Rotten Tomatoes Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Rant

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Rotten Tomatoes Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Rant

Post by Beyonder on Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:56 am

Rotten Tomato has finally catch a major rant about the recent release of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and with this the critics gave it a mere 29% percent! a Average rating of 5/10?? a majority of users voted they loved the movie but the critics gave BvS a very low rating! but for what? because of small hints to the movie i can get it about that but the overall acting,action, and plot was over the top good for such a hero movie but not to Rotten Tomatos because it seems they aren't into the "Majority" of the audience because if they seen the backlash they created they would review the movie and give it a accurate rating because a 29? it would be around the 90's similar to the hancock rating but before the readers make something up I'm not stating its a bad movie but its similar to the whole superman type deal which is funny because if you compare the both have similarities with fighting and a emotional theme which is funny since Zack Snyder movies have low ratings from Rotten Tomatoes but had very good box office success so hey Rotten Tomato! how about giving honest and detailed reviews and not false ones?

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