Debunk: Divine Spawn Killed God and Satan

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Debunk: Divine Spawn Killed God and Satan

Post by Beyonder on Fri Mar 30, 2018 10:12 pm


Within the debating community across forums and other online sites have stated that God Spawn had killed both God and Satan of his universe but in fact its a major lie and been told for years until well the comics proven otherwise and people dont want to actually read and comprehend them. So before you go off saying "Divine Spawn killed God!" And then say "God Spawn also killed Satan!" Because in actuality.....he never killed them at all.

Actual Events

Divine Spawn had a single moment to do anything he wanted with the help of the Omnipotent deity of his Multiverse so Al Simmons had wished to have the relationships between man and the deities (God/Lucifer) to have their connections severed to earth which is linked by the bridges from heaven and hell and so he only did this one-time feat when Mother of Existence (aka Man of Miracles or M.O.M) gave him a single shot at fixing the earth.



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