FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 2

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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 2

Post by 345rv5 on Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:03 am

Part 2 of the pwnage against this infamous Borlytard, Broil.

LegendaryBroli Edited Aug 15, 2014
Oh man this guy still wants to go, you really do not know when to give up do you

1: Sorry sir, he is in hell, which is on the bottom. And where him and pikkon where fighting where near the top. he was shaking the after life, all of it. Not half, Or 1/5 or 1/10 like you have it in fairy tale land


2: Bro are you stupid, I was talking about the afterlife, what the hell does namek and earth which is not apart of the after life got to do with anything, just grasping on straws.

3: No, it is reliable, i doesn't become shit because you are getting proven wrong with it. And i seriously cannot believe you are asking me about what does beerus got to do with non-canon when you are comparing non-canon to canon like beerus. Its explains what happens in the series or explains further on points, if the series shows something different otherwise then yes its wrong unless its a interview from the author then its auto correct.

Man you really are pathetic

4: -.- Face palm, Dimensional walls hold up and separate the universes from each other, Fact is Gohan-Buu was destroying all the dimensional walls, which means his power was spreading through outside of space, catching them to be destroyed and having universes collide with each other. And no genius, not all Dimension busting is scaled the same way, dimensions rank in sizes, your Ichigo point is just proving how much of a ameture you really are since you think dimensions are all the same, when they are not. Dimensional walls that separate and hold up the universes, try to guess how big they have to be to do that.

5: Oh will you look at that, another bullshit assumption. Oh i am not surprise, dumb asses always make shit up because they themselves are unable to handle the truth. First it was your impression i have Broly > Galactus and now its DBZ is the strongest.

Man you are full of shit

And you debunk Broly being a Galaxy buster, with Pakl Video. Please go ahead and try to prove he is not, You will fail like all of them, and i do only use the english sub not the dub

Oh but will you look at that logic

The south galaxy is still there or broly was doing it over time

Congrats you are like the .........well i do not know 10 000 + person to use that argument

Broly destroyed the South Galaxy, But did it in a very short amount of time, to the point king kai said "at this rate, even my northern Galaxy will be destroyed" and no it never happened over time because king kai said a Super saiyan was doing this, and got a reading on his power saying he may be stronger then the Z fighters when talking to goku, goku confirms this when he went to the broken planet, RSSj Destroyed the Galaxy, no one else, good bye over time non-sense.

For you to destroy a galaxy in a few hours, You are required to destroy thousands of light years in 1 go. Planets/Stars left over from the galaxy scene was all a set up, maybe if you watched the movie you will notice that the galaxy scene was a set up for Vegeta to fall for the fact that the LSSJ existed, and they even lied to vegeta when they told him the LSSJ appeared on todokama. When broly was next to him the whole time

But what really proves he is a galaxy buster is that he was said twice if not stopped the universe well be destroyed, Common sense, How long saiyans live + Broly current age at movie 8 + how big the universe is = Galaxy busting at Minimum, and the fact his suppressed SSj was able to make extremely short work of a Galaxy.

But then again i know your argument for this, go ahead and try, like i said you will fail like the rest and try to keep the insults out, so i can understand what you are trying to say.

6: No, Frieza is a star buster because Goku said so, and Frieza at 50% form took the spirit bomb which had the energy of multiple planets and stars, which he took. It was even said that Frieza was a universal threat, obviously not 1 shot but planet and star.

Large planet level lol that is pretty funny, considering planet vegeta is itself requires more power to destroy then any planet thanks to its gravity and density. Guidebooks are not incorrect, FTL naruto is bullshit because of other instance, Star level ichigo is bullshit because of instance after, Galaxy level Bojack is not since guys like RSSJ broly and Hatchiyack have shown galaxy level feats. Just keep failing on your face with your pathetic excuses.

Fun fact, the spirit bomb against kid buu, had the energy of all of space

7: Face palm 10x you still repeating the same bullshit logic about Ki being the same as star seeds tampering, And i am not going to explain this to you again, DBZ do not have abilities that allow them to tamper with the star or planet core. They use pure power, and no Vegeta didn't do a chain reaction when he blew the planet up, Since DBZ already shown how a chain reaction is done when Frieza failed to blow up namek. Vegeta planet bust when for seconds, chain reactions do not go for second retard lol

There not facts, there what you want them to be, not what they really are. I told you show me them preforming any Star level destruction in combat, I promise you cant, because all there destruction is combat useless unless they do the same thing sailor moon + Chibi moon did by putting fourth there max power into a blast, not mess with the planet/stars star seed

8: Just like a black hole, but it does not have its gravity otherwise the planet would be a pebble. Its still a planet overall, and she still needed to go all out to destroy it with her friend Chibi moon. It just has the gravitational pull, but not the real gravity inside, Big difference. Its still planet level overall since Gravitational pull is not going to increase density in the planet.

9: The kais are responsible for the creation of the planets and stars in the universe, really as if you didn't know that.

Creations does not equal destruction, get it through your head. Purification or any lighting up does not equal destruction, If it did, Sailor moon would of shown it.

Going by your logic, Goku powering up against ginyu is solar system level because he lights up a solar system -.-

Star level by star seed tampering, If she was truly power style star level, she wouldn't need to go all out to destroy a planet with her friend now would she -.-

All planets, Stars, Everything in the sailor moon verse has star seeds.

10: LOL Calculation are full of shit, despite AT said himself he knows nothing about science yet here you are applying it to every moveable object in any series. Your using your fan-made calculation to block out what the series shows, for both sailor moon and DBZ, you think Sailor moon in anime is star level -.- i do not need to go further on how pathetic that sounds.

11: oh man killed by a solar system buster now -.- amazing, Still comparing canon to non-canon like come on you still haven't learned , well more pathetic actually, and killed by the sun now oh that is even more amazing, despite the fact its said he got killed by the kamehameha in the daizenshuu. According to you, Cooler > Broly since he lasted longer in the sun, Oh wait even more better


Goku start of namek > broly.

Hell i guess that means according to your logic

Metal > Start of Namek Goku > Broly ?

Man you suck at being a smart ass, like you tried it before and you failed, so why are you still trying it again with broly ? haven't you learned you are never going to prove anything against me.

You are using Gravity to determine power, you think the force of a planet explosion has no comparisons yet the force of a planet explosion is destroyed a planet itself, which weight is doing to do much more then bend or dent steel. And yet here you are not noticing this rubbish.

Oh his comparing potency now, funny thinking massive winds capable of blowing away building have potency lol no, I know what potency is, But that seen had no potency. And please do not use GT, you got to be pretty sad to use a series that had massive amount of inconsistencies.

