FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 3

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FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 3

Post by 345rv5 on Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:13 am

The final part in pwning Brolytards like Legendary Broil who are some of the most amusing idiots on the web. Honestly, i'm sick of the DBZ wank and Broly Wank that occurs on online fourms, hence why i'm going to show once and for all that not only is DBZ not nearly as strong as fans wank it, Broly is not even close to god tier in that series and is actually fodder to Manga Sailor Moon characters.Note this was from nearly a year ago and despite all this horseshit this fanboy talks, he has yet to respond to my last comments made against him, guess i was too much for the fanboy bitch. Anyways let's start this shit.


LegendaryBroli Edited Aug 16, 2014
Well you still want to continue huh

oh well

1: Yawn ok


This is getting boring, No they are not 1 universe, they are separate. Really keep up, and look where the check in station is, and look what happened when janemba warped it. The After life is the cosmos, The Mortal place is the Universe. 2 Different places, and Namek as i said millions of times is in the mortal world, not the after life. So time again and again you keep getting proven wrong.

2: The levels of Broly you given me of him being 1.4 billion is a budokai 3 scan for the game, Gogeta is 2.5 billion and Cooler is 5 hundreds million. Its for the games. Like genius know what you are trying to explain genius

3: Man how many times do i have to explain this, First what the hell does namek or any of the kais planets got to do with Gohan-buu feat, He was never targeting them. As he was destroying the dimensional walls which are OUTSIDE the DBZ known universe. Really you have nothing do you

4: No, I am not comparing Broly to Canon. You are, with your attempts to downplay him. Talking about Canon and non-canon is different then what you are doing which is comparing canon with non-canon just to downplay him. Big different genius

Lets see, Broly froze in a comet -.-, Well sorry to say sir but he froze on earth after he got in the saiyan space pod and landed on earth, And reverted back to base form and feel into a comma. he never got frozen by a comet. And why are you using this feat any ways, Broly had a hole in his stomach from goku. And exploded after it. The comet done nothing, Broly laughed at the idea of a comet doing anything to him. yet you are acting like Broly was at full power and ready to take it when he was at near death lol

According to you and your calculations Broly does not have the power, Not what's according to the series and the movie shows though so sorry, you are wrong again.

Broly destroyed the Galaxy as a set up for Vegeta, Little planets and stars left over is not going to debunk an entire galaxy being destroyed. Paragus never even stated that the galaxy was intact, a few planets left over as a set up for Vegeta is not going to debunk an entire galaxy going. So no try again

Oh man, are you serious right now. A planet being seen up close is not the same size as a whole galaxy being seen from a far away distance, Really common sense genius. And illusions oh that is pretty funny, I guess hatchiyack wanted to play illusions with the universe -.- what a joker huh. he must be batman new enemy. like seriously common sense will you

5:  And he didn't take all the energy from earth either against Vegeta, as he only took a little energy Smile (Smile) as that is all he asked And it was still stronger then 2 planet level attacks. So Energy from Multiple Stars and planets, I wonder what that's going to make Smile (Smile)

Oh now its a hyperbole, Sorry sir, doesn't mean you cannot prove it wrong it becomes a hyperbole

Actually no, that has nothing to do with the spirit bomb actually lol i do not know where the hell or what the hell that has anything to do with it.

Sorry, Your point is moot because the guy who made the series and the guy who put the fillers and done the movies have a much different opinion then you. If you do not like it, do not watch the series or debate about it.

Wow aren't you a major hypocrite, You complain about Broly using the English Dub, yet you are using the dub for frieza seen. Oh this is simply too funny now and nice examples, but no. Using dub just shows you have nothing to offer me now and just simply grasping on straws. Pick up your game or simply give up.

No, Frieza is scared of getting caught in his own attack as he said, Seriously you act like you know everything about potency yet you cannot even see what frieza done here. And LOLOLOL he is still comparing non-canon characters like Broly and hatchiyack to canon characters like Cell.

this is getting kinda sad now

6: And what does Galaxia feat got to do with anything ? i know she blew up a planet. And no, Vegeta blew up the planet, if he blew up the core as i said many of times, it would of taken time to be destroyed like namek was when it lost the core. So no champ you are still wrong

7: Sorry sir, having gravitational pull does not make the planet more dense. Its not a black hole, by your logic the planet should of been crushed. But its not, Fact is Sailor moon and Chibi moon went all out just to destroy a planet with immense gravitational pull. And Star busting by star seed tampering.

