:35 am

That is pretty sad.....and pretty funny lol.

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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Empty Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1

Post by Beyonder on Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:14 pm

Shit the links and videos are gone!

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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1 Empty Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 1

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