No sir, the problem is you are unable to prove anything with juicing it up and overrating it, or mixing your own logic with it. Sorry sir, if your logic is assumptions and shit you cannot understand then give up debating. Admit defeat, you cannot prove me wrong with your fan-made dumb logic, Your just a typical turd who is unable to handle defeat.

And what made her shit her pants well lets see, her saying she is no match for the power, and needed her friends help to deal with the problem.

Are you done wasting my time or you want to go some more ? i wonder how many times you are going to repeat or save face in the next post.

Man talking about dealing with a ameture loser like you, Go do what you done on you tube and run away

LOL!Sorry for the late response. I had something called a life to live , oh what we doing again ? Oh right pwning this dumbass Brolytard who has no fucking idea what he's talking about.

1:Unless you can prove that the reaility wrapping affected all the 4 Kai planets and the Superme kai planet, you have no argument of the entire after life being affected so stop with this failed argument. Nice try dickshit and thanks for adding more fuel to the fire of your fantarded stupidity. After you eventually quite and block me because you're so butthurt, i'll show all my friends how utterly stupid you are and we can all laugh at your stupidity together.

2: *Faceplam* Once again you fail to understand that i was saying that if JamNeba was Universe level, why was the only mortal world planet affected was Earth ? I never said anything about the Earth or Namek being in the afterlife. The fact you're bringing this up is a strawman argument and not a real argument i made or even said. It's just a desperate little excuse for you to dodge the question and avoid admitting you have no argument because you don't. You can't admit that the evidence for you Universe claim is still Hyperbole and the only parts shown affects was only within a 1,000,000 kilometer radius of Snakeway which BTW isn't even remotely close to the scale of the Universe which is 92 Billion Light Years and you can't prove to me that Namek in the mortal world was affected, nor the other 3 Kai planets or the Supreme Kai world which would've at least lended credibility it can affect the Universe.

3: Nope, again the power level are massively inconsistent. For example, Broly with a power level of 1.4 Billion is way too low for Broly. I'm pretty sure he's more than 10 times stronger than Fireza, Trunks sure as hell was and this was Pre Hyperbolic Time Chamber SSJ Trunks. Also they have Broly's power level above Kid Buu and Cell which is retarded considering Broly lost to a Non SSJ2 and do i even need to state why Kid Buu is stronger than Broly ? Unlike Broly, Kid Buu actually has a proven Galaxy busting feat that can be backed by powerscaling. Also when did i say Bills was non canon ? Again you're pulling a Red Herring to distract from the argument because i never stated Bills was non canon.

Oh man this guy still wants to go, you really do not know when to give up do you

1: Sorry sir, he is in hell, which is on the bottom. And where him and pikkon where fighting where near the top. he was shaking the after life, all of it. Not half, Or 1/5 or 1/10 like you have it in fairy tale land

2: Bro are you stupid, I was talking about the afterlife, what the hell does namek and earth which is not apart of the after life got to do with anything, just grasping on straws.

3: No, it is reliable, i doesn't become shit because you are getting proven wrong with it. And i seriously cannot believe you are asking me about what does Beerus got to do with non-canon when you are comparing non-canon to canon like Beerus. Its explains what happens in the series or explains further on points, if the series shows something different otherwise then yes its wrong unless its a interview from the author then its auto correct.

Man you really are pathetic

4: Dimension walls were only stated , not shown on a Universe scale. Again shattering dimensional ways have nothing to do with Universe busting. By you're argument, S season Sailor Moon is a Universe buster because she killed Pharaoh 90 who was a "Dimension" and by your argument " Dimension=Universe". You're mainly blowing a filler feat out of portion that hasn't even been shown to anywhere near the scale you wank it to be. Also you missed the point entirely with my argument regarding Ichigo, the point i'm making is that you have unproven statements and all you're doing is exaggerating the feat that was only shown to affect Earth. Again by you're logic, i can make the same outrageous claims regarding Ichigo because he shattered a Kido that crushes people with the " gravity of a black hole" and a power that "transcends space and time". Yeah when i say it that way , you would think i sound like a dumbass right ? Well that's exactly how you sound by bringing up the Buuhan feat of his unproven Universe Busting. Again if he was truly a Universe buster, why wasn't the Afterlife having cracks within reality itself ? Why wasn't other planets like Namek affected ? Or better yet why wasn't the Supreme Kai world affected ?

5: Unable to handle the truth ? Appeal to Motive fallacy much ? Hell i lost track on how many logical fallacies you have committed so far. You're Argument that Broly can Galaxy bust is directly contradicted by the movie itself, the fact that canon has Cell who is only a Solar System Buster( Who can merk Broly) and the fact that Kid Buu who's way stronger than Broly was only able to level a Galaxy in 3-5 years and the fact Bills is the only confrimed Galaxy buster in Canon. Unless you think Broly= Bills, then shut the fuck up and admit defeat but you can't because for all the calims you make about the opposition not handling the truth, the one who is in denial of reality is you. You're literary going against you're very own series logic and continuity by trying maintain a lie.

Sorry for assuming that, though given you're massive wank of DBZ, i wouldn't had been surprised if you thought Broly > Galactus or DBZ is the strongest.

Again coming from a guy who thinks Broly is a Galaxy buster when the very movie he quotes completely contradicts that by having most of the movie take place in the South Galaxy. At least with Sailor Moon, she completely destroyed the Galaxy sized Pharaoh 90 without leaving a trace and this was the anime version. It's amazing that Broly sucked at his job so badly regarding destroying a Galaxy given all those planets and stars were still around , not to mention New Planet Vegeta . Hell he's pretty much shown blowing up only one planet within the entire movie and was pwned by a comet, a fucking comet ! Yeah so much for Galaxy buster, LOL.

FAIL! The English Sub stated that the Galaxy was under attack by Broly over several decades and that the Galaxy has been left in ruins, not destroyed in the English Sub. It's actually the English dub that supports your claim that Broly is a Galaxy buster, it's funny you're going with the sub that completely debunks your very argument within the first 45 seconds of the movie. You truly are the definition of moron.

Thanks, i'm glad i'm the 10,001th person to pwn your retarded ass. Problem is it's still there. You can't make a galaxy busting claim if the Galaxy is still there. That's like me saying that Naruto is a Universe buster inspite the face he has no feats that he ever Universe busted nor can ever Universe bust. You're a complete moron if you think that what you're saying is even a valid argument.

Broly would literary be too weak to bust a Galaxy overtime. Let's go by the powerscaling of Broly with a calc from Vegeta

It takes 1–2×1044 J to create a Supernova, you need 5 Supernovas to blow up a Solar System.

Now let's calc the Vegeta feat

The Beam is fired from Earth to Space between 4:29 to to 4:39 of the video before it exploded, creating a Supernova like exploison from a distance.
The closet star to Earth is Proxima Centauri, which is 4.36 lightyears away. For Vegeta's blast to reach 4.36 Lightyears in 10 seconds, Vegeta's blast would be traveling 2,616,000,000,000 miles per second or over 14,064,516 times the speed of light. Approximately 176 times faster than 100% Fireza's speed.

