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The Living Tribunal Respect Thread

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The Living Tribunal Respect Thread

Post by Beyonder on Mon May 16, 2016 8:55 pm

The Living Tribunal Profile

The Living Tribunal Bio:

The Living Tribunal was a vastly powerful conceptual being,He is Nigh-Omnipotent,Nigh-Omniscient, and Omnipresent he is the one who had existed since the multiverse came into existence. The Living Tribunal's only superior was The-One-Above-All, an entity which was apparently responsible for all life in the omniverse but outside the Omniverse was Pre-Retcon Beyonder and then The Beyonders. The Living Tribunal is stated to have unlimited manipulation of Reality,Matter,Time,Space, and Energy.

The Living Tribunal Full Known Bio:

The Living Tribunal Classic Bio:

The Living Tribunal Short Trading Card Bio:

These Marvel Bios confirmed The Living Tribunal is Planet-Megaverse level as he has the power on a whim to destroy a planet,sun, and or universe/universes if necessary to do so and it confirms The Living Tribunal is a Megaverse level entity which he helped Fashion (Create) the Multiverses of The Brothers Yin-Yang which makes a Megaverse within the Omniverse.

The Living Tribunal Omnipresence:

The Living Tribunal is simultaneously omnipresent he exist in all Universes existing or non-existing he safeguards the Omniverse entirely by himself!

The Living Tribunal also exists on a Infinite Dimensional level as the second scan reveals that their is universes with dimensions of a set of infinity.

The Living Tribunal Created The Brothers Yin and Yang

The brothers separated were both Multiverses of the current franchise with the entity known as Lord Marvel being the past events of Earth-616 Multiverses and the entity known as Lord DC was of Post-Crisis DC Multiverses and once the living tribunal made a fake event of DC Vs Marvel he combined them to make a Megaverse within the larger Omniverse.

The Living Tribunal basically created all of the existing characters at the time of DC Comics Post-Crisis Multiverse including the likes of Mr.Mxyztlpk himself was included!

Old The Living Ttribunal Stats Handbook

The living tribunal has metahuman reflexes and agility and infinite strength! the living tribunal has near-unlimited power to generate and manipulate any and all energy. He could turn a star (sun) into a supernova with a single force bolt! and has near-unlimited psionic power!

New The Living Tribunal Powers/Stats Handbook:

It states here that The Living Tribunal official Stats are all nearly 7 other than his fighting abilities he is still overall the HIGHEST form of the stat chart and it includes that he can destroy entire planets,suns, and create barriers around planets and entire universes that causes them to be inaccessible! he deems what universes get destroyed or saved.

The Living Tribunal Defeats Protege:

Protege was an entity who copied numerous amount of beings powers from......

  • Beyonder (Earth-691)
  • Eternity (Earth-691)
  • The Living Tribunal
  • God Hawk
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-691)

Until Scathan the Approver came in and ruled against this being who was claimed to be achieving Infinite Omnipotence! but he was utterly defeated by the Living tribunal who sealed him in a Hourglass and then absorbed him so he can no longer exist within this reality.

The Living Tribunal 1st Physical Fight!

The living tribunal 1st physical fight was between him and Nebulos where the living tribunal shows us human  basic combat level abilities and he tanks a Multiverse level magical weapon attack with no damage!

The Living Tribunal reflects his 3 heads are like the cosmic entities:

The Living Tribunal has compared his faces into representations of the cosmic order which were  Mistress Death, Eternity,Lord Chaos, and Master Order.

Transcends Duality

The Living Tribunal is above the concept of Duality and Balance and Boundary level beings so things like Life/Death or Time/Space or Chaos/Order and etc he is above them.

The Living Tribunal became a Multiverse:

The Living tribunal revealed his true form to face the sadistic Beyonders and by doing so he made himself an embodiment of a multiverse adding it to his already Megaverse level power!

The Living Tribunal Death:

The Living Tribunal killed by the now known Omnipotent Beyonders but he didn't go out easily as he tried to kill the sadistic aliens before his very own death.

The Living Tribunal Judging Dr.Doom

The Living Tribunal displaying his wisdom upon the now Depowered Dr.Doom.

The Living Tribunal Cosmic Awareness

The Living Tribunal can sense anything from the Universe,Universes,Multiverse,Multiverses,Megaverse, and Omniverse.

The Living Tribunal Disables and Surpasses the Infinity Gaunlet

He surpass a Near-Omnipotent cosmic weapon that is of Universe scale like it was nothing!

The Living Tribunal Revives Conceptual Beings

The Living Tribunal with a mere finger snap revived his fallen cosmic beings right after Adam Warlock himself destroys their M-bodies.

The Living Tribunal Displays his Authority:

The Living Tribunal Canon and Strength Feat

The Living Tribunal is shown holding Eternity the embodiment of the Ultimate Universe which he is capable of  replacing Eternity if necessary.

Truly Non-Canon

The Heart of The Universe is a Non-Canon Universe where The Living Tribunal was defeated by a Universe level power source which isn't logical to a being who can withstand much more than that. Which is confirmed that The Heart of The Universe is Non-Canon.

Here The Living Tribunal and other cosmic beings were incapable of "killing" Galactus in Marvel Comics The Last Planet Standing even when it established The living tribunal could snap Galactus out of existence.

Debunks and Myths


  • Claims: The Living Tribunal is Omnipotent Debunk: NO, the living tribunal just wields near-infinite power greater than other Near-Omnipotent beings.
  • Claims: The Living Tribunal is Weak Debunk: NO, is always PIS,CIS, and Jobber Aura because he is so overpowered that if you make a story he will just instantly end it making him useless for stroy telling hence why they make him "Look" weak when he really isn't and plus there is some stories telling that his Omnipotent creator The-One-Above-All limits his power and knowledge, even when using M-Bodies he is nerfed to get a story.
  • Claims: The Living Tribunal is not above the Heart of the Universe (HOTU) Debunk: NO! the living tribunal true form/pwer infinitely dwarfs the Heart of the Infinity! why? In the Marvel the End series it was a M-Body and not the true living tribunal as M-Bodies are just there for them to make a FAKE Physical manfestation!

The Living Tribunal lost only TWICE one from fighting a omnipotent race and another when the Omniverse rebooted and left him vulernable to a new "Order" in the cosmos.


The Living Tribunal References <- Click to see where you can read about the living tribunal and his feats!

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