Dressora Zoro vs Frist Timeskip Erza

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Dressora Zoro vs Frist Timeskip Erza

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Timeskip  Zoro

Lifting Strength/Striking strength/Destructive Capacity/Attack Potency
Zoro can casually destroy a large ship with a nonchalant slash while merely waking up. Remember  Mihwaks feat back in PTS?   Yep,Zoro is easily close to a toying around Mihawk now.

Zoro as well as Sanji casually one shot a Pascfita.

The same Pascsftia that required the whole Strawhats to take down 2 years prior and  withstood Zoro's near town  level Asura slash.His casual striking strength now exceeds 11.5 Kilotons,is previous maximum limt.

His  attack underwater can casually make a giant Octopus tenalces into fillet.  Time for the calcing of this feat.

Height of Karken:     480px( 328 meters)
Width of the Karken: 426 px (291.12 meters)
Height of the Karken: 439 px(300 meters)
Volume  of body:814,670,208 m^3
Mass of the body:50,916,888,000 kg

Length: 1084 meters
Diameter:112 px (76.54 meters) ^2
Volume of tentacle: 6,350,474.8144 m^3
Mass of tentacles :396,904,675.9 kg
Number of tentacles:18 tentacles
Combined mass of teancles:7,144,284,166.2 kg
Combined mass of the Karen:58,061,172,166.2 kg
Bare minimum force needed to cut the tentacles: 1.7 Tons of TNT
Bare minimum force needed to damage the Karken:13.876  Tons of TNT
However  we can use this to  factor the potential slashing strength of Zoro overall.
Casual Velocity of Zoro TS:6125.220m/s
Causal slashing strength of Zoro: 84.999 Kilotons

Zoro can now easily slice through steel like fruit and create a Hypersonic Tornado effortlessly that follows it's targets.Let's  estimate the potency of said attack.

Fishmen: 21 px (2 meters)
Tornado Diameter: 354 px(33.714 meters)
Tornado Height: 474 px( 45.142 meters)
Tornado rotational  wind speed: over 300 Miles per hour
Tornado slashing speed:31306.68m/s or Mach 92
Density of the air: 78,500kg /m^3( Can easily slice steel)
Overall output of said tonadro: 9.041 Megatons of TNT ( Low City Level)
Zoro can easily defeat base Hody Jones who is at least stronger than a Pascfista.

Zoro easily one shots  Hoyzou, one of the strongest  swordsmen on Fishman Island.Note the same fishman can block a hit from Gear Second Luffy(Ablet it with energy steroids and Luffy was holding back), the same gear second that casually one shotted  a Pascfista with a single blow.

Can effortlessly decapitate a massive Dragon who has skin denser than Steel.Note Gear 2 non Aramaent Haki Luffy could barely damage it.In  fact  let's  get  a calc on how huge this dragon is and the force needed to easily take it's head.

Robin: 49 px (1.868 meters /6'2")
Size of the Dragon
Head width: 90 px (3.431 meters)
Height Length:175 px (6.6714 meters)
Head Height: 157 px (5.985 meters)
Volume of Head:137.1 m^3
Density of Dragon:78,700 kg/m^3
Weight of Head:10,787,740.35 kg
Length:294 px (11.21 meters)
Width: 170 px (6.481 meters)
Height: 387px (14.754 meters)
Volume of body:1071.90775554 m^3
Weight of body:84,144,758.80989 kg
Limb Diameter:  42 px (1.6 meters)^ 2
Limb Height: 108 px(4.12 meters)
Volume of limbs:10.5472 m^3
Weight of limbs:827955.2 kg
Length: 207 px(7.8851 meters)
Width: 13 px (0.4952 meters)
Height:103 px (3.9235 meters)
Volume of Wings:15.32009641372 m^3
Weight of wings:1,202,627.568  kg
Combined volume of the Dragon:1,234.875  m^3
Combined mass of Dragon:96,963,081.92789  kg
1ft³= 1728.000in³
Now for desnity of Dragon Skin
5500 Megapascal (MPa) = 797,707.5575 Psi (Psi)

Density of the Dragon's body-48,679,271,968   lbs/force

Bare minimum needed to scratch this Dragon: 11.634  Tons of TNT

Velocity of Zoro's slash:61252.20m/s

Zoro's beheading slash  DC output:2 981 712 502 438 330 joule = 712.646 kilotons of TNT

Most notably, he  easily sliced Monet's check with  merely the air pressure of his slash confirming he has mastered Haki given he is up against a Logia user.