Now time for the concussive force of the beam itself traveling at 14 Million times the speed of light

Beam Widith:545km
Beam Length: 42,100,439,000,000 km( 4.36 ly)
Shockwave of Final Flash:5,562 km
Beam speed:2,616,000,000,000 miles per second

545x42,100,439,000,000x5,562x 2,616,000,000,000=3.33850361550187e+32 joules going by piercing energy of the beam
Using this Online conversion between Joules and Megatons, we get this number.
79 792 151 422 000 000 megatons of TNT

Power of the beam traveling through space: 79.792 Zetatons of TNT

But that's hardly all in terms of overall power.

Now time to calc the yield of how much energy is really in the blast itself going by this asteroid calcutor

Yeild of Vegeta's shockwave :1.320E+11gigatons or 13,200,000,000 Gigatons or 13.2 Exatons, nearly half the GBE of the Moon from the shockwave alone

And that's just within a 5,562km radius of the blast, now time for the fun part

7569298633.585041x13.2 Exatons=99.915 Ninatons
99.15 Ninatonsx 79.792 =7.911 Tenatons

Actual piercing power of Beam:7.911 Tenatons

And finally the exploison from a distance.

Vegeta's explosion in space: ( 5.75x the sun's size)
Star( Presumably sun sized): 1,391,400 km

Using the star desotryer calc to type in the mass and size of a star and using Online conversion to Joules again, i end up with this being Vegeta's overall Destructive power.

So overall we get this for Vegeta's Final Flash
1,037,045,889,100,000,000,000,000,000 megatons of TNT or 1.037 Tenakilotons

Vegeta's shockwave:13.2 Exatons of TNT (Nearly half the GBE of the Moon)
Vegeta's beam piercing power:7.911 Tenatons of TNT (2.64 times the power needed to bust the smallest Star VB 10)
Vegeta's Final flash explosion:1.037 Tenakilotons (6.3 the power needed to destroy our sun)

Though this is not even a good comparison given with the recent MLP vs Broly thread, i proved Broly was barely at Star level and easily far weaker than Super Vegeta given he was at best at Semi Prefect Cells level.

So right off the bat, that completely and utterly debunks you're galaxy bust feat within RSSJ.

Now let's see if Broly really can Galaxy bust overtime.

If takes all of Broly's efforts just to level a Star, then you're already in trouble. The Mikly Way Galaxy has 200 Billion Stars alone but let's be fair for a minute and see how long it would take Broly to level a Galaxy. Let's be fair and say at most Broly needed a minute charge time at best to recover his full power. For him to blow up 200 Billion Stars and the Galaxy, it would take him 1,388,888,888.888889 Years to even level one Galaxy and last time i check, not even Kaioshins have that much lifespan and this is completely ignoring energy fatigue or stress from overusing Ki and giving Broly near infinte Ki.So yeah in no way Broly is a Galaxy buster. Not by feats because as you yourself said " There is still a South Galaxy" and most of the planets were sitll intact, just the civilizations that were in ruins. King Kai's statement is unreilable Hyperbole and unless Broly has a lifespan of 1 Billion years, he's not coming even remotely close to Galaxy busting.

You're a moron. I already debunked you're moronic argument with the fact Broly in a Billion years still can't Galaxy bust but let's humor your dumbass argument for a second and assume you have a point. Broly took 37 years just to leave every planet in the galaxy in ruins. Given the stars still existed in the South Galaxy, the Galaxy still exists and he didn't even level any planet aside from one, that's not a valid claim of power. Also are you trying to say that Broly is stronger than Kid Buu ( A character who shits on Cell casually) who needed 3-5 years to do the same thing to a Galaxy that it apparently took Broly ( a character weaker than Cell) 5 hours to do ?

LOL! Once again resorting to Hyperbole and statements not backed by feats or powerscaling. By that argument, Queen Berly is a Universe buster because she stated she would be the strongest being in the Universe or Wiseman because he can "destory all life in this Universe". Hell every Sailor Moon villain would be a Universe buster by the same logic here you're using to wank Broly.

An average Sayain according to Toryirama himself lives only 70 to 90 years, at most a Super Sayain would live up to 1,000 years, that isn't nearly enough to support any of your claims. Once again Broly wasn't even close to Galaxy level, he was weaker than Cell and it would take literary 1 million of Broly's lifetimes to even have him come close to any Galaxy level feat. Hell even as a SSJ4, he would still struggle to bust Galaxies let alone be a casual Galaxy buster within his suppressed SSj form.

Hell to further mock the absurdity of your claims, here is Horartu from anime Sailor Moon creating a minature Big Bang. As seen here ,she's not even transfromed yet can create a small scale Big Bang. As you know, the Big Bang was at one point caused by a atomic particle that held the mass of our modern Universe. Horartu's scale isn't quite as vast though given it was a plam sized mass of engery and the scale of her pokect Universe was no bigger than a room but let's look about the difference between the size of a particle and a plam to get the real power of Horatu's Big Bang .

isolated neutral atoms range between 30 and 300 pm (trillionths of a meter)

The size of an average girls paln about age 6 would be about 3 inches or 0.0762 of a meter.

Doing the math on that and and Horatu's Miniature Big Bang would of required 1/22,860,000,000 the power of the Big Bang that created the Universe.

Didive that by 200 Billion Galaxies and you get the yeild erqauilvent of 10.936 Milky Way Galaxies or 1.09 ExaFoe. That's at the very least a soild Muilt Galaxy busting feat from her civilain form alone

So again if you're going to make the false assertion that Broly in RSSJ can Galaxy bust casually, i'll counter with Civilian Form Horartu casually creating Minature Big Bangs and we all know that Miniature Big Bangs > Galaxy Busting.

Hell let's play by your rules and use your very own logic against you.

Civilian Hoartu can casually Muilt Galaxy bust because she can create miniature Big Bangs, that means that Base Sailor Saturn is a Universe buster because lulz and Super Sailor Saturn is a Muiltverse buster because i say so. Yeah don't like it when your own claims are thrown right back you don't you. So unless you want me to embarrass you with the facts that Horatu alone can crubstomp Broly, then drop this ridiculous assertion that Broly is a Galaxy buster.

6: When did Goku say that ? I'm curious because at no point he ever said that.

Also unlike Fireza, Berly at least has proven feats that might be an argument for Star Busting. Fireza hasn't shown any feat whatsoever to prove the claim.