8: Kinda funny since Supreme kai shit his pants against Pui Pui, Who got crushed by Base Vegeta. so no sir, creation does not equal destruction.

9: Sorry sir, She got crushed by the planet level attack, All her equipment broke. So much for your Galaxy level bullshit.

10: Problem is, it was never debunked. You never can or will debunk anything i say. or prove.

What ever the series or guidebooks show >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> your fan-made calculation, Deal with it if you do not like it

11: No, Cooler lasted in the sun as he had the flash back of frieza not noticing the saiyan space pod leae un notice, and he never died from the sun, as in the end he died from his own attack.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7pIQz… Cooler died from his own attack, Not from the sun

Goku wasn't touching the sun -.- The flames where literally slapping his head like wtf is wrong with you, are you blind ?


Gotenks, Trunks and Gohan -.- really man do you have any clue and i mean any clue on what you are talking about ? it was Gohan, Goku and Goten for starters, and 2,  no according to the guidebook and movie 11, Broly died from the kamehameha not the sun core. Still making up your own logic and ignoring what guidebooks and what the series shows

And what does Goku level of power got to do with anything here ? I am talking about the concept of Ki, and how its able to push the weight of a planet. not being able to destroy it. No, Gravity in DBZ is inconsistent as i said, if guys in movies/anime can tank like vegeta from example tanking the 4x kamehameha, which could push a planet yet only send vegeta flying a certain distance, then all gravity logic and lifting logic in DBZ is debunked. Force that can move quantillions of tons >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 100x Gravity

Anyways you are too stupid for me to go on forward on this, like really the amount of shit you are saying is simply just too stupid. I feel like an idiot for taking you seriously you begin with. Like really Broly froze in the comet, Or Fan-made Calculation are now above > Authors words and guidebooks, or using English dub -.- and the funniest of them all, Gotenks, Trunks and gohan face palm and the list goes on and on.

man i shouldn't have never taken you seriously, waste so much of my time dealing with you

I got to thank you, you really are helping with not only my art skills by my FTSTDT seires. Hell i personally should make a new series deciated to you and any DBZtards because this is some Grade A stupidity. You make Cody Melch, a recent retarded DBZ fanboy seem like a genius by comparison when i did a blog pwning his stupid ass and  really you somehow topped his claim that Snakeway is 1/4th the size of the Universe.

I do my measurement of feats and abiltes based on this model here.

Feats are allowed in order of:
1: Direct Feat
2: Statement from the Author
3: Powerscaling
4: Logic
5: Supported Character Statements
6: Unsupported Character Statements
7: Contradicted Character Statements

If a character should be at X level because of one of these reasons it can only be contradicted by something higher on the list. What this does not allow for is assumptions that aren't logical.

Let's see where any of your claims are at.

1: Sorry buddy but Heaven and Hell never count as their own verse in fiction, nice try. Also if it was a Muitlverse, Toryiama would've called it the DBZ Muiltverse, not the DBZ Universe and isn't it you who go by author statements?  It's funny when you're  backed to a corner, you suddenly want to ingore what Toyriama says and play with definitions to desperately put forward you're own agenda. AT counted Hell, Heaven and  the Kai world as one Universe. It's confirmed by the fact that the map is called the DBZ Universe, not the DBZ Muiltverse and fruther confirmed by Battle of Gods in which this is just one of 12 Universes slimair to this own. In other words you're a moron desperate to make DBZ stronger than it actually is.

1. Direct Feat is nonexistant and if anything debunks your dumbass wank off the bat with the map of the DB UNIVERSE

2. Statement from AT claims that everything  including Hell and Heaven is still one Universe.

3. 12 Gods and 12 Universes from BOG  make this a Universe regardless of what you say

4. By the logic you go by, Sailor Pluto is the ruler of her own Universe given she rules over the Underworld which is basically Hell.

5.No character statements ever implied DBZ was a Multiverse up until BOG and  even then it was referring to  actual Universes, not dimensions.

6. Not even one character has stated or confirmed that Hell and Heaven counts as a Universe.

7. Same with 6.

Conclusion: You have no argument whatsoever and you're entire argument has been Debunked.