Can  slash through Monet's  giant Snow barrier with ease,
the same one that can withstand Gear second punches
Note just a casual Gear Second punch from Timeskip Luffy can one shot a Pasfcstia..

Can effortlessly defeat Moment, a Logia user who was able to defeat Tasghi, someone even stronger than his PTS power level  given she knows Haki and  fought nearly on par with Moment, an opponent strong enough to match Gear 2nd Timeskip Luffy in power.  Even more frightening is the fact he hit her with such overwhelming force, he made it seem like he killed her and caused her so much terror, she could barely regenerate as a logia.
Able to briefly hold his own with Fujitora in a sword fight  and  was able to briefly block against his attacks despite the immense force and gravity of his Devil Fruit. He was  even able to  push back Fujitora with one of his air pressure slashes.

Able to   fight on par with Pica using 1/100th of his full strength. Note Pica  can control Landmasses and was a executive  of Dolfamingo's army,  putting him up there with the power of a Vice Admiral. This is despite the massive sword of Pica's,  and  even  while taking it easy on Pica, he had Pica  exhausted.

His 1080 pound canon cleaves Pica's mountain sized body in half and this was without Aramanet Haki.  

Body Height:  167 px     (1,101.354 meters)
Slash Length:      136 px (896.911 meters)
Slash Depth: 49 px (323.152  meters)
Slash width: 22 px  (145. 1 meters)
Volume of stone destroyed by slash:42,055,578.4617872 m^3
Density of stone; 2691 kg/m^3
Mass destoryed:113,171,561,640.6694 kg
Force of 1080 pound canon:   3 543 025 865 384 710 joule = 846.803 Kilotons of TNT.

Zoro using 1/10th of his maximum fighting power uses Haki+ Three Sword Style to slice through Pica's Mountain sized Body with little effort.  Let's see how massive Pica is  and how much more massive Zoro's power has become around this point.  Luckily a  calc already exists  however let's  extend more on the sheer energy needed to slice and dice this massive fucker shall we?And now for the velocity.

Frist picture
5 story buildingf: 17 px ( 15.1 meters)
Diameter of Upper Arm: 213 px (242.5 meters)
Length of Upper Arm: 350 px  ( 350.723 meters)

Second picture
Height of Pica: 209 Px (2111.770313432836 meters)
Head height: 31 px (313.228 meters )
Head Diameter: 29 px  (293.02  meters)^2
Stone Density:2 691 kg/m^3
Volume of Head:26,893,981.7294512 m^3
Mass of  head:72,371,704,833.95318  kg

Arm length:Forearm+ Upper Arm:67px +58 px  ( 676.979 meters  )+(   586.042 meters  )
Arm Diameter: 24 px(  242.5 meters    )^2
Volume of Arms:74,273,528.68125 m^3
Stone Density:2 691 kg/m^3
Mass of Arms:199,870,065,681.2438 kg x2

Leg diameter: 10 px (  101.042 meters ) m^2
Height: 27 px (272.8125 meters )
Volume of Legs:2,785,275.33499125 m^3
Mass of legs:7,495,175,926.461454 kg

Length:36 px (363.75 meters)
Width:63 px (636.5623 meters)
Height:109 px (1,101.354 meters)
Overall volume:255,712,656.969 m^3
Stone Density:2 691 kg/m^3
Mass of the body:688,122,759,906.1765 kg
Combined mass of Pica:967,859,706,347.8349 kg
Zoro's maximum speed/velocity: Mach 637/216764.7   m/s
Maximum slashing strength of base Zoro: 2.097978188885765e+17 J=50.142 Megatons of TNT

And note he's only using 1/25th of his full power against Pica.So factor that power by 25 times and Zoro would have at least 1.25 Gigatons of TNT slashing power, putting him at Small Island level potentially to put to 12.5 Gigatons of TNT.

