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Superboy Prime Respect Thread

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Superboy Prime Respect Thread

Post by Beyonder on Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:44 pm

Superboy Prime also known as Superman Prime, is a DC Comics superhero turned supervillain, and one of several alternate Supermen. The character first appeared in DC Comics Presents #87

First Bio

Second DC Bio

Powers and Abilities

Superboy Prime has Superhuman Strength,Superhuman Speed,Superhuman Durability,Superhuman Stamina,Flight,Heat Vision,Super Sight,Super Hearing,Healing,Superhuman Agility,Superhuman Reflexes,Super Ventriloquism,Freeze Breath,Near-Invulnerability,Radar Vision,Telescopic Vision,X-Ray Vision,Microscopic Vision,Infrared Vision,Energy Absorption,Magic Immunity,Power Mimicry Immunity,Kryptonite Immunity,Dimensional Manipulation,Reality Warping,Time Manipulation,Reality Immunity.


Superboy Prime main and major weaknesses is the lack of the yellow sun for years,Higher level reality warpers like Mr.Mxy, and his mental ego which is his major flaw along with a red sun and a kyptonite from his Universe.

Early Feats

Superboy Prime had helped the Silver Age Superman stop a Tsunami while also displaying the power of Super Ventriloquism.

Superboy was able to break through a device that mimics and emitted those radiation of a Red Sun which caused the Silver Age Superman to be powerless but not Superboy.

Pre & Post Crisis on Infinite Earth Feats

Superboy Prime show cases his durability by casually at base form survives a full on blast by the Anti-Monitor a feat which only a small hand full can survive unscratched.

Superboy Prime starts to alter reality itself by each punch he even brings back Jason Todd from Death and later on Alex Luthor confirms that Superboy is in fact re-writing,changing,altering, and reversing events through the multiverse history.

Superboy Prime states that he wasnt at full power when he warped and changed the universes and that its been long since he has been near or in a yellow sun and it would be Alex Luthor who helps amp him up enough to break through the barriers between the dimensions of that and earth.

Superboy Prime feat was so cosmic that not even Earth-2 Superman was able to repeat and replicate such a one time feat done by Superboy Prime it even describes that he had done it for hours and his knuckles split and his fingers are nearly crushed.

Superboy Prime moves at faster than light speeds moving an entire Planet!

Superboy Prime feat is explained by Alex Luthor that He was moving planets casually like chess pieces and even shifted the universe away from the Green Lanterns Planet Oa which displays casual planet lifting strength.

Superboy Prime fools and takes out Martian Manhunter and with a single heat vision blast he destroys the Justice League Watchtower which the watch tower has tanked entire planet explosions with ease.

Superboy Prime casually breaks Lex Luthors armor with a single hand grab which only a adult superman can do but he did it without effort.

Superboy Prime casually knocks out Power woman with a single punch when Power woman has taken far worst hits.

Superboy Prime literally punches himself out of the Phantom Zone a feat only a few can achieve as the Phantom Zone is an interdimensional realm outside the normal space/time continuum. It is a barren and insubstantial null area absent of any physical material.

Superboy Prime displays his basic hand to hand combat skills in a fight with Krpyto the superdog with him casually handling the dog like he is nothing even after beating Superboy.

Superboy Prime faces every one of the low to mid tier squadrons of earth heroes when the high tiers were else where even still they were nothing to him as he causally mows the all down like blocks.

Superboy Prime at base form even without the sun armor was casually killing and breaking the heroes like they were toys.

Superboy Prime shows off his freeze breath which is capable of killing the lanterns themselves while these beings are capable of going near suns while also breaking their will forced creation with his heat vision.

Superboy Prime while being held back by Power Woman was still casually killing both the Green and Yellow lantern corps members left to right and even rips one of the yellow lanterns in half and majority of the lanterns are able to contain entire Galaxies but was useless against Superboy-Prime

Superboy Prime boast taunts a super pissed off Krypto and actually managed for a brief second to cause him to moan in pain after tanking a full on face blast from him and after his jaws breaks through his armor when most of the other heroes couldnt even scratch it.

Superboy Prime throws off the entire legion squadron after they were holding him back while he was at base form.

Superboy Prime easily fools and takes down Sun Boy entire team himself with a single super clap.

Superboy Prime uses his freeze breath on Sun Boy and kills him after his fire actually caused him some pain.

Superboy Prime destroys a weakened Anti-Monitor armor and tanked his energy form without taking any damage from it again.

Superman Prime

Superman Prime ripped open Monarch armor which kept his powers in check and in doing so the quantum energy which destroyed the entire universe and Monarch himself described this power as the big bang itself but Superman prime was unharmed,undamaged, and completely fine and it only simply angered him.

Superboy Prime thrashes a weakened Mr.Mxyzptlk like he was nothing but even still Mr.Mxyzptlk admits he took the lose of this battle.

Superboy Prime in a brief time literally destroys the SPEED FORCE! as 3-4 of the strongest speedsters brings him inside but after a while they were fighting him for years BUT even still it wasnt enough and yet he breaks out!

And Superboy-Prime survives massive amount of punches from a very blood lusted Bart Allen!

Superboy prime has a mid tier immunity to magic empowered beings such as Black adam a being capable of going toe to toe with superman and was said to rival him in strength but to Superboy he was nothing.

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