The Chousin Infinitely-Linked Universes Debunk

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The Chousin Infinitely-Linked Universes Debunk

Post by Beyonder on Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:18 am


Statements wrote:They're the creators of infinitely-linked universes.


People would use this scan to try to prove that the Tenchi Muyo!verse has Infinite Universes like a Multiverse but it isn't the case as in "infinitely" is modifying "linked" not "universes." The universes are linked infinitely not that there is Infinite Universes.

Debunk 2

Statement wrote:"They're hyper-dimensional beings that go even beyond even higher levels.
This statement doesnt mean the Choushin are Infinite Dimensional or Beyond Infinite Dimensional there is no mention or hint of them being Infinite dimensional/Beyond Dimensional within the context.

Hyper-Dimensional? It's categorized with going beyond the 3rd Dimensional space and going into the 4th Dimensional space and even then they aren't shown a number so it's at best to a assume they are in 4th dimensional space in the moment of the context.

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