Spirit Bomb only took small parts of energy from multiple planets and stars, doesn't make it equivalent to a Star level attack. The Spirit Bomb used to kill Buu who was far stronger than Fireza only used energy from Earth unless you are saying Fireza> Kid Buu because Buu was killed by a spirit bomb that only had Earth's power whereas Fireza survived a "Solar System level" Spirit Bomb.See how inconsistent your argument is to the facts.

Not within a Million years would Fireza be a Universe level threat. If it would take Broly Over 1 Billion years to take over and destroy just one Galaxy, Fireza has no chance of ever reaching that power level to destroy the Universe. The Universe would sooner Freeze over before Fireza can even successfully conquer one Galaxy,hell you seem to forget the fact Broly alone exists and would rape Fireza , they're also Badidi and his minions who all laugh at Fireza's pitiful power level, the Machine Mutants within Planet M-2 who make Fireza look like a pussy or any Z villain or hell even the Kaioshin's who are each stated to be 1,000 times above Fireza and most importantly Bils and Whis. Please do tell how Fireza is a threat to the entire Universe again, oh right you have no valid argument.

Sorry but the facts are the facts, Deal with it .Planet Vegeta at most is barely in the Large Planet range of busting and given Fireza in a much stronger form had trouble busting Namek, a planet with normal gravity, that kinda discredits Fireza's power by a large amount. At most the destruction of Planet Vegeta would be 2.240E+37 Joules and that's only if you can prove it's not only 10 times denser than Earth and have 10 times the Graivty but has over 10 times Earth's size. That's still not even 1/10,000th the power to bust the Sun. The GBE of the Sun is 6.9×1041 J so even at the most liberal size of Planet Vegeta which is 10 earths, it's still nowhere close to Star Busting.

So you're okay with using DBZ guidebooks for hyperbole bullshit but have the nerve to mock other fantards for their sheer stupidty ? Thanks for reafrriming the point that you're a hypocrite. Saying Bojack is a Galaxy buster without evidence is the same as saying Naruto is FTL without evidence.

Nope, i think you're confusing that with the one against Omega Shenoron and really it only had the energy of the entire Northern Galaxy. Buu's Spirit Bomb only had about the power from the people of Earth at best.

7: You're still repeating the Star Seeds argument which has been debunked for 10,000 times in a row.

Look again at the Vegeta part, he blew up Ara tampering with the core of the planet with Ki to bust it and the Moon. Again you're argument is invaild.
Once again you're ignoring the facts i presented to you and arguing Ad Nasuem. Fine two can play that game fucktard.
Once again you expose your willful ignorance by once again ignoring the fact it was a Planet Sized Blackhole they busted, not a Planet and Blackholes>Stars.

Also given they fired beams at Wiseman, they're far from combat useless so stop with this fallacy.

8: Once again this is coming from someone who doesn't understand the concept of Gravity. The planet is spinning at the speed of a Blackhole moron which already is creating the Gravity of a Black Hole. The earth spins at 24,000km an Hour which is the basis of 1 G gravity. A Blackhole rotates at the speed of light which would generate 1.14 Qaudrillion . The fact Sailor Moon wasn't be pulled by the Gravity proves not only is she FTL but she can withstand the force of 1.14 Qaudrillion G's no problem. Also the planet started as a normal planet until Wiseman took it over and started to transform it into a Small Star essentially. You're a moron who has no basic understanding on how Gravity works.

9: Where was that stated ? At no point has any Kai shown anywhere close to Planet creation or planet busting. Hell if King Kai can create planets, why is his planet so pitifully small by comparison to even a Mario Galaxy Planetoid?

Once again you utterly fail and that's an false dichotomy. In order to create , you also have to destory. Are you saying Pein isn't Mountain level ? He destroyed a mountain to create a sphere 1/1000th the size of the Moon and has shown destructive force needed to level an entire city. I dare you to find me a single feat from any ficitonal verse that proves your argument that " Creations does not equal destruction"

Sailor Moon has killed Star Busters and repaired the Sun and she's killed Galaxy Busters and repaired entire Galaxies. I've shown you countless evidence already so once again here goes my feeble attempt to rationalize with a complete moron.

Lambda power has the power to restore the Milky Way no matter how damaged it gets.

SM falls into the Cauldron and was confirmed to not have died. Cauldron contains the energy of all the stars and planets yet to be born the the Milky Ways future. A small galaxy's worth of energy at the least.

Hell at best, it's approaching pretty close to Universe busting going by powerscaling combined with statements and calcs

This calc puts the Galaxy Claudorn at least 868,000X the GBE of the Galaxy, Which makes sense given that Civilian Usgai alone shurged off a blast stronger than several Star System and Galaxy busting villains combined and fits with powerscailing alone given Top Tiers in Stars are casually Muilt Galaxy level in the manga. So not only does Sailor Moon in the manga solo DBZverse but solos it casually by this feat alone. She's at the very least Galaxy Cluster level.

Since when did Goku light up a Solar System ? He didn't even do that with his battle with Cell let alone Ginyu and aren't you the moron who thinks Fireza is a casual Star Buster ?

Once again,intentional downplaying and ignoring facts that contradict your confirmation bias.

And again how is that a valid argument ? Even assuming you have a point which is hilarious in itself, in what way does this diminish the power of the Senshi? You're aware by your argument regarding Fireza surrivivng Goku's sprit bomb that you argued that Planets and Stars have Ki and hence how Goku's spirit bomb was able to grow despite not having much people in the Nakemian Tir Solar System right ? So again you're own argument shoots itself in the foot because i can make the exact same argument that DBZ fighters are shit without their ki.After all name a single Z fighter who can move FTL without ki or blow up planets ?

10: You sound like a dumbass Creationist redneck saying " I done not need no science, da bible is da answers" when you claim Calculations are full of shit and shows how much of an intellectual lightweight you are and how lazy you are when it comes to thinking, then again i'm not surprised your this stupid considering your recent comments. It's no wonder the DBZ fandom has a bad name in general, it's because of Anti Intellectual morons like you who dismiss science and dismiss facts and how the world works to blindly follow what makes you feel good inside. You might as well make DBZ a Religion and make Broly your invisible skydaddy that you suck his dick all day because you're as sheepish and moronic as any Fundie Christian.

11: Whoa it's pathetic how desperate you are to try debunking me that you're resorting to using a invalid argument that further shows how dumb you are than to admit that you lost the argument. Also you're the one wanking the non canon Broly and i've been way too kind to a moron like you. I could've just easily dismiss Broly as Non canon and tell you to go fuck yourself but that's not nearly fun enough so i'm tearing apart your own arguments with the very thing you wank.

Cooler lasting longer than Broly ? It took him longer to hit the sun because SSJ Goku at that point was much weaker than SSJ2 Gohan , SSJ Goten and SSJ Trunks, nice try faggot, you can't compare the length it took a weaker SSJ to send Cooler the sun the the length it took two ASSJ children and a SSJ2 to send Broly into the sun and then claim it's a durability feat for Cooler to undermine the fact Broly still died hitting the sun. It shows that you're desperate and denial that Broly would get merked by Queen Metaila alone.

