Heart of The Universe is confirmed Universe Level

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Heart of The Universe is confirmed Universe Level

Post by Beyonder on Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:48 pm

Within the years Casual Marvel fans and or death battle debaters will claim such things that the HOTU or Heart of the Universe is a Multi-Universe,Multiverse,Multiverse+,Megaverse, and or Omniversal level power source but this handbook suggests otherwise.
Source: The Living Tribunal 2006 Handbook

Additional Information: It was confirmed HOTU was never canon by editor Tom Brevoort but Jim Starlin still included it within numerous events even when it had nothing to do with the Earth-616 reality, also in the Thanos and the living tribunal handbook from 2006 it should be noted there is no mention of any destruction of Universes or a Multiverse. It's clearly stated Reality and recreated a Universe nothing implying it is multi-universe or above multiverse level.

Additional Information Again: Just because HOTU aka Heart of the Infinite absorbed a bunch of M-Bodies with unknown levels of power doesn't mean or make that the Heart of the Universe is above Universe level or Multiverse level at all so keep in mind absorbing and destroying M-Bodies are two different levels of power.

Thanos mentions a Single Reality

Source: Marvel: The End Series

Thanos only mentioned he is "supreme" in his reality of Earth-4321.

Re-Call of the events

Confirms again he destroyed and recreated a single universe not a Multiverse or Omniverse.

Again here by Thanos own words he destroyed and recreated a Universe and not a Multiverse like so many falsely claims.

Third Handbook Confirmation

A third handbook also gives 100% confirmation that the Heart of the Universe aka Heart of the Infinite is once again just a Universe level power.
So this should end any and all discussions about "Omg HOTU is Multiverse level!" When officially stated and shown....it isn't and shouldn't be claimed to be Multiverse level.

Heart of the Universe/Marvel: The End Confirmed Non-Canon

Click -> Heart of the Universe is Non-Canon

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