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Dragonoid Respect Thread (New Vestroia Arc) (2nd Season)

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Dragonoid Respect Thread (New Vestroia Arc) (2nd Season)

Post by Great 1 on Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:13 am


This season focuses mostly on destructive capability in place of hax!


Fireball creates a crater

Fire tornado blows away 2 Bakugan like flies

Blows a hole through fortified walls

Pummeled Helios through the dimensional controller

Dragon Contender creates earthquakes

Causes an implosion which flattens the earth

Hitting Percival ignites the air around them like a nuke

Knocks down Farbros

Counters the Alternative Weapon System's lasers

Slices through planet busting canons

Rips a hole through the fabric of space into another universe


Dodges Helios' lasers

Dodges these lasers after it was fired

Uses Dragon Hummer to increase his speed tenfold

Speed Calculation

Calculated speed at this point was 1.9245297727876032e17x FTL
JustCallMeGreat1ICU (Great 1) Calculation Thread



Tanks Helios blows which are strong enough to break Gate Cards (trans-dimensional seal)

Tanks a hit which pulverized Wielder and Harpus standing beside him

That same blast is powerful enough to blow through a space station and into space

Tanks the Titan Knuckle

Survives the initial self-destruct sequence of the final Dimension Controller

Tanks a hurricane level hit

Absorbs a bomb specifically designed to kill him

(Would have actually destroyed the universe!)

Can regenerate from nothing but his soul


(Season 2 focuses more on DC than Hax, explanation for this was that Vestals brawled that way!)

FARBAS is unable to analyze Drago or find any weaknesses


Can create shields

Shields can deflect attacks

Dragon Contender can also act like a shield

Can create fireballs

Can ignite body for an attack


Can create fire tornadoes

Multiple fire balls decimate space armada

Can ignite the ground around him and set the air ablaze

Creates a continental level explosion that can be seen from outer space

Destroys a black hole

" />


Can fuse with other Bakugan

Helios is unable to regenerate/heal from Drago's blows

Fire tornado can nullify an ability

Can locate enemies miles away and teleport to them (Basically a instant transmission power)

*Massively* reduces Helios's power level while increasing his own

Although he could already manipulate reality on a multi-universe level, however the Attribute Energies bolstered this up

Legendary Soldiers
(He is also capable of dimensional BFR, specifically prison dimensions where escape is nigh impossible!)
" />

Dragon Contender absorbs opponent's attack

" />

Forbidden Cards

Haos X fires a powerful beam of light

Ventus X increases Drago's speed for a head on blitz

Subterra X charges Drago's tail to deal damage

Aqueos X lifts the opponent into the air using a powerful water sprout

Darkus X fires a shot of dark energy at an opponent

" />
Attribute Energies

Neo Valute: Nullifies the opponent's ability and brings the opponent's power to Drago's Base Level.

Dispel Roa: Nullifies all abilities and returns all power levels to their base levels.

Atomic Brave: Upon activation, most, if not all attacks used by the opponent will immediately be negatend thereafter be used by Drago against the opponent. If they amplify their statistics, these changes will be applied to Drago  instead. If the opponent initiates a change into a different form or evolves (including Reactive Evolution), the ability will be negated.

(The rest of the Attribute Energies abilities are basic power null stuff, nothing I haven't covered already)
" />
Battle Gear

Powerful enough to create a supernova levels of explosions, wiping out nearby planets

(Personally, this is my favorite season!)" />
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