Hell going by just me conversations with a Sailor Moon fan named Imperator100 ( the same one who made some of these calcs which are decently done) even the manga verisons of the Shieneitou are capable of beating Broly easily given by this time in the manga, Sailor Moon unleased the power of the Ginzhuisho, described as being like a supernova(Fruther backed by the fact it later defeats the villain of the arc which can casually withstand the sun) and Kunzite survives said energy which puts the Shenenitou easily at least Star level.

Umino describes the light as being like an exploding Supernova:

And Kunzite was surviving being near said energy:

Another more tangible feat is Jadeite, the weakest of the Sheineotu capable of creating a planet sized dimension space with the moon and sun noticiable in that pocket space, meaning the Sheientou are actually in the Solar System range of power and they're much weaker than Queen Metaila herself.

Overall the Sheinetiou in the manga alone are far stronger than Anime Queen Metaila who only Large Planet to Small Star level at her strongest in the anime and each Sheinetou is easily capable of curbstomping R season anime Sailor Moon characters as well.The strength of the manga characters alone would easily defeat any non Buu Saga DBZ character and that's just in the frist arc alone.

Since i'm on the subject of Imperator100 , shes a fairly decent and rational woman, she might be a bit too fangirlish about Sailor Moon but unlike Broylytards, she at least backs her claims via calcs, powerscaling and even word of mouth feats. She does seem to downplay DBZ a bit at times, but she's reveatly reasonable and rational and at least makes valid claims even when i don't agree with them 100% of the time, she does use a valid method of test that is used by OBD that while not prefect, is the best way to vaulte how powerful a character is.

Feats are allowed in order of:
1: Direct Feat
2: Statement from the Author
3: Powerscaling
4: Logic
5: Supported Character Statements
6: Unsupported Character Statements
7: Contradicted Character Statements

If a character should be at X level because of one of these reasons it can only be contradicted by something higher on the list. What this does not allow for is assumptions that aren't logical. This is leagues better than just saying"Broly can Galaxy bust " without evidence.

As for Goku not dying from the sun, he wasn't thrown into the surface of the sun like Broly and Cooler, he narrowly escaped just being a few miles close to the sun and again this is just another desperate attempt to hide the fact you have no argument but if you wish to think Metal > Start of Namek Goku > Broly, then be my guess , it's not my argument, that's your strawman of my argument.

Nah, i think i'm good at it considering i got you all butthurt and apologetic about how Broly doesn't cut the mustard within his own verse let alone other verses.

I know i'm not going to ever disprove a strong believer of Broly Christ that was vaporized on the sun to die for your sins, you have have every right to believe in complete and utter bullshit just as long as you don't enforce your bullshit beliefs down other people's throats.

Once again you don't understand how gravity works. The force of Gravity=/=Explosions. I know it's hard for you Brolytards to understand basic science or math but at least pretend to know what the fuck you're talking about when it comes to physics. Even ICP has a better understanding on how Magnets and Gravity works than you.

SSJ Trunks, the guy who raped Fireza anally struggled against 10G's when in the Hyperbolic time chamber with Vegeta so that's proof that Graivrty=/Power level.

You clearly don't because if you did, you wouldn't be making half these stupid arguments you're making.

But you can use Filler feats and Movies just fine ? Yeah i know you're a hypocrite and a moron who doesn't understand how his own series works but at least pretend to be consistent and intelligent for 5 seconds.

This coming from a guy who claims King Kai who created stars, think Broly is a Galaxy buster and has done nothing but overate and hype up DBZ while downplaying Sailor Moon while unable to prove anything with his arguments and has not even a second graders understanding of Science or Physics. Also the one making assumptions is you. You're entire argument is filled with logical fallacies and fan made logic

Once again if you want to downplay, i can do the same. Nappa's city level attack>17 and 18 because they never casually blew up cites and Nappa killed all the Z fighters except Gohan whereas canon timeline 17 and 18 didn't . LOL.

Again stop projecting your thoughts onto me buddy. I'm not the one repeating bad arguments debunked by countless people on the internet.

Since when did i run away ? You're the one who hasn't responded to any of my messages. After all i'm still waiting for your response to this

Aug 11, 2014

+Broli If the best DBZ forum is something you're writing then it's no wonder the DBZ fandom is a laughing stock on every forum they go to.

You're the one who has yet to reply so again stop projecting yourself onto me you chicken shit faggot.

LegendaryBroli Edited Aug 15, 2014
OMFG my post go delete, Stupid links like really wtf. Any ways this is my last post, We are not going to agree with each other so no point in going on. Good debate

I am going to do this quickly

1 and 2: Supreme Kai world is not apart of the Afterlife, It has its own realm. And Namek is not apart of the after life. Really keep up


So no, Considering the fact Janemba warped Hell, the Entire check in station and even where they where having the fight between Pikkon and Goku. he warped the enter after life. The Mortal Universe and the after life are separated

3: Budokai 3 power levels doesn't debunk anything, Them levels are meant to be based on the budokai 3 games. And yes, when you where comparing Beerus levels of feats who is canon to Janemba who is non-canon to debunk them because beerus is stronger.

4: as i said before, Dimensions rank in sizes. Doesn't mean someone destroys a dimension he is universal level or the same level as anyone else, it depends on the dimensions size and what it effects, Gohan-Buu was destroy the dimensional walls, which have a higher purpose then normal dimensions since they exist outside of space, And separate and holds universe up together. The after life does not exist where dimensional walls are lol seriously this is getting lame, fix your shit up

5: And you are doing the same shit as you did before, trying to scale canon characters level of feats to non-canon characters like broly just to nerf him, I told you, Canon does not go with non-canon, Even the interview from the creator proves this as i shown. You are simply grasping on straws now. And Broly never got owned by a comet, like really maybe for forgot he had a hole in him from goku before, and still survived planet + Massive comet colliding with each other. If anything that is impressive considering he had a hole in his stomach before.

Yeah sure she destroyed a galaxy, is this before you woke up or after you woke up ?

Oh please, you are repeating the same rubbish every other guy who trys to debunk broly galaxy feat is doing. The Galaxy was said to be under attack AFTER the galaxy was gone, not before. And no nothing states it was over time, since King kai sensed RSSj broly destroy the Galaxy, and commented "at this rate, even my northern galaxy will be destroyed" So no sir, nothing proves he done it over time.

