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Debunk: Enerjak being Omnipotent

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Debunk: Enerjak being Omnipotent

Post by Beyonder on Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:23 am

Where it Started

Internet Battle Forums believed Enerjak to be Omnipotent due to this scan above and now I'm going to debunk this long rumored Debate.

See More on Enerjak

Enerjak (Bio)

Official Handbook

Official Handbook Bio Guide for Enerjak states he has nearly unlimited power (Near-Omnipotence/Near-Omnipotent Power) and that he is also limited by his host due to being a spirit who needs to possess someone.

Debunk 1: Power stolen Multiple Times

Mammoth Mogul had completely drained Dimitri Enerjak of his Near-Infinite Power by the Sword of Acorns.

Confirmed by Dimitri

Here even Dimitri stated his power was completely stolen thanks to Mammoth Mogul.
Second time without PIS has his power been stolen from him this was when Mammoth Mogul used Enerjak Nigh-Omnipotent power to become its "Supreme being" and on the verge of destroying the very fabric of the Multiverse itself but was ultimately defeated by Titan Tails a being combined of the Alternate Universe versions of Tails Combined and then absorbed Enerjak Chaos Power into himself.

Couldn't Erase Super Sonic

For some "Omnipotent" being Enerjak couldn't even erase Archie Super Sonic.

Enerjak has been Drained

Doctor Eggman captures Enerjak Knuckles and his Enerjak power was being drained and after Enerjak Knuckles escapes he explains to Dimitri that his power was depleted thanks for Dr.Eggman displaying his power is not infact Infinite or Unlimited in potence even then Enerjak needed the Master Emerald to recharge his power.

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