2:  Yeah but this is something that DBZtards have used to wank Borly to be stronger than Kid Buu which even you know is bullshit and if you agree Broly> Kid Buu is bullshit that at least you're slightly less of a dumbass.

3: :iconmariofacepalmplz: Stop attempting to add bullshit here. AT stated that Kai Planets, Afterlife and Mortal world are all part of one Universe, stop attempting to argue against AT's statements and evidence  which goes against your pitiful agenda. You come off as desperate when you do something like that. Also you keep on failing to get the point of my argument.  if Buuhan was a threat to the entire Universe, there would be dimensional walls tearing within other planets within the mortal half of the Universe like  Namek and  tears throughout the Afterlife and each of the 4 Kai's planets as well as the Kaioshin realm, since Buuhan's wave only seems to affect Earth and it's backed by powerscaling and stronger villains like Bills showed nowhere near that level of claimed hype, the feat is entirely dismissed as Hyperbole.

1: Direct Feat only shows the Earth being affected, not Namek or any other planet within the Northern Galaxy let alone Universe, it doesn't show the Afterlife shaking at all nor any of the 4 Kai planets or the Kaioshin world.

2:  AT never confirmed Buuhan as a Universe buster and in fact the "feat" was anime only. Even  if we go by that, the fact the Omega Shenron, a much stronger villain would take hundreds of year to Universe bust debunks the idea  that Buuhan is a Universe buster and finally, Bills himself  with his very appearance debunks Buuhans bravado claims of "desotrying everything " which BTW isn't a strong enough argument for Universe busting for it can very easily mean just the planet Earth or even one Galaxy.

3:  Kid Buu who is over a million times below the level of Galaxy busting is suddenly going to have enough power to level the Entire Universe by getting only 400 times stronger ? Sorry but at bare minimum you would need at least a quntilion times of a power increase before you can even hope to Universe bust. Even if  SSJ4 Gogeta trained for 100 years and gained SSJG form and mastered it, you would still be far below Universe busting even by the most amped powerscaling, DBZ still falls flat on Universe Busting. Hell Moonies have better arguments than you regarding Sailor Moon being a Universe and they're still bullshit.

4:  By your logic Season 2 Sailor Moon is also a Universe buster considering the collision of two Sliver Crystals is enough to destroy space and time itself and "End the Universe" .See i can wank  too asshole, it's not hard, difference is i don't actually believe this shit whereas you  believe whatever retarded shit  you see of DBZ.

5: No character supports your statement outside your typical  stock paranoid statements like   "This is the End"

6:  That's the only thing you have for your claims, the claim that Buuhan can Universe bust but you lack any evidence to back it up.

7:  See Bills.

Conclusion: You have no argument whatsoever and you're entire argument has been Debunked.

4 Buudy i don't need to use canon to downplay him, his own movie alone completely contradicts everything your saying and i love how you're  trying to deny any denial of Broly's weakeness and shortcomings by attempting this divide between canon and non canon but it doesn't work. Broly is non canon but Goku is canon and was set within a canon power level around the time of that movie. I constantly bring up the Cell Games to counter your bullshit argument because the timeline of Movie 8 takes place in an Alternative  timeline between  the 10 day wait of the Cell Games and Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks and Piccolo's power levels mirror that of their Cell Games counterparts. Hence why you're so desperate to distance yourself from canon because the very fact that everyone,including is below Cell let alone SSJ2 Gohan  undermines your wank of Broly being  a Galaxy buster let alone a Casual Galaxy Buster. Hell just the fact Cell is a Solar System Buster and  much stronger than Broly completely debunks the fact he's even close to Galaxy level if he's barely within the Sta level range and at best a Star Buster.

Hell i think i'm being all too generous powerscaling Broly with Cell because the movie feats put him so much more ridiculously lower than Cell it's not funny. Once again  you're denying what actually happened. Also i'll admit after researching, i kinda got it mistaken that Broly was forzen within a comet so you're right for once however that doesn't give you much credibility than me making a simple error. It doesn't change the fact that Broly " managed to make a frantic escape in a Space Pod as New Planet Vegeta is demolished by Comet Camori. "  So yeah you're "Galaxy buster" is still afraid of comets  regardless of what you say. Also  that hole within him by Goku is an invaild argument and just a pitiful excuse. Weren't you the one who said Broly in RSSJ can casually Galaxy bust  ?  Blowing up a comet the size of a planet should've been like shooting fish in a barrel regardless of how weakened he was because he was still as SSJ . Hell by your argument Broly at that point was even weaker than Sayain Saga Vegeta. so once again even when you have one valid point, you still fail.