However further powerscaling would make Zoro's maximum power at least Island level, given he's on par at best with Fourth Gear And Fourth Gear is capable of this much power.
Minimum Lifting Strength:61,909,090.9 kg at the very least
Maximum Lifting Strength:597,921,527,112.6687  kgs  at the very least
Minimum  striking strength:84.999 Kilotons ( Town Level +)
Maximum Striking strength: 50.142 Megatons of TNT
Minimum Destructive Capcity:9.041 Megatons of TNT  ( City level )
Maximum Destructive Capcity:12.5 Gigatons of TNT ( Island level)

Able to casually dodge a Pascfsta Laser, something his original Mach 18 self can barely do.  Making him at least 10 times faster than PTS Zoro.
He's also able to nonchalantly dodge Hody's water bullets and  nonchalantly deflect them with ease, showing casual Hypersonic speed+
Blitzed Hoyzu who can react to a toying around Luffy's Second gear speed post timeskip.
Can swin underwater faster than Fishmen themselves.
Blitzed Monet who is at least on par with Timeskip Gear Second Luffy's speed
Can keep up with Fujitora who is  at least   going by powerscaling from Dolfamingo and Law.This makes Zoro at most up to  Mach 637 at maximum speed  given he should be no slower than Dolfamingo or Fuijtora.
Minimum speed/reactions: Mach 92 to  Mach 180
Maximum speed/reactions: Up to Mach 637

Zoro has yet to take a serious injury from a fight, in fact most of his battles so far, the opponent is massively outclassed against him. However   he has still a few notable feats even with this.

He withstood Fujitora's immense gravity which smashed him into a hole
And traded blows with Pica, a monstrously strong opponent.
So going by this, it's safe to say his durabitly is   much higher than Pre Timeskip,especially with Haki.


Zoro's  threshold endurance:  532.1 times maximum durability
Combat Skillls/Fighting style

This is a list showing the attacks Zoro used for his Santoryu after his two years of training with Dracule Mihawk. The techniques he uses are enhanced versions of his old attacks. Though these were the only named techniques used in the manga after the time-skip, in the anime Zoro is shown to still use his weaker pre-timeskip techniques also. Zoro can also surround his swords in Busoshoku Haki to make the attacks even stronger.

1)Santoryu Ogi: Rokudo no Tsuji (三刀流奥義 六道の辻 Santōryū Ōgi: Rokudō no Tsuji?, literally meaning "Three Swords Style Secret Technique: Crossing of Six Paths"): An alternative secret technique he developed after two years of training with Mihawk. Zoro manages to bend his body, and swing the swords in the form of an inverted "S" shape while performing a vertical spin, slashing the opponent six times simultaneously so fast that he did not seem to move at all. This technique's named after the Six Paths of Buddhism, that is said to the be the six states where a person is controlled by their desires and conquering them is able to transcend their animal nature. It was first used against the Kraken, to cut one of its tentacles and divide it into six pieces.[25] In the video game One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World, this technique involves six repeated slashes, ending with a vertical spin. In the FUNimation subs, it is called Three-Sword Style technique; Crossing the Six Paths, while in the Viz manga it's Three Sword Style Crossing the Six Paths.

2)Kokujo: O Tatsumaki (黒縄・大龍巻 Kokujō: Ō Tatsumaki?, literally meaning "Kalasutra: Great Dragon Twister"): A much stronger and more effective version of "Tatsu Maki", where Zoro performs the same action. He spins to create a dragon-like tornado that both slashes and blows away the targets, but the attack keeps going like an actual whirlwind and cuts up anyone who gets caught in it. While the old version only gave the victims small cuts and was able to break a Tekkai (like Kaku's one) at its full potential,[26] this new version seems to be able to cut through thick steel with ease. It was first used against the New Fishman Pirates. According to Zoro, the whirlwind will not cease until its targets are sent to hell, a befitting description of the technique's name, as "Kokujo" is Japanese for Kalasutra, one of the eight levels of hot Naraka (hell) in Buddhism.[27] In the Viz Manga it is called Three Sword Style Black Rope Dragon Twister while in the FUNimation subs, this is called Black Rope Dragon Twister.

