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Alien X Respect Thread

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Alien X Respect Thread

Post by Beyonder on Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:54 pm


Alien X is Ben Tennyson most powerful Alien ever since it is a being of Near-Infinite Power capable of altering Reality on a Universe to Multiverse power! it is also part of the race known as Celestialsapiens which were said to warp reality changing the reality (design) of the show.  He is by far one of the most strongest known Cartoon Network characters to be created and is probably the most strongest within his series as well.

Powers and Abilities

Alien X is a Near-Omnipotent reality warper on a Universe to Multiverse scale! if you are new on the concept of Reality Warpers then see our page on Reality Warping!

Alien X recreates the Universe (Creating Reality,Time,Space,Matter and Magic from nothingness.)

Alien X cartoon network guide by Man of Action confirms Alien X can Create/Destroy entire Universes via his Reality Warping powers!

Alien X confirmed by Derrick Wyatt (Ben 10 Character creator/Animator for the series)/to erase a Multiverse (100-Infinite Universes) with 6 Thoughts!

Alien X Durability is casually at Universe level

Surviving a universe annihilating bomb which annihilated not just the time,space, and reality but its timelines itself without even a scratch! or any sign of physical damage.

Alien X fights another Celestialsapien Galactic Gladiator

Alien X can manipulate the minds of others and use telepathic powers

Ben 10 Omniverse S06E09 Weapon XI Part 1

Alien X holds the explosion of the Big Bang!

Ben 10 Omniverse Full Episode 80-Action
This is a Multiverse durability feat! why? because this is the VERY big bang itself that created the Ben 10verse itself not the misinformed information of it only creating a single universe.

Alien X has notable powers and abilities Near-Invulnerability,Flight,Faster than Light Speed,Infinite Stamina,Time Manipulation,Space Manipulation,Infinite Strength (Big Bang feat),Creation and many much more with his reality warping powers such as the able to create and destroy entire universes and even the power to destroy a multiverse with 6 thoughts!

Alien X once in the control of Ben can easily utilize his own combat experience making him a very basic but also taught fighter as proven with his fight with Galactic Gladiator.


Alien X major weakness was his 2 sub-conscious minds not agreeing with each other making him a carrot type character until Ben appeared getting rid of such a weakness but this isn't the only one time.

Alien X race CAN'T go near the Planet Anur Vladias or the planet will absorb their Energy to death.

Alien X is vulnerable to having his powers absorbed as both Paradox and Azmuth have implied and stated that beings like Darkstar and Kevin's Race the Osmosians can absorb the Nigh-Infinite Power but LIKELY they will have the weaknesses if they are an adult but will not have the same weaknesses as Professor Paradox said that to rid the 2 heads they need to absorb the powers of Baby Celestialsapiens.

Alien X like his race can be hurt by one another if put in conflict only.


Alien X is NOT a Omnipotent entity (aka a being who wields infinite power) as proven multiple times within the series neither is his race even one of the claimed Authors CONTRADICTED themselves in a Q and A!

Alien X has MULTIPLE and STATED weaknesses and vulnerabilities as proven here and DO NOT listen to the Ben 10 Wikia profile where they list Alien X as Omnipotent even when they were debunked by me and when i showed them MULTIPLE times he isnt but they believe in character statements from the series and their opinion.

Atomic-x is a form of Alien X and Atomic fused together as Atomic-X power set is Nucleokinesis,Radiokinesis,Atomic Blasts,Nuclear Explosions,Heat Generation,Light Energy,Fusion Energy Manipulation,Energy Shields,Flight,Enhanced Strength,Enhanced Durability,Enhanced Agility, and Enhanced Speed the only reason he was affected by time was because Atomic-X is a 50/50 of Alien X and Atomix combined.

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