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Cosmic Cubes Wields Omnipotence

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Cosmic Cubes Wields Omnipotence

Post by Beyonder on Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:44 am

Cosmic Cubes or "Cosmic Containment Units" are Child Forms of the Omnipotent (All-Powerful) race of Beyonders which they posse Unlimited power capable of bending the laws of existence depending on the cube or the person wielding their power and with this the User could do anything they want from turning Celestials into a power engine, or destroying the universe or multiverses!

Official Handbooks

Cosmic Cube Beyonder Confirmation:

Thanos With Cosmic Cube Confirmation:

All these Official Handbooks have Stated Thanos with the Cosmic Cube made him Omnipotent and All-Powerful!

Writer Confirmation

Character Statements

The living tribunal himself said cosmic cubes wields the power of infinite this is from the Omnipotence of the Beyonders themselves! Yes! One of the most Powerful beings in all of Marvel Contunity stated Cosmic Cubes wield Unlimited Power itself!
Glorian explains to Silver Surfer and his Girlfriend that Shaper of Worlds wields Unlimited Power.
Shaper of Worlds himself even Stated he is an Omnipotent Being due to his Cosmic Cube Origins.
Kobik (NOT KUBIK!) is only Fragments of Cosmic Cubes who took the form of a Child which Red Skull himself Explains wields Unlimited power.
Captain Marvel, Himself stated Thanos with the Cosmic Cube "Linked" with him made him Omnipotent! and that the cosmic cube was the source to his Unlimited power!
Thanos Himself stated with acquiring the Cosmic Cube gave him Omnipotence. (Infinite Power.)

Marvel Statement about Kobik

Kobik (The Female Cosmic Cube Fragments) by Marvel is Omnipotent proving once again Cosmic cubes are beings of infinite power.

Explaniation: Mephisto

Mephisto states Adam Warlock and Thanos mistakes that the "Cosmic Containment Units" aka Cosmic Cubes have limits and aren't Omnipotent like the Infinity Gauntlet when in unison but as explained its that the cosmic cubes have conscious choices and pick what they want and don't want to grant and Thanos states its explained why it doesn't affect the soul with Mephisto Agreeing saying the units are all-powerful but they (cosmic cubes) refuse to break their own self-imposed taboos and to "break" this self-imposed taboo the user will need Universal or Multiversal Unity to affect a soul that the cosmic unit doesn't want to effect.

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