3)Rengoku Oni Giri (煉獄鬼斬り Rengoku Oni Giri?, literally meaning "Purgatory Demon Slash"): A much stronger version of "Oni Giri", where Zoro still faces away from the opponent, and waits for them to come. He then turns around and leap towards the attacking opponent. This may be a way to make his already lightning-fast triple slash even more sudden. The effect of this attack leaves an X-shaped stream of blood. While the old version could break Hachi's six swords, this new version can easily break the eight swords of Hyouzou (a swordsman Hachi was not able to defeat since childhood) who was extremely doped with Energy Steroids. It was first used to defeat Hyouzou. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation subs, this is called Purgatory Onigiri.[28]

4)Ul-Tora Gari (極虎狩り(ウルトラがり) Uru Tora Gari?, literally meaning "Extreme Tiger Hunt"): A much stronger version of "Tora Gari", where Zoro does the same movements, he puts his hand swords over his mouth blade and swing them forth a forward descending slash with them. The aura generated by Zoro, seems to be the same as the original Tora Gari, the aura of a tiger's head. While the original version was able to withstand against powerful human enemies like the Nyaban Brothers or Mr. 1, this enhanced version is able to match the strength of a dragon. The pun in the name is that the kanji pronunciation is a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of Ultra (urutora) and Tora (tiger in Japanese) making it sounds like Ultra Gari (Ultra Hunt) or Ul-Tora Gari (Ul-Tiger Hunt). It was first seen used against the Punk Hazard dragon.[29] In the Viz Manga and the FUNimation subs, this is called Ultra Tiger Hunt.

5)Senhachiju Pound Ho (千八十煩悩(ポンド)鳳 Senhachijū Pondo Hō?, literally meaning "1080 Pound Cannon"): A much stronger version of "108 Pound Ho", where Zoro does the same exact movements as before, holding one of his swords horizontally above the shoulder of his sword arm, and then performs a circular swing that launches the air compressed projectile spiralling towards the target. This new stronger version possesses the ability to cut through a large stone wall (in this case, Pica). The name implies it is ten times as strong as the previous version. This was first used against Pica.[30]

6)Santoryu Ogi: Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai (三刀流奥義 一大・三千・大千・世界 Santōryū Ōgi: Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai?, literally meaning "Three Swords Style Secret Technique: Great Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds"): An enhanced version of "Sanzen Sekai". Zoro delivers massive slashes to his opponent one after another. This technique can be done airbone and is capable of cutting through a large amount of solid stone with ease. This was first used against Pica, slashing several times his giant stone body to lure him out and defeat him with the final slash of the move. When Zoro used this technique he used Haki on his swords to make them more durable and the attack even stronger.[31] Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds, often shortened to simply Three Thousand Worlds or Great Thousand Worlds, refers to Buddhist cosmology.
7)It was stated by Luffy that Zoro possesses Haki, when discussing it in the context of members of his crew who could fight Caesar Clown, a Logia user.[21] Because Law was referring to the ability to coat themselves in armor it confirms Zoro as a Busoshoku Haki user.[13]

8)Zoro does know about Haoshoku Haki, something he (along with the rest of the crew) had not shown any knowledge of during the first half of the series. However he, along with Sanji, has commented on Luffy's ability to passively knock out half of Hody's men, stating that if Luffy could not at least do that much then he would have had to have stepped down from being captain.[22] It was also hinted at that both he and Sanji possess Kenbunshoku Haki when asked by Luffy if the pair could sense a "wild animal" in the Ryugu Palace, which they both answered that they could.[23]

9)While fighting Monet, a Logia user, on Punk Hazard, Zoro was able to slash her on the cheek, displaying the use of Busoshoku Haki, after saving Tashigi.[13] Zoro particularly specializes in Busoshoku Haki.[24] During the Dressrosa Arc, it is revealed that Mihawk taught Zoro how to imbue his swords with Haki.[25] He can imbue Busoshoku Haki into all three of his swords at once; in doing so, he managed to cut down Pica, who had already covered his entire body with the same Haki, thereby also demonstrating his superior mastery over Haki as compared to the Donquixote top executive.[26]

