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The Beyonders Respect Thread

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The Beyonders Respect Thread

Post by Beyonder on Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:51 pm

The Beyonders

Just 1 Beyonder are capable of taking out the entire celestial race! With each beyonder in every reality killing them off 1 by 1.

They where able to kill infinity,lord chaos and lord order along with the in-betweener all of which were thought to be the most power beings in existence.

They even killed the PHYSICAL form of a eternity! Not just the M-bodies they manifest in the realities they are in.

They was capable of killing the living tribunal! The living multiverse itself! This isnt a M-Body or a clone this is the literal actual Living tribunal who got killed by these sadistic omnipotent beings.

They did this all on a "Whim"

They are highly qualified and recognized omnipotent race of beings able to kill concepts themselves! They have been shown to be creators beyond known shape of existence they don't seem to have emotions or feelings they are simply killing off Multiverses because they got bored.

Powers and Abilities

The Beyonders are Omnipotent (Infinite Power) and Omnipresent able to attack the living tribunal in all realities all in a single fight also while being Nigh-Omniscient as they are older than the cosmic order which been around since billions of years which makes them the most oldest race in the marvel Omniverse! and they are able to create Omnipotential beings known as Cosmic cubes which are capable of casual universe level feats while not even matured. The beyonders are able to create universes and manipulate them because they want to study or just because they want to the beyonders are also capable of killing Abstract entities erasing them from existence and able to make Universal bombs in the form of a human like being capable of universe destruction!

In the Marvel secret wars official guide of marvel multiverse #1 they were mentioned to be All-powerful.
And again but before Marvel Secret Wars official Guide they were stated as Omnipotent in Kosmos Handbook

More information!

(Pre-Retcon Beyonder was NEVER part of the Beyonders until his direct retcon.)

The Beyonders caused a Omniverse level affects.

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