1: Debunked, completely and utterly debunked. The Galaxy spins too fast from a normal Galaxy, the  explosion seems to be a speed up timescale of what happened and most importantly, there was no actual destruction of the South Galaxy. Hell most of the planets were still intact, granted wiped out of all life but they were still there. Also there they plenty of stars and planets left and yes even having a little of the stars and planets left completely debunks the Galaxy busting feat moron. That's like blowing up only 1/10th of the Earth and claiming it's a planet level feat, at most it's Small Planet level.

2:  AT doesn't acknowledge this movie as canon so there's that.

3: Broly was defeated by SSJ Goku with the power of 3 other ASJ's and Piccolo. My previous MLP vs Brolytards threard easily puts Broly far below Prefect Cell and at best Semi Prefect Cell level.  That power alone literary pales in comparison to SSJ 2 Gohan and Super Prefect Cell who are Solar System busters.

4: By your logic, Broly would be stronger than Kid Buu if you think Broly can casually Galaxy bust in RSSJ form given it took Kid Buu toying around 3-5 years to level one Galaxy, hell by that logic, his LSSJ form would be stronger than a SSJ4 who is barely Galaxy level.

5:  No real supporting statement here because any supporting character statement is debunked by numerous feats and claims against Broly.

6:  Yeah that's this movie within an nutshell. Hell most of the unsupported statements come from the English Dub.

7:  See the Japanese Dub which completely contradicts the claims Broly is a Galaxy Buster.

Conclusion: You have no argument whatsoever and you're entire argument has been Debunked.

Onto your next horseshit argument.

5 This by far has to be one of the dumbest claims i've ever heard. Not even other DBZtards ever claimed that Hatiyack was a Galaxy buster

1: Buddy the fact the planet is shown to be the same size as a Galaxy shows how little of an argument you have. Again i can make numerous claims with illusion feats. Hell i can use the same logic you're making to make Itachi appear to be moon level or a lifewiper because he supposedly creates new worlds, hell  by you're moronic logic, Itachi is a Universe buster,LOL.

2: Hatchiyack  is non canon

3: Again another Villain that is beaten by Cell Games Saga characters, completely debunking your claims because Hatchiyack while stronger than Broly is still weaker than Cell.

4: I guess by your logic, there are such things as Galaxy sized planets.

5: Non Existent
6: Non Existant
7: The entire feat itself is a Red Herring.

Conclusion: You have no argument whatsoever and you're entire argument has been Debunked.

5:  Yeah and you're a complete an utter moron if you think that's enough to be above Large Planet level. The difference between Planet level and Small Star level  alone is over 2 million times. By powerscaling alone, you would need to  have a power level of 20 Billion to even hope to reach Small Star level. You think Goku with at best  120 Million with the Spirit Bomb is strong enough to Star Bust when he doesn't even have enough to blow up a Brown Dwarf Star ? Powerscaling alone just debunks your argument.

Of course it is, you're making an argument not based on evidence, that's the defintion of a Hyperbole.

Appeal to Authority fallacies don't work with me and in fact it shows you're just desperate to shut me up. Also all those fillers have inconsistent contradictions within the whole series. Also sorry but i don't take shit form anyone,  part of existing and expressing rational thought and intelligence is to question everything and make sure what you're hearing isn't a load of bullshit. You basically just said to me to just shut up and accept AT unconditionally and blindly, that's the mentality of a crazed cultist which i guess is fitting for the Brolytards who blindly suck Broly's cock.

LOL more false equivalence fallices! Buddy i watched the sub and not once was there any evidence of Fireza being a Universe Buster or anything beyond a Planet Buster, the fact you're trying to associate me with yourself shows how you're actually more of a Hypocrite and you admit that you're a hypocrite. I don't care about sub or dub, i care about what can be observed, tested and proven to be fact regardless of what language  it is and you have no credibility with Borly and you have none with Fireza so once again you're the one simply grasping on straws.