Power Ups
Zoro has a few new tricks up his sleevee , his Haki  has given him more powe ouput than Ever before.
Base power: 1x
One Sword Style: 1.3x
Two Sword Style: 2.6X
Three Sword Style: 3.9x
Banadada: 39x
Aramanet Haki: 2x ,  10x full body
Asura +Banada: x50
Frist timeskip Erza

Lifitning Strength/Striking strength/Destructive Capacity/Attack Potency

Erza's strength has dramatically improved from the previous 7 years thanks to Second Orgin.
Erza's most notable feat  Post Timeskip was stopping Kagura's Archemeny sword unsheath with pure raw strength within  the Grand Magic games which desotryed a large chunk of Corcus.

House:  4px ( 3 story house or 10.814 mters)
Slash Length: 718 px (1,941.113 meters )
Slash Width: 27 px (72.9675 meters)
Slash shockwave height: (1267.9415 meters)
Total Volume destoryed by Kagura's slash:1,942,074,414.6985 m^3
Density of wood: 700 kg/m^3
Violent Framgention:120 j/cc
Destructive engery output of the slash itself: 163 134 250 834 674 joule = 38.99  Kilotons of TNT
And now for Velocity
Erza's TS speed is at least 5 times faster than PTS speed given her base speed easily dodged a lightning speed attack in base form.  Given her maxium speed was 146.9 PTS, her maxium speed would be  Mach 734  or  249772.9 m/s.Kagura is faster than Erza's flight Armor
Here's the potential potency of both Kagura and Erza factoring in velocity.
40 746 514 920 303 950 000 joule = 9.739 Gigatons of TNT using Benisakura.

Another impressive feat  of Erza is  her smashing through the Tarus Cube.
Time to esimate the size of this massive fortess.

Frist picture
Castle door:  50 px(  20 feet high /6.1 meters)

Castle Height: 405 px  (49.41 Meters )
Castle Length: 558  px (  68.076   Meters )
Second picture
Castle: 14 px  ( 68.076 meters )
Cube:   304 px(1478.22 meters)^3
Volume of Cube:3,230,109,326.056248 m^3
Density of Contential Crust(Dense rock that makes up Cube): 2700 Kg/m^3
Mass:8,721,295,180,351.87 kg

Thrid Picture
Average human:  32 px( 1.82 meters)
Huge hole  diameter: 235 px  (13.365625 meters) ^2
Depth of the hole: 1478.22 meters
Volume of rock destoryed:264,044.4236595 m^3
 Mass destoryed: 712,919,943.88065 kg
Vaporization engery: 27,500 j/cc
Overall mass egnery destoryed:4 685.778 Kilotons
Erza's speed: 249772.9 m/s.
Overall Attack potency of Erza's Precing Armor:4.896872250899948e+18 Joules=  1.7 Gigatons  of TNT
While her Namagkai Armor doesn't have much DC  or any feats, it's destructive potential is easily 20 times that of Base Erza.  Case and point, she's able to one shot Mnivera who was fast and strong enough to keep up with a full powered Kagura and Erza.

Miminum Lifting Strength:5,280 tons without any magical amp. Up to 106,132,812,311.579 kg base

Maximum Lifting Strength: Up to 1.06 Qaudrillion Kg
Minium  striking strength:     (Small Town level )   to  38.99  Kilotons of TNT ( Town level)
Maxixum Striking strength: Up  to 1.7 Gigatons  of TNT (  Small Island level)
Minium Destructive Capcity/Attack Potency: 135.32 Kilotons ( Town level)
Maxium Destructive Capcity/Attack Potency:   Up to   9.739 Gigatons of TNT  ( Island level)


