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The Presence and The Primal Monitor are the Same

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The Presence and The Primal Monitor are the Same

Post by Beyonder on Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:30 am

The Presence and The Primal Monitor

IGN Comics wrote:You get into that in Superman Beyond #2 with the Superman and Ultraman dynamic.

Grant Morrison wrote:Yeah. Again, on the very edge of the art and the edge of the mind of God there are these two big concepts fighting – Superman and Mandrakk, Predation and Protection, Greed and Preservation, Ugly and Beautiful, Youth and Age, Good and Evil, Black and White, Is and Isn't and all the others. Beyond that crumbling ledge in Monitor-World, those concepts don't exist and it's all non-dual Monitor mind, or God, or Kirby's Source, in which all contradictions are resolved into unity. It's funny, the more I talk about it, the more I'm getting into it!

As Grant Morrison himself stated that the primal monitor,God, and Kirby's Source are all 1 in the same with contradictions resolved.

More Evidence

This picture basically depicts the God Hand holding the Local Multiverse which was within the Primal Monitor itself and the God hand is known to be another aspect of the Presence.
The Spectre openly admitted The Divine Presence basically is God that  it is basically The Primal Monitor ALL into 1 identity as one Aspect of the Presence.

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