Yeah i know a shit ton more about potency than you do  and it's funny that you called me a hypocrite because whenever i bring up Potency regarding Sailor Moon , you're quick to deny any feat regardless on how well researched it is and how  well done and well written the feats are yet when i call you out on your bullshit wank, you're suddenly the one pulling the attack potency card. So yeah when Sailor Moon characters have established feats, they don't count but when i  have my bullshit wank regarding DBZ, that counts . See why i call you a hypocrite and why your weapons grade hypocrisy is reflecting on you,not me. Hell the fact you're making false equivalences and strawmen arguments proves that you can't stand being called on your bullshit and  want to drag me down with you because you're just that pathetic

Show me physical evidence that Fireza is above Large Planet level and then we can talk.

6:  So i guess planets just pull moons close to each other before exploding right  ? Why didn't that happen when Kid Buu blew up Earth. Also Galaxia alone debunks your bullshit argument about Star Seeds.

7: *Faceplam* Once again you moron,  the Planet would have to be more dense to withstand greater gravity. Do me a favor and use the Planetary Parameter Calc here and  see exactly how stupid you sound with this argument.


Plug in Earth size and plug in  1.14 Qaudrillion G's which is the speed of the Blackhole and the Gravitational Pull of the Black Hole.

Once again what is with your pathetic, desperate argument of star seed tampering and how is that a valid argument against Planet Busting or Star Busting?Anyways at least you finally admit to it being a Star level feat at the very level but again you sound as stupid as Creationists who think that there is Mirco Evolution and accepts Micro Evolution but rejects facts about Marco Evolution. You're just desperate to downplay the feat at this point aren't you and you're mad that you're losing ground more as this argument drags out.

8: Superme Kai wasn't shitting his pants against Pui Pui, he was worried about Vegeta not being strong enough to handle Pui Pui . Once again another example of me knowing more about DBZ than you. Mind you  Pui Pui would've been at least Semi Prefect Cell level  if Supreme Kai though Vegeta couldn't handle him in base which Vegeta  proven wrong. Also keep in mind he appeared to be just as strong as SSJ2 Gohan when he fought Buu  and Gohan was capable of holding his own with Dabura who is as strong as Prefect Cell who is established to be a Star level to Solar System buster so once again you failed to prove  "creation does not equal destruction", unless you're going to argue that Semi Prefect Cell isn't at least Small Star level, then you lose this argument.

9: Once again you're a hypocrite. I love how you bitched about me ignoring attack potency but look at another fine example of you ignoring attack potency when it doesn't benefit you. Keep in mind that  "Sailor Planet Attack" is  the name of the attack, not it's actual power level moron. Second you seem to ignore the fact that  Base Senshi alone are already established Star Busters, their Super Forms put them around Small Galaxy to Galaxy level and their Muilt Galaxy level in Eternal form and those all come from the fact they fought opponents , tanked attacks from said opponents and defeat opponents  who have shown and have been established to be around that level of power.

What you're doing is the equivalent of saying that Kid Buu is only planet level because in the manga, he was only shown blowing up planets and Goku can be killed by Planet level attacks.  That would be completely ignoring facts wouldn't it  ?  Of course if i said that, you lose your shit  about that  but you get to do the same ?  Sorry buddy but that's the grand example of hypocrisy. Hell  if anything if you wish to downplay SM, then have a taste of your own medcine.

Goku is not planet level because he never busted a planet, Sailor Moon first season busted a star buster.

Fireza is barely planet level because he barely busted Namek, Sailor Moon Second arc blew up a Planet sized blackhole.

Cell isn't Solar System level because he was killed by an attack that didn't even blow up a planet. Queen Beryl in the anime created sunsponts on the sun

Goku was killed by a Building sized explosion as a SSJ, Sailor Moon never died period. Hell she withstood the center of a Galaxy's super massive black hole.

Kid Buu is only 10 times planet level,  Anime Sailor Moon alone is 100 times planet level in end of season 1.

GT Goku can barely lift buildings,   Sailor Moon held back and leveled a blackhole in the anime.

Goku can only lift 40 tons ,   even Sailor Moon laughs at that.

Goku took 3 weeks to get use to 10G's , Sailor Moon took 3 seconds to get use to 1,000G's.

Yeah not very fun when you're getting a taste of your own medicence is it, okay enough joking around, let me get serious. If you come at me with this downplaying shit with Sailor Moon, i would counter with the same against your series.