Erza has also  massively improved on her speed as well.
As shown before, Erza is a Lightning doger in base form.  Note even PTS Erza needs Armors to ehance her speed to dodge lightning, now  she can dodge Lightning speed attacks without having to use Armors.Erza's TS speed is at least 5 times faster than PTS speed given her base speed easily dodged a lightning speed attack in base form.  Given her maxium speed was 146.9 PTS, her maxium speed would be  Mach 734  or  249772.9 m/s.
Erza is also fast enough to block attacks while being unepxectely swtiched with another fighter.
At full speed, she can blitz Kagura a fighter faster than her  Flgiht Armor.That makes Erza's full speed up to Mach 1469 via powerscaling in a short brust.
This is fruther backed by her using her strongest armor which easily speedblitzed Minvera.
She also bltized Minvera and removed her dress before she can notice
She procsses enough speed to block a suprise attack from Kyokua, actually have enough strength to block her attack and kick her faster than she can react.
She was also able to dodge slashes from Kyokua and her retacting claws
She also   dodges and blocks Koykua's attyakcs and catches her with her preicing armor
She's also able to  blitz Minvera , ablet it this is massive PIS  given Minvera should be 10 times stronger.
She can dodge flying pillars and deliver a kick to Kyoku'a face and a direct slash
Dodges more flying pllars thrown by Kyokua
Most notably, able to bltiz Kyokua without any of her senses and defeat her demon form
Minimum speed/reactions: Mach  146.9
Maximum speed/reactions: Mach 734.5   to  Mach 1,469

Erza's durablity has gotten even more insane in the timeskip.
Take for instance Chapter 264,She spends the entire chapter flirting with Jellal despite being under the effects of Second Origin and was entirely unfazed by the pain of it whereas everyone else was in horrible pain.This implies she has immense tolerance to pain to the point her body can shrug it off.

Even more insane than that is the Third Day of the Grand Magic Games in which she fought 100 powerful monsters, including an S class monster  as powerful as a Saint Wizzard. Despite taking heavy injuries and exhausting her power greatly using Multiplier requpius and  fusing weapons and armors of different sets, she was able to not only prevail but to shurgg off injuries.
She not only no sold her wounds but can party shortly after with little ill effect.Note Elfman, a character twice Erza's mass and also well known for durability was still hospitalized from his own fight with Bacchus with much lesser injured.
Erza can also tank an immensely powerful magical blast from Minivera  and  all it did was  do some minor clothing damage as well as Kagura.  Minvera should be at least City level +
Another example of her insane durability would be the fact she was hit numerous times by Kagura's slashes and a bloodlusted Kagura at that.
Just a single slash can casually   slice a powerful Celestial Sprit summoning in half. Also note that Kagura can amp her attacks with gravity as well as well as having raw  strength and swordsmanship.
Most notably, she  survived  slashes capable of going through her Adaminte Armor, mind you Adamainte Armor PTS alone can tank anything less than a nuclear weapon at point blank range.

Even more insane is the fact she tanked Kagura's  fully sheated blade  with only a mere flesh wound, the same attack that could easily cleave a whole city in half.
The  Erza  gets her foot crushed within the same fight saving ehr weakened opponent
And despite her  leg injury, she  was more focused on avenging Millaina and Kagura from Minvera's underhanded tatics.
Takes a even further beating from Minvera who  take advagate of a weakened Erza to  deliver more injuries to her.Hell Erza is a bloody mess  from her injuries and yet can get back up and release the last of her power to use her Last Ditch Namakgaki Armor which drains her  stamina reserves even further.
Another  grand example of durablity and stamina is her even still being able to stand after all these injuires.
Hell she was still able to fight against the Dragons and even tank a blast from Altas Flames despite being heavily injuired.
Only  after a while of fighting Motherglare's minions, she is too weakened to actually fight,largely due to her overestimating her durability and  underestimating the enemy.

In her second fight with Minvera, she was turned to a child and despite being a mere child temporarily, she can withstand punishment from Minvera(Ablet the later was holding back to torture her)
However  despite that,  Erza can still fight on par with Minvera despite  sustaining injuries from Minvera
Kyouka  tortures her  brutally for several hours straight.
And despite that, can still  break out of prison
Defeat Minvera via PIS
And withstood attacks from Kyouka's reniforcement power which rises  every second.Erza and Kyokua fought for  over 5 minutes ,This means Kyoku'a power was rising at least 2.5% every single second within 5 minutes,  meaning she would've gotten up to 7.5 times stronger at her rate.
Kyouka also increased Erza's pain threshold to the point  even air would feel like blades to her skin . The weight of air per cubic meter is only 1.2 Kg, whereas human skin is 1,010 kg per cubic meter. Erza's  pain threeshold and durabltiy would be 841.667 lower.
Erza takes numberous beatings from Koyuka despite her getting stronger every second.

