Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks and Black Goku

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Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks and Black Goku

Post by Beyonder on Tue May 10, 2016 8:47 pm

So a battle that will surpass time and space? and Black Goku? so we got alot to discuss here!

1st Why is trunks back?......so its implied a black Goku? so does this mean we have a Goku with Super Saiyan God powers or worst?

2nd Black Goku its not much known but is this version of Goku surpassing levels the good goku is currently at and is he a future version or an alternate version?

3rd Omni-King will be making a appearance so this means Omni-King isnt omnipotent,omniscient, and or omnipresent if a Black Goku can surpass even him and make him show up.

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