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Dragonoid (Nathia-Gundalian War Arc ) (3rd Season) Respect Thread

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Dragonoid (Nathia-Gundalian War Arc ) (3rd Season) Respect Thread

Post by Great 1 on Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:48 pm


Blows through a palace:

Rams Dharak's battle gear into the ground

Knocks out Linehalt out of the sky

A single fireball from Drago blasts through *2* energy attacks to deal damage

(Basically blocking his fireballs is very difficult)

Punch pulverizes Dharak's shield

Catches Dharak's tail

Butterfly kicks Dharak


Took out Dragonoid Colossus

Who was powerful enough to knock Forbidden Power Linehalt

Forbidden Power Linehalt was splitting the planet in half

Energy blast knocks out the Lumigrowl

Overpowers Dharak

His fight with Dharak threatens to destroy the universe


Dodges several attacks in-flight

Reflex dodges Dharak's attacks

Evades a heat seeking attack

Dodges energy beam after it was fired


Teleports all over the battle field




Tanks Linehalt's energy blast

Gets hit with electrocution powerful enough to shatter the ground

Survives being mauled

Tanks Dharak's attacks

Which obliterated an entire army

Tanks a city busting hit

Bitch slaps an energy beam! (Deflection Feat!)

(Note: This was moving at the speed of light btw!)

Survives being crystallized



Ignores causality manipulation


Can create shields

Energy shields are very durable

Shield reflects attacks

Fire tornado knocks around opponents


Can create intense heat waves that knocks down opponents

Particle disintegration blasts

Can channel lightning blasts

Fireballs engulf enemies

Can make cross-shaped fire attacks

Omnidirectional explosion that ignores shields

Nullifies an opponent's ability

A blast from his battle gear destabilises the hyperspace

Can see invisible enemies


Battle Gear

Bakugan Battle Gear can attach to the back of most Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders Bakugan

Bakugan Battle Gear (Wikia for Better Information!)

Freezes an enemy before blasting them

Energy blasts overpower Lumigrowl

Blows a hole through Dharak's Battle Gear shield.

Outguns several energy blasts all at once

BMA (Bakugan Mobile Assault)

They cannot be damaged by attacks from a regular Bakugan; only other BMAs can damage it.

Bakugan Mobile Assault (Wikia for Better information!)

Increases Drago's mobility

Drops energy bombs

Can fire beams of energy

The Element

A portion from the Orb's energy that was called the Element (エレメント, Eremento?), which can turn the driesintodesert to a fertile farmland

Can transform a person into the astral plane

Turns a desert into fertile land

enchanced matter manipulation

Sacred Orb

The Sacred Orb (聖なるオーブ, Seinaru Ōbu?) is the immensely strong and powerful force that resided in Neathia and is the very source of all existing Bakugan DNA. This also gives the power to control all Bakugan and access their DNA acquiring their powers
Sacred Orb (Wikia for more information!)

Can teleport multiple enemies at once

The energy in the orb is too much fo Dharak to absorb

Can trap enemies in a void in between dimensions

This is also where Drago's low multiverse level stats begin to come

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