10.Buddy it's been debunked by the very movie you're using as source material. You're coming at me with  debunked bullshit that doesn't even need my help debunking.

11:No he didn't. Hell if he died from his own attack, why was he holding it back  ?  Clearly the Kamehameha Wave plus his own Supernova wasn't enough to kill him, he died no sooner he touched the sun. he lasted only a few seconds before dying and really that's your best argument to defend Broly's shitty durability?

Also Goku was close to the sun, not at the sun and also if you notice, that sun looks much smaller than the one within our solar system. The spaceship wouldn't even be visible if we're talking about the comparison between our sun. Hell the spaceship is more like the proportions of how Earth would look in comparison to our sun, it's a minor nitpick but still a valid enough claim to debunk this feat. What really debunks your argument is the fact Goku's spaceship wasn't in the fucking Sun, it was near it . Goku wasn't  in the sun like Cooler or Broly so again you're argument is invalid. Plus it helped he had Space Suit on and by that very same logic, i can use that as a better argument against you.

Goku can't breath in space, at least not at that point ,whereas Sailor Moon in the anime can breathe just perfectly fine in space.

So yeah that's another point for the Champion of Justice.

Again guidebooks aren't the best sources for facts but fine even if i go by that, you're aware SSJ2 Gohan is barely any stronger than Super Prefect Cell at this point right ? Hell Vegeta complained that Gohan was weaker than when he fought Prefect Cell around the point of the Buu Saga so that still at best puts Broly within the Large Star level range given someone weaker than Super Prefect Cell was able to kill him so no matter how you dice it, Broly would've still died from being within the core of the Sun if the kamehameha didn't kill him frist.

Hell in the very same movie, Broly needed a barrier against Lava which is only 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and Gohan thought that it would've been enough to kill him. Hell Broly had to turn LSSJ at that point so again if you want to entirely by the movie, the great Broly who can level galaxies is afraid of comets and  lava which can be found on virtually any part of the Galaxy  ? Again please tell me how Broly is so powerful when even anime Sailor Moon laughs off attacks on that scale.  Also  Broly can't outrun lava  ?  Yeah some threat he is to Sailor Moon who have FTL fighters, lol.

Yeah and you know what, i covered that within my Superman vs Goku review and if anything used the example of Z fighter holding back the ki that would have the mass of planets( If they're capable of leveling them) "  as a strength feat. Something you apparently didn't get the memo on. Again Gravity isn't just about lifting strength you moron, it's also about Adaptability because it's not just strength that's a factor, it's adjusting to the fact that you weight more than you're used to and it can affect anyone regardless of power levels  if they weren't born on a planet with 10G's or more or never trained  in Gravity.

You're understanding of Newtonian physics makes me fear for the world that there are more Anti Science assholes like you out there. Once again you make a logical fallacy thinking that  Gravity has to do with power levels or Destructive Capicty.

Trunks, a character who shits on Namek Saga Goku who can withstand 100G's was being overwhelmed by Gravity. Once again proving my point it has nothing to do with lifting strength. Hell Vegeta at the same time was not even bothered by the Gravity  at this point so that proves that it has to do more with adpatablity, not power levels

You're the one who's too stupid !  You think  DBZ is a verse with Universe busters and Muiltverse busters, you're the same moron who claims Fireza is a Universe buster, you're the same moron who actually argues against the very source material that you claim to defend and you use guidebooks that don't support the facts shown onscreen.

Thank you for providing me the lulz. you can join your friend Cody Melch among the DBZtards i've mocked before and pwned. My friends are going to enjoy having an ass-clown like you to laugh at .

But this tard still goes on with his bullshit and tries to downplay other verses, yep he's honestly this stupid.
LegendaryBroli Edited Aug 15, 2014
"i know more about DBZ then you"

yeah ok Namek and Earth are in the afterlife bahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Really stop talking. You make yourself look more like an idiot every time you post something.