And i told you about the plot of the galaxy scene, yet you will ignore it and say the same rubbish

"Planets/Stars left over from the galaxy scene was all a set up, maybe if you watched the movie you will notice that the galaxy scene was a set up for Vegeta to fall for the fact that the LSSJ existed, and they even lied to vegeta when they told him the LSSJ appeared on todokama. When broly was next to him the whole time"

Oh so statements, Guidebooks, and feats in the movie or others are considered inconsistent and hyperboles, yet your calculations are full legit. Like really are you trying to look pathetic ?

Oh yeah, Hatchiyack pushing a galaxy


Enjoy getting proven wrong about Galaxy level feats

6: Spirit bomb against Vegeta, Had little energy from the earth alone. And the spirit bomb was so powerful, it was more powerful then the 4x Kamehameha and Galick gun, which are > planet level. And let me remind you the spirit bomb lost 50% of its energy.

Meaning Full Energy Spirit bomb > 50% Spirit bomb > 4x Kamehameha > Galick Gun > Planet level = Power level 18 000

Now imagine was little energy from Multiple planets and stars is going to do.


Energy from all of space, And its said in the translation and also anime that the spirit bomb had the energy from the universe.

I need to find that

And no, broly is not a Billion years old, he is 30 years old. And for Frieza

Frieza can destroy the Universe

www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCPmtp…, And this was said in the manga, which i will try to find.

And no, Frieza never had troubles busting namek, he was just scared he would get caught in his own attack. He even said that he held back. honestly how many times do i have to correct your crap for you.

Guidebooks are not bullshit unless the series shows otherwise, And the series in movie 9 is not showing otherwise on it, Especially when you have 2 guys like Hatchiyack and Broly who are preforming Galaxy level feats. You have nothing but your crying and your opinion, Give up

7: No, a Chain reaction would go for mins and more. As shown when Frieza against Planet Namek. Vegeta destruction took only seconds, Chain reactions and how DBZ presents chain reactions do not go for seconds sir. There was no chain reaction on it

8: No, its not the same as the black hole because the planet would get crushed into a pebble, Its just has gravitational pull of a black hole, but not eh infinity gravity, Its just like the Dead zone, which was said in the guidebook to be able to suck in light, Same as in your little planet. Yet it does not have with a real black hole. its just a normal planet with immense gravitational pull. So congrats, all out just to destroy a planet, and not even by herself.

The Kaiōshin possess the power of “creation”, which provides stars/planets and life-forms the impetus to be born. The one who possesses the opposing power, and authority, of “destruction”, is the God of Destruction. Through the repetition of destruction of stars/planets continually increasing in numbers, and the birth of new stars/planets, the balance of the entire universe is maintained.


Creation does not equal destruction champ, get it through your head.

Funny, Sailor moon does do the feats you implied she can do, yet you question goku ? Well aren't you a massive hypocrite

And them feats are combat useless, As please she got stomped by a planet level attack, and before you start with your name doesn't make levels crap, yes it doesn't. But then again names usually go out of proportion like Big bang attack and such.

The way you make sailor moon characters be, why would it even be a planet attack to begin with. Not to mention Sailor moon do not make up random names for there attacks like others do, they do what the crystals power has. Big difference to something like big bang attack or light grenade. Which its there own attacks.

10: Sorry sir, you are the idiot applying Science to prove your point, when AT said himself he has no clue on science. Do not get mad because your fairy tale levels will never come true, my logic is what the series shows, not assumptions.

11: What are you talking about, Cooler lasted minutes in the sun and he didnt even die from it, he died from the explosion of his own attack. According to you broly died from the sun. And goku was touching the sun. So according to you broly cannot last a few seconds in the sun, yet guys massively weaker then broly can -.-

Fun fact, Ki can push planets. As shown in movie 4 where Krillin and Goku where going to change the incoming asteroid of course. And yet you are sitting here using the gravity theory on me saying they cannot handle that kind of weight, Yet they forces capable of moving Quantillions of tons like nothing.

But lets end this, We are never going to agree with each other. Though you overrate sailor moon, You do give DBZ there credits which is something Sailor moon fan-girls rarely do like some i know. I respect that and you are not bias since you have DBZ galaxy level and FTL which is something good in the least.

Good debate, Enjoy your day sir

I never said it was part of the afterlife retard, i said that the Universe is everything including the Kai world and afterlife dumbass.

Once again, Namek wasn't affected, neither where the planets of the South, West or East Kais and neither was the Scared Kai world so that wasn't the entire Universe. You failed to prove that.Also everything in DBZ, the Mortal half of the Universe and the Afterlife is still one Universe, not separate Universes and again you've not shown me any proof the feat was actually Universal.

3: Budokai 3 power levels ? What are you talking about now? When did i quote Budokai 3 ? Is this another Red Herring ?

4: Yep and hence why your argument lacks all credibility as a whole. If Buuhan was a Universe buster, the effects would've been seen from Namek, the Scared Kai World, Heaven and Hell and all 4 Kai's planets. Once again you have yet to demonstrate how that's even a Galaxy level feat let alone a Universe busting feat.

5: Aren't you doing the same thing with your arguments comparing Broly to canon characters ? Hell if you want to play it that way, then Broly shouldn't even be used in an argument at all when talking about canon or we talk strictly about Filler and GT so you're again playing with definitions and shifting the goal post because you know you have no argument left.Broly was frozen in a comet retard or did you conventionally forget that when you were wanking his power. Eitherway the fact he was token out by a person below Solar System level and a planet + Massive comet colliding with each other debunks the idea Broly is even Solar System level. Hell if anything you're the one grapsing for straws wanking feats of Broly that don't exist while downplaying or denying the one's that exist that put him much lower than you want to be.

What do you mean by that ? Also it happened, it can be proven unlike your claims with Broly.

Nah, you didn't give a in detail calc about how impossible it would for Broly to ever generate even half the power needed to Galaxy bust. You didn't completely debunk the fact that Broly can't Galaxy bust period let alone in RSSJ and he's not trolling you with Horartu's feat of a Big Bang to spite your moronic claims. Again statements=/=feats. The speed and power of Broly isn't nearly enough to escape a Solar System level explosion and barely enough to produce one let alone galaxy bust casually, that and the fact he was owned by a comet.

So yeah Paragus somehow make it appear that the entire Galaxy was intact. I guess he learned how to make stars and planets from King Kai as well considering if Broly destroyed a Galaxy, there wouldn't be any stars or planets or even a chunk of the Galaxy, there would be a vast 100,000 light year space of nothing. Yeah that seems totally legit!

I guess that planet that appeared within 0:15 of the video is the size of a Galaxy, nice try there ! All you did was waste 23 seconds of me watching an aura illusion rather than a solid feat.

Next time, show me Hatiyack actually pulling a Galaxy rather than illusions of planets and Galaxies. It's pathetic that you're attempting to wank this hard.By this logic, Itachi is Universe level given Tysumoki controls space and time.

6:So and you're point ?

He gathered only a small amount of power from Multiple planets and stars , keyword little. He didn't take all the energy from them so it's not a fucking valid argument.

Once again Hyperbole not supported by facts or evidence, again i can play that game too.

Sailor Pluto can freeze time in the entire Universe and feared that two Silver Crystals used together would destroy the Universe and this is back in the second arc of the Sailor Moon manga, hence by your logic Sailor Moon was already a Universe buster way before Sailor Stars.

However unlike your Hyperbolic statements, this is an actual feat. Sailor Pluto with the Time Door can freeze time in the Entire Universe, however it costs her life if she uses it and hence not useful in a VS battle fight given there is no way to turn it into an attack that kills the enmey, it does however comfortably scale that top tiers in Sailor Moon are close to Universe level, far closer than any DBZ character in any verison.

Energy from all of space, And its said in the translation and also anime that the spirit bomb had the energy from the universe.

You're missing the point. The argument i'm making is that he needs to have Eternal life and live a billion years if he can ever hope to destroy the Universe.

King Kai said the Universe can fall under Fireza's rule, not that Fireza can destroy the Universe and both claims are false.

Fireza is 70 years old at this point, it took him around a lifetime just to rule 79 planets. Given his speed, power and abilities, he'll be lucky to take over a Galaxy within a Billion years let alone the entire Universe.

Again Berly said the same thing regarding her ability to rule the Universe, does that make Berly a Universe Buster ?

Or what about Plaif, he thinks he can rule the world, does that mean he's a planet buster ?

And more importantly, King Kai already rules a Galaxy so is he a Galaxy buster ?

You're stupidity is immense. You claim Fireza can Universe bust but you have no evidence in the contrary, by you're retarded powerscaling, you might as well have Raditz as a Solar System buster and Vegeta a Galaxy buster. Oh wait, you think Radtiz is a Galaxy buster.

So Fireza is afraid of a attack that can only level a planet ? Universe buster my ass.

Yeah and the series did show otherwise why you're claims are complete and utter bullshit. Broly and Hatciyhack are weaker than Cell who is only a Solar System buster and both villains were defeated by people weaker than Cell,in other words you're argument is invalid.

7: And Galaxia's feat was within minutes? She did it within seconds moron.

Missing the point moron, Vegeta blew up the core of the planet to cause it to blow up and crushed the planet with it's own GBE.

8: It's not an ordinary planet you moron, it's the form of a Super Villain within the arc. The Super Villain is the planet. his body is immensely dense unlike an average planet and his power is vastly above a star buster like Queen Metaila.

*facepalm* more poor understanding of science, the gravitational pull of the black hole has everything to do with Gravity moron.

9: Oh, you mean Kaioshins ? You've should've specified that earlier instead of saying Kais.Okay i can buy Kaioshins being that strong considering each would be at least strong as Cell who can level Solar Systems however Kaioshins are still not Galaxy level , not even Grand Supreme Kai who can damage Buu at his prime. However Kaishins are vastly below Bills in power so they're not even Galaxy level nor a relevant comparison. For a second i thought you said King Kai can create stars ?

Creation does not equal destruction champ, wasn't that your exact words you hypocrite ?

Look who's talking ! I love how you're attempting to flip it around. Difference is i can provide evidence for my claims outside of hyperbolic statements and her feats are backed with powerscaling and facts and the fact the feat happened. You're so call feats come mainly through talking things out of context and disingenuously wanking them to levels they never been shown to be at. As for Hoartu, you're aware that was a joke right ? Unlike you, i don't take Hyperbole seriously.

Funny you're calling me a massive hypocrite when you're ignoring all that facts and evidence contradicting your confirmation bias yet accepting whatever wank and hyperbole that backs your side. By that argument, i can make the same argument towards your feats.

Stomped by a Planet level attack ? Since when ? She's tanked attacks ranging from Planet level to Galaxy level and withstood assaults that would've merked Broly who can't even withstand comets or the sun.

Difference is that Hoartu's Big Bang is actually a miniature big bang whereas Vegeta just call his attack Big Bang. Vegeta can't create pocket Universes so no this is a false equivalence fallacy.

What does that have to do with anything, it sounds like a desperate Red Herring.

10: Yeah that's why you make outlandish claims without evidence and find debunked, pesudo scientific evidence based entirely on confirmation bias yet hypocritically look down at people who actually give a shit about understanding facts. Buddy you have basically admitted to not giving a shit about being factual and caring for logic considering you threw logic out the window when you argue that Broly can destroy Galaxies.

11: When was that apparent ? Care to show me when and how he lasted in the sun? Also again with the massive wank. Cooler was killed by the sun, a small part of him was fling out before he hit the sun which was enough for the Big Gete Star to save him and that's how it happened, don't attempt to cover up what happened and wank your bullshit on it.

Goku wasn't touching the sun, again more examples of you not giving a shit about facts. If Goku touched the sun, he would die so again you're argument is invalid. He was near the sun, not thrown into the sun.

Broly on the other hand was thrown through the sun by Gohan ,Gotenk and Trunks and died because he was buried into the core of the sun and was vaporized whereas Cooler only hit the surface of the sun. You're the fucking idiot here for being this Broly Apologetic

So and your point ? Goku in the Lord Slug Movie was as powerful as he was when he fought Fireza so what is your point again ? Vegeta can blow up planets with 18,000 so again you're argument is invalid.

I never said that you moron, i said that the Gravity of a planet has nothing to do with weight. The spinning force of the planet makes it harder to fight in general , are you really this stupid? Also i highly doubt that planet had 100'gs and Goku at that was established to handle 100G's so what are you even talking about and what moronic argument is this to make this a valid argument

You couldn't sound anymore of a stupid dumbass if you tired.

Give up ? Are you kidding ? I find it too funny that you think you have a point. Keep showing me how "smart" you are while i laugh my ass off.Hahahahaha. No.

And that's enough for right now, stick tune to Part 3 when i finally put an end to all this Broly wank nonsense again.
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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 2

Post by Beyonder on Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:04 pm

Broly....and Cooler didn't survive the sun
Goku in a suit did and with a kamekameha full power couldn't even bust a sun?

Yeah Goku is a wanked character confirmed.
Even if its non-canon that is just sad....

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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 2

Post by 345rv5 on Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:04 am

@Beyonder wrote:Broly....and Cooler didn't survive the sun
Goku in a suit did and with a kamekameha full power couldn't even bust a sun?

Yeah Goku is a wanked character confirmed.
Even if its non-canon that is just sad....

Agreed, there's no way outside of the Cell Games or Buu Saga does any DBZ character reach Star level.  Even if we accept the claims Cell is a Solar System buster ( Which i'm one of the few people who do), Fireza is nowhere near Star level simply due to the fact he nearly died from a explosion that is only Large Planet level at best. Cooler himself barely survived the surface of the sun let alone  the core so he's only Large Planet level at best and really only survived at all because of his races ability to survive even chopped to peices( A triart Cell would inherit much later on).

I highly doubt Goku with a power level of around 30,000 around the time of this filler feat would surrive even a second in the sun.The sun not only contains 28 times Earth's Gravirty( Something Goku would shit his pants at this point of the series) but also contains  300 Billion times the Atmospheric pressure of the Earth as well,which is something that is rarely taken into account with  fiction. A single Atm would basically be  14.7 pounds per square inch. At 300 Billion Atms, Goku would be not only subjected to 300 Billion times Earth's Atmospheric pressure or 4,410 Trillion Pounds per sqaure inch but 28 times Earth's gravity in the process of that. Goku's body would  weight 123.48 Trillion lbs per sqaure inch

The average adult person has about 22 square feet, or 3168 square inches of skin on their body. Goku's body in the sun  with combination of Atmospheric pressure and gravity would weigh 391.184 Quadrillion pounds or 177.811 Quadrillion Kg.That is the weight equivalent of a small Moon or massive asteroid.

Mass of a human under Sun's Gravity and Atm=1.77811x10^17 kg
Energy of the sun per second=3.8×10^26 J

1.7781x10^17Kg x3.8×10^26 J=6.756856e+42 j

Combine that with heat which at the sun's surface is around 5,500 degrees C .  The bare minimum energy needed to survive at the sun for a single second alone would be 1.614 Tenakiotons of TNT per second to resist not only the heat and gravity of the sun but also the Atmospheric pressure which is the most dangerous of the elements in the sun aside from the heat alone.That is 10 times the GBE of the sun BTW.

Goku at a power level of 30,000 would only be around 3 times the needed GBE to destroy Earth at his maximum power. The minimum power to bust the core of Earth is around  57.3 Zettatons.Goku's maximum DC should be around 6×10^32 J  around the point between Sayain Saga and Ginyu Saga. Goku is 2,690,000,000 times too weak to handle the heat and pressure of the sun at this point and would've died instantly no sooner he was within the surface radius of the sun's gravitational field. Goku wouldn't just be roasted but crushed and pulverized. Mind you at just 47.63217473 Atm Atm's under 1 G is enough to crush a submarine, imagine 300 Billion Atm.

Cooler surviving would also be unlikely  if he had normal durability either considering Fireza's best feat was destroying Namek which at best only needed 45 Yottatons of TNT to bust.Factoring in the fact Fireza held back his attack to avoid killing himself with the blast,Fireza's best attack would only produce 450 Yottatons, barely the amount needed to level Juptier.Cooler who is around the power level of 470,000,000 or 3.9 times Firezas power level should only have the maximum energy of 1.7625 Ninatons at best, still only 915,744.68 times below the necessary power to survive in the sun for a single second.

Hell even considering  the  amount of energy per second to survive the sun per second, Goku in the Cell games can survive in the sun, for about 10 seconds.  In the Buu  Saga, he would be able to survive the sun for at least a few minutes in SSJ forms. Only in Battle of God's would Goku casually be able to surrive the heat, gravity and Atm of the Sun in base.

in fact here's the potential power ouput of Goku from Cell Games onwards.

Vegeta's Final Flash did around 1.037 Tenakilotons, Goku's was easily 10.37 Tenakiliotons while Cell who was only using half of his power fighting Goku can gather up as much as 20.74 Tenakilotons, which just falls shy of the 23.9 Tenakilotons needed to make a Supernova ,however given Super Prefect Cell is 10 times stronger than ever thanks to Zenkai therefore Super Prefect Cell would have up to 207.4 Tenakilotons or 8.67 Foe, the bare minuim needed to Solar System bust is 5.709 Foe. In other words, going by powerscaling and feats, Cell is basically a Solar System buster.

So going by the 1.614 Tenakiotons of TNT per second to resist not only the heat and gravity of the sun but also the Atmospheric pressure .Vegeta would die near instantly in the sun given he barely meets the energy needed to resist the heat of the sun ,pressure or gravity.He might last at least 16 seconds given his adaptation to 450 times Gravity,however afterwards, he's burned alive by the flames .

Goku in MSSJ has about 10 times the power of Vegeta, however since he never trained in 450 G's like Vegeta and only trained around 100'G's.However at his output, he can surrive 20 seconds unharmed by the sun, however when he powers down, he only surrives for 3.5 seconds before dying.

Onto the Buu Sgaa in which Goku has gotten 10 times stronger than Super Prefect Cell.In his SSJ2 state, he should be able to surrive comfortably in the sun for 21 minutes straight and in base survive in the sun for 12 seconds(Note this is facotring the fact Goku doesn't use draining moves like the Kamehameha ) and fought using no ki attacks.

With a Zenkai boost (Gained by his revival) and removal of the ki limters that limted his power output by massive amounts ( Due to him maintaining phsicyal form on Earth for a day), Goku would have easily , 50,000x Cell's power as a SSJ 2 and 200,000x Cell's power as a SSJ3. Goku in base state can last for at least 100 minutes in the sun however it would still take a toll on his body maintaining his SSJ2 states and SSJ3 states without having to use Ki engery,especially with a unmastered SSJ3 state that drains his ki and only last for a few minutes.

Like i said, the only way Goku can casualy substain such ki is in the Battle of Gods movies

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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 2

Post by Beyonder on Fri Sep 04, 2015 6:20 am

I mean Goku admitted he and vegeta wouldn't survive a attack that would destroy 2 mini-planets lmao.

Whis stated "Last time" he woke up he blew up a apparent sun and in the image we see those were planetoids.

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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 2

Post by 345rv5 on Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:01 am

@Beyonder wrote:I mean Goku admitted he and vegeta wouldn't survive a attack that would destroy 2 mini-planets lmao.

Whis stated "Last time" he woke up he blew up a apparent sun and in the image we see those were planetoids.

Seems like an animae/manga inconsisecty more than anything.In the manga, the clestial bodies oribiting Kaishin Kai were clearly small stars, in the anime, they were moon sized planets.
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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 2

Post by Beyonder on Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:33 am

Manga aren't accurate with images more than anime.

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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 2

Post by 345rv5 on Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:30 am

@Beyonder wrote:Manga aren't accurate with images more than anime.

Fair enough, i tend to rely on the anime images anyways but id oisscionally throw a bone to manga purists sometimes with my calcs
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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 2

Post by Beyonder on Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:33 am

@345rv5 wrote:
@Beyonder wrote:Manga aren't accurate with images more than anime.

Fair enough, i tend to rely on the anime images anyways  but id  oisscionally throw a bone to manga purists sometimes with my calcs

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