FBO Wiki Revision Suggestion

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FBO Wiki Revision Suggestion

Post by Hannibal on Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:27 am

Hello guys,

I am new here which is obvious. I was skimming through the FBO wiki and I noticed somethings that could be changed depending on opinion. But first let me say that I liked the specificity in the speed category. Not many people understand the difference in striking speed and reaction speed.

The thing I wanted to suggest was editing the durability. Labeling a character's durability by the strongest attack they have survived is inaccurate especially when they are effected by other attacks. For example, Frieza can survive a planet explosion but killed with a sword. Arceus getting harmed by a meteor, Goku by a rifle beam, etc. Many people will try to claim PIS but that is not what it is. Instead is just reveals that character's true durability. Characters can survive certain attacks and Characters be killed by certain attacks. And sometimes the attack does not have to kill them but still effect them to point where a few more blows and they would be done for.

Even though Goku at this point is stronger than Kid Buu his durability is still inferior to Kid Buu or Majin Buu's durability. If we replace Buu in Goku's situation with Sorbet he would have been perfectly fine.

I guess what I am saying is that saying Character A's durability is mountain level does not really encompass that character's overall durability.

I believe the Durability rank should be changed to something like this:

peak human
Immortality / Invulnerability

I know its not perfect but input from others would be great. I believe Regeneration can be split into types and so can Immortality. Because there are variations of both durability types. Superhuman can possibly be split into types.

What are your thoughts?

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Re: FBO Wiki Revision Suggestion

Post by Beyonder on Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:48 pm

Well we have powers and the levels for Regeneration/Immortality.

As for the durability if they shown it on panel then we place it as for the Trunks sword and such that is by far a inconstant feat since trunks could've killed Goku the same way with frieza but its mostly due to the plot of the event.

As for durability people wouldn't understand that system I believe the Mangafox had something similar and people complained so they took their system based on OBD where we got a total different system from them since they powerscale everything they see Vs us placing what's been shown

Superman in a PIS couldn't tank a gun but later survived a Super nova.

We dont use the PIS/CIS feats because its usable/inconstant to be used.

And I agree in the striking speed/reaction speed levels that needs to be settled I havent had enough research time for both so we just use the "Speed" page since they are the same but we can settle on a new system.

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