Rant: Joyee Yeep the Puppy killer

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Rant: Joyee Yeep the Puppy killer

Post by Beyonder on Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:16 pm

As for the 3 days that has passed already I am just upset to the point I want this man to be eaten by a pack of wolves or dogs because what this man did was utterly sick, twisted, and purposely inhumane now you haters will comment "omg stfu its part of nature." which I will comment that it isn't because it's not part of ANY nature. A snake eating a puppy??? are you serious?! that's overly just wrong on its own! a snake can eat rats, mice, frogs, chicken, and or even birds because those are the NATURAL prey they have, but a baby dog something we normal people use as pets the poor puppy was SHAKING! knowing that it sensed "I'm going to die." and i surely hope this man dies! Thumbs Down those who agree that's a thumbs up!

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