Note that while the villains of Taraos were overall disappointing ( the arc itself is the worst in Fairy Tail by far), Kyouka is able to casually crubstomp Rustyrose without even leaving her  throne.

And mind you the same Rustyrose can make lightwork of PTS Elfman and Evergreen.

And he's gotten much stronger Post Timeskip like everyone else to the point he can summon Zancrow and Azuma, two fighters who surpassed his power.

This just goes to show the vast difference in power between the PTS baddies and TS baddies even with the timeskip versions of PTS Villains easily being stronger than they were before and yet Kyouka made him look like a pussy by comparison.
It should also be noted Kyouka doubled her power when she asborbed the powers of Salyia, her lover and  that's prior to trasnforming.
And  despite that beating combined with having all her senses removed, she's able to stand and fight due to sheer willpower.

She gets hit by  amped  up pain slashes which would stimulate the pain equivalent of being ripped in half And despite being hit by the equivalent of 10 of those attacks  plus amped up strength of 7.5 times, she was able to beat Kyokua.

However as expected, she uses up all her power in the process.
Erza's  threshold endurance:  6,312.5 times maximum durability

Combat Skillls/Fighting style

1)Sonic Claw (飛翔・音速の爪, ソニッククロウ, Hishō: Sonikku Kurō): Erza dashes towards her target at high speed and slashes them multiple times from every direction.[76]

2)Nakagami Armor (天一神の鎧 Nakagami no Yoroi): A set of armor Erza had the ability to don once she released her Second Origin. The Nakagami Armor has not been worn for over ten years, as it consumes vast amounts of Magic Power to utilize.[84] Anyone who is able to wear the armor will be able to dispel Magic and wield a peerless sword.[85] The armor is composed of a short revealing robe that is tied together with an intricate ribbon at the waist. The armor features large pauldrons over each shoulder, bearing the image of a lion with an open mouth, and decorated greaves that match the motif of the armor. The entire set is complemented with a rhombus-shaped tiara and a large sash which loops above her head with the ends hanging out towards the ground with a bead on each end. The armor comes equipped with a large halberd possessing a circular hand-guard at its center.

3)Nakagami Starlight (中一神・星彩 Nakagami Seisai): A spell utilized in conjunction with her halberd to swiftly dismantle the opponent with swift, brute force.[86]

4)Piercing Armor: A set of armor Erza equipped into to pierce Kyôka through Cube. This set consists of a breastplate, waistguard, gauntlets and leg plates, which all feature a greenish-silver tint. Each pauldron dons the Fairy Tail emblem and her leg plates are designed decoratively. The armor is worn with black pants, brown elbow pads underneath the gauntlets and complemented with an olive belt that is tied above the waistguard.[87][88] It is unknown if this armor has any additional abilities that are independent from the weapon. (Unnamed)

5)Piercing: This armor comes equipped with a large, silver jousting lance that features well-decorated designs over its vamplate and has shown the capability to pierce and penetrate an opponent through a mass as large as a fortress.[89] (Unnamed)

6)Holy Hammer: During the Key of the Starry Sky arc, Erza receives this ancient weapon from Jean-Luc Neville, who discovered it during the archaeological investigation that unearthed part of the Infinity Clock.[94] The hammer is longer than Erza is tall with a long black handle in a zigzag shape. The head consists of a series of gray cylindrical sections, the frontal one being larger than the rest, with light brown plating on its front. On the front of the hammerhead is the emblem of the Zentopia Church on a white circular background. Said to keep evil at bay, the hammer protects its wielder from the effects of Real Nightmare and can dispel the effects from others.[95] When used against Cobra, it leaves wounds of light on the arm it struck.[96] It is also capable of breaking the chains of the Infinity Castle with ease.[97] During the Pandemonium event, it was shown to be useful for defense as well.[98]

Power Ups

Erza has plenty of techniques that would  boost her power outright.
1) Heart Kueruz's Armor

Defense increases by 200% base power, nothing else increases from this armor, just her base durablity.

