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Dragonoid Respect Thread (Mechtanium Surge Arc) (4th Season)

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Dragonoid Respect Thread (Mechtanium Surge Arc) (4th Season)

Post by Great 1 on Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:15 am


Overpowers Horridian

A hit knocks Horridian through stone pillars

Knocks down a Mechtogon

(Keep in mind these guys are huge and have perma-shields)

Catches a blow from Zenthon



Tanks a hit from Zeppirator:

Survives being electrocuted and bombed

Survives being smashed into the ground

Tanks a satellite hit from space

Resists the pull of a black hole

Tanks 3 attacks at once


Destroys a dimension where he was sealed inside


Can retract his wings for better h2h combat

Dodges energy beams

Dodges multiple attacks from Razenoid


Large AoE bombs

Powerful energy beams

Omnidirectional electric blasts powerful enough to rip holes in the ground

Scatter bombs wipe out a large squadron

Energy shield blocks three attacks

Fucking nukes interspace

Does it again


Power nullification

Revolutional increases Drago's attacks exponentially

Wonder Superior increases his next attack by an infinite exponential


Baku Nano

They are more advanced and smaller versions of the Battle Gear. They share the same attributes (Copper, Gold, and Silver) and can be used in a similar way. In the anime, BakuNano increases the destructive force of the Bakugan equipping it
Baku Nano

Can fire lasers!

Tanks a laser from well....a tank

Capable of high maneuverability

Big Fucking Gun

Switch Code (Gate and Key)

Code Eve explained that Bakugan can battle with any brawler but it is one certain brawler that is destined to be their partner and can unlock the true power.
Switch Code

Responsible for summoning Mechtogon

Can create a reverse mirror dimension of any world

(Even digital ones!)

Time stops in this dimension

Can wipe a person from existence

Posses power to create a blast that "ripples through dimensions and destroying every universe"


Infused with dragon-like abilities, he flies at super speed and spews white hot fire at his opponents. Metallic armor covers his body and nullifies his enemy's attacks.


Posses a large arsenal of powerful laser beams which wipe out many chaos bakugan

Head canon knocks out a Mech

Omnidirectional sonic waves

Passive shield blocks a lot of heavy damage

the shield blocks an attack which bends space

Can actually fly

Zenthon Titan

(The sheer scale and size of Zenthon Titan give him such an imposing presence that enemies scatter before him. With massive strength in his shoulders and thighs, he powerfully grapples his opponents to the ground. Despite his giant size, Zenthon Titan's dragon wings give him astonishing speed and agility in battle. Additional weaponry and extendable claws make Zenthon Titan a legendary warrior.)

Zenthon Titan

Passive shield blocks very powerful attacks from other Mechs

Laser beams solo an army of Chaos Bakugan

Dragonoid Destroyer

(The use of his infinite G-Powers gained through the "golden metamorphosis" helped him defeat and destroy Mechtavius Destroyer with a single blast!)
Dragonoid Destroyer]Dragonoid Destroyer

Has passive shields

Powerful arm canons

Head Canon obliterated fused Mechtogon Destroyer

This is what it's residue did

Destroyed Mechtogon Destroyer who had destroyed the multiverse in an alternate timeline:

But none of that matters anyway since:

  • Strength is Infinite ∞
  • Speed is Infinite ∞
  • Durability is Infinite ∞

etc ect etc......

(His power level kept rising till it was finally calculated at infinity!)
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