Fun fact, I never said they are the strongest verse. You are like every other dumb cunt who gets proven wrong and is seriously unable to handle it, and have to go make bullshit about them to make yourself sleep at night

I do not care for comics, you want to debate about comics, go to my friend wiki anime on you tube and lets see how you rank against him, but seeing how you think hulk and thor can beat broly then this is going to be super funny, Though depends which thor though


go ahead, and do not be a pussy and leave

LOL!This coming from the same guy who tried to claim Fireza was a Universe buster.Since when did i said that ?  Again quoting something i never said because you're too afaird to enage me in a real argument. I said that Earth and Namek where within the same Universe and if Jameba was really Universe level , he should've affected Namek, the other Kai's worlds and the Superme Kai world. The fact you don't even have a vaild response to this fruther proves how butthurt you are and how desperate you are to undermine me.

Once again this coming from a moron who thinks that King Kai is a Star level character.

You act as they are though, you have the same mindless moronic attitude as any DBZtard who claims Goku's the strongest character ever.

Now here's a little test to prove to me you're not a complete moron.

1) Do you think any DBZ character can solo Marvel and DC?
2) Do you think DBZ characters are stronger than Tenchi Muyo characters?
3) Do you think DBZ is stronger than Demonbane  ?
4) Do you think  DBZ is stronger than Gurren Larrgan?
5)Do you think DBZ is stronger than Saint Seyia?

If you say yes to 1 and 2, you're basically calming that DBZ is stronger than fiction in general, if you say yes to 3 ,4 and 5, you're still a moron but not as big of a moron, if you say yes to all of the above, you're beyond hope.

If the moron has the same arrogant, retarded belief that Broly can casually Galaxy bust, then it would be very fun debunking his dumbass.
LegendaryBroli Aug 15, 2014
And here we go again, Being a smart ass and yet still has no clue on what he is talking about, hell he is trying to get me to give concession on other subjects to prove what ever point you have.

"He only wraped part of the afterlife and at most one Galaxy.  Hell barely even that given that Namek, a planet only 194.4 lightyears from Earth wasn't affected at all by  Janemba's reiality wrapping at all let alone all the other 4 Kai planets or the Superme Kai Planet itself so nope that wasn't a Universe level feat, try again bitch."

Sorry, But it seems you think Planet Namek and earth are in the after life. When they are in the mortal world and janemba effected the after life and not the mortal world.  Like really, you are saying you know more about DBZ then me yet something as simple as the separation of the mortal and afterlife is something you cannot even get straight.

No, King kai is not a star level character, you are just a silly raccoon for thinking Creation or Purification = Destruction. Do not put words in my mouth

And no, Only person who can beat maybe 4 and 5 is EOGT Goku, For number 5 depends on which character since SS verse is all over the place. Then again that is speculation, And based on the levels i put him. No one in DBZ is stronger then 1,2,3. They are all multiversal level+ and higher

Sir, you can dream of trying to debunk broly isnt galaxy level, like i said you will fail like the rest, I know all the argument that goes against it. If you think you can do it, then go ahead. Less talking more walking buddy, chop chop.

LOL!I wish i can call you a smart ass but there's nothing smart about you. Also thanks for the compliment of calling me a Smart ass, i know i'm very smart , you really think that's an insult  ?

Keyword, he at most warped one galaxy and the afterlife. At no point have i said that Namek was in the afterlife, i said it was in the mortal world with Earth and the Earth itself was the only planet in the mortal world affected by Jameba,  this is a disingenuous attempt to quote mine me and attempt in sheer desperation to downplay my argument so you can hide behind your debunked claims. Also Jamemaba opened up a portal in Earth and affected the Afterlife and Earth as well. How about you do your research you retard before attempting to downplay my arguments.

Buddy you have yet to prove that  your argument is vaild. Kami the creator of the Dragon Balls is only strong enough to blow up the Moon at best  and he can recreate the moon, unless you can prove the Dragon Balls can revive planets or stars, you have no credibility with your claim that  "Creation or Purification =/= Destruction". Once again a desperate attempt to shift the goal post.

Ha, not in a million years, EOGT Goku isn't even close to TTGL let alone STTGL. Even if  EOGTGoku had SSJG, he would still not be a Universe Buster.

Any Mid tier Saint Seyia character is a Universe buster with the Golden Cloth. Hell a Bronze Saint alone casually solos DBZ/GT and even Battle of Gods and even  solos Sailor Moon with ease.A single Brozne Saint is casually Muilt Galaxy level and have Atomic destruction that bypass durability and a ton of broken hax. The top tiers are around Muiltverisal and can hang with the likes of  Galactus.