2)Heaven's Wheel Armor
Offensive increases by 10 to 200x, Defense x1.5  base power, Speed x 4, Attack powerx2, flight
3)Black Wing Armor
All Statsx 4,  flight
4)Flame Empress Armor
All statsx2,  Fire damage reduced by 50%, Fire Magic
5) Giants Armor
Strengthx10,   Defensex 4,  Speed x0.5, Offensex 1/10
6) Adamantie Armor
Defensex10,   Defensex20 with magical barrier.
7)Puratory Armor
Power X10,    Speedx1/10
8)Lightning Empress Armor
Lightning resitsance by 50%, all stats x2, lightning magic.
9)Flight Armor
Speed x10 to x20, Defensex 0.5
10) Morningstar Armor
Offensex 5, Rangex 10, Attackx 4,Defensex2
11) Robe of Yuen
All stats x4 , Rubber like eslactiy, resitance to blutn force attacks.
12)Sea Empress Armor
All Stats x2, resistance to water magic, water attacks
13) Benisakura sword
Offensex10, Attackx 10 ,Speedx10, scarafices defense
14) Aramadura Fairy
All Stats x10,  Special attackx20
15) Namakgai Armor
All Statsx20,   Special Attack x50
16)Peircing Armor
Defensex2,  Attackx10, Speedx10
17)Holy Hammer
Attack x20
18)Archer Armor( Filler)
Range x10, Attackx10
19)Armor+ Weapon fusion
Uses 2x the magical power however  allows for more variety  and doubles the power
19 A) Lightning Spear+Sea Empress Armor
Lightning attacks 2x against water enemies, All Stats x2, water reduction by 50%
19 B) Water Sword+ Fire Empress Armor
Water attacks 2x against  fire enemies,all statsx2, fire reduction
19 C) Puagtory Mace+ Flight Armor
Speedx10, Powerx10,  Defensex0.5
19 D) Water Empress Sword+ Lightning Empress Sword+Flight Armor
Speedx 10, Water and Lightning combined do 4x times base damage,Water and lightning attacks, Defense x0.5
19 E) Adaminite Armor with Giant's Spear
Defensex10,   Defensex20 with magical barrier, Attackx10
19 F) Puragtory Armor with Flight Armor Sword
Power x10, Speedx1
19 G) Giants Armor+ Puratory  Armor
Strengthx100,   Defensex 4,  Speed x1/20, Offensex 1/20
20) Second Origin
All Statsx2, engery reserves x2

Strength  Difference: 1.28 times Erza
Destructive Capcity:1.28 times Erza's
Durablity:1.28 times Erza's
Speed:  2.31 times  Zoro's
Endurance/Stamina: 2.381 times Zoro's
Combat skill/Fighting Skill: 1.048 times  Erza's
Hax:3.1 times Zoro's
Range: 1.15 times Erza's
Power Up numbers: 4 times Zoro
Power Up's Mupilter effect: 1.95  times  Erza's
Potential power up low end: 1.755 times Erza
Potential power up high end:3.51 times Erzas
Combat  Expereince:1.696 times Erza's
Erza's overall stats: 12.241 (47.2 %)
Zoro's overall statsr:13.672  (52.8 %)
Overall Winner: Timeskip Zoro. He has a  52.8% chance of beating Frist timeskip Erza.
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Re: Dressora Zoro vs Frist Timeskip Erza

Post by Beyonder on Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:52 pm

So this is a Death battle correct?

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Re: Dressora Zoro vs Frist Timeskip Erza

Post by 345rv5 on Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:53 am

@Beyonder wrote:So this is a Death battle correct?

Pretty much in a way, the links to feats didn't load though, i need to update this page
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Re: Dressora Zoro vs Frist Timeskip Erza

Post by Beyonder on Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:44 am

Ill move it to the VS board.

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