Kanzenshuu Facts: Akira Toriyama doesnt write the guides

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Kanzenshuu Facts: Akira Toriyama doesnt write the guides

Post by Beyonder on Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:42 am

To quote VegettoEX webmaster of Kanzenshuu:
VegettoEX wrote:“First off, "approved by Toriyama" is a concept that gets tossed around by each side of any given argument to prop up their own agenda. Those in favor of [insert guide book here] say, "Well, he approved of it, so it's good!" while the opposing side says, "Well, he approved of it, but he's an idiot and didn't write it himself, so it doesn't count!" Furthermore, what does "approved" mean...? No-one's ever going to get an in-depth explanation of if he even looked at the book at all, never mind whether or not he personally sat there and poured over each and every word for minute differences in sentence structure (highly unlikely, by the way), the same way you're never going to get an explanation as to which members on which company's staff actually wrote some of the statements there. It's not the Japanese way, and they just don't care as much as you do.

There's literally nothing you can say to one another other than:

(1) Can we agree to use this? Yes/No? OK.

(2) Can we agree to disagree on this? OK.

Otherwise, it's an endless cycle that just devolves into people tossing pseudo-science at each other wrapped up in childish insults.

And speaking of childish insults, please refrain from disparaging other specific communities. If you don't like a place, don't go there. Don't air out your dirty laundry here.”

He is Correct

Databook Staff Credit wrote:It should be noted although Akira Toriyama is listed as the author of this databook, he actually had very little involvement with the production of its content,if any at all. Toriyama makes it quite clear in most of his Daizenshuu introductions that "they" (Shueisha) are responsible for putting these together, and he is often graciously humble in thanking for all their hard work in sorting through his exhaustive series."


Akira Toriyama KNOWS these guides exist but has NEVER once stated himself that he APPROVES but is just THANKFUL about their dedication through sorting his series....Akira is OLD and has shown he doesnt KNOW everything from his past writing the guides are simply secondary sources and should not be taken 100% seriously.

Screen Shot: By Me.

Akira Toriyama doesn't write nor publish the databooks it is the company who does.

Akira Toriyama even admitted that they bring in Shueisha attendants to "Help" him in Q and As with interviewers.

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