As for Gurren Larrgan, just the sheer size of TTGL alone is too much for  even Bills . No DBZ character can hope to bust something that is over 100 Million Lightyears high let alone STTGL which is half the size of the Observable Universe. Hell look at it's fucking drill attack, it destroys several Unvierses within the clash. You're a complete moron if you can fight a casual Universe busting mech with a insect

DBZ is not even close to any of the 5 things i listed.

Buddy it's been widly debunked by the entire DBZ community and i already adressed why in my last response. I'll wait for you to respond to it.

LegendaryBroli Aug 15, 2014
I am going to be honest here

Your opinion on DBZ is bullshit, You are close to clueless on it. The shit i hear from you is the same shit i see from people who have no clue on what they are talking about.

You have no facts about you

LOL!Lol, this coming from a guy who thinks Broly is a Galaxy  buster yet is below the power of a Solar System buster and uses debunked, outdated guidebooks to combat established facts from within series and calculations. The relevance of your crap is laughable. Also again attempting a True Scotsman fallacy because i made one mistake regarding the Broly Movie whereas you have made countless false assertions of power that were repeatedly debunked by anyone with a brain.

Once again stop projecting your admission of guilt onto me. You have no legs to stand on and the fact you wish to ingore canon feats and powerscaling and anything that contradicts your worldview proves how pahtetic and moronic you are.

Now to wrap this up.  Broly is far from soloing the Sailor Moon verse, hell any top tier in Sailor Moon can casually solo DBZ.
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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 3

Post by Beyonder on Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:54 pm

Many sites honestly thing Broly is a Galaxy buster......they will tell you so much BS its not even funny the Galaxy wasn't even Busted (Ima broly fan) and he went planet to planet and if the Galaxy was erased then Goku shouldn't be able to examine anything but this was shown during the comet seen as we can clearly see near by stars being seen.

Animevice: "Yeah totally broli such a galaxy buster hurhur."
Comicvine: "Broly is such a one galaxy buster."
Othusvice: "Brocoli such a galaxy buster no feats could match it lel."
SpaceBattles: "WHAT! Broly did galaxy bust in a single shot stfu."
MVC: "GG Broli is multi-galaxy he solos saint seiyaverse."

So many claimed good forums are actually crap compared to our forum/information they rely on low methods because they prove anything with feats so they try to use the "Common sense" logic or the "Power scaling" defense which makes 0 sense since to power scale the series has to be constant and DBZ is never constant.....where calculations are just mathematical equations anyone can do and to boost certain amount of characters if marvel stated silver surfer is MFTL a guy can make a calculation stating otherwise to either low ball or to directly ignore official sources.

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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 3

Post by 345rv5 on Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:55 am

@Beyonder wrote:Many sites honestly thing Broly is a Galaxy buster......they will tell you so much BS its not even funny the Galaxy wasn't even Busted (Ima broly fan) and he went planet to planet and if the Galaxy was erased then Goku shouldn't be able to examine anything but this was shown during the comet seen as we can clearly see near by stars being seen.

Animevice: "Yeah totally broli such a galaxy buster hurhur."
Comicvine: "Broly is such a one galaxy buster."
Othusvice: "Brocoli such a galaxy buster no feats could match it lel."
SpaceBattles: "WHAT! Broly did galaxy bust in a single shot stfu."
MVC: "GG Broli is multi-galaxy he solos saint seiyaverse."

So many claimed good forums are actually crap compared to our forum/information they rely on low methods because they prove anything with feats so they try to use the "Common sense" logic or the "Power scaling" defense which makes 0 sense since to power scale the series has to be constant and DBZ is never constant.....where calculations are just mathematical equations anyone can do and to boost certain amount of characters if marvel stated silver surfer is MFTL a guy can make a calculation stating otherwise to either low ball or to directly ignore official sources.

Alot of sites need to be corrected on such calims because they base Broly's "Galaxy" busting on no edivence, no fearts and not even decent powerscaling. Also i'm not suprised MVC accepts that and thinksthey can solo Sain Seyia, they think DBZ is god tier there
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Re: FSTDT: Dumbest Brolytard Ever Part 3

Post by Beyonder on Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:08 am

All the sites i listed here is a basic sites to avoid they literally wank DBZ characters to the core they even think Anime > Comics even when